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Abraham-Hicks: How to enjoy the journey

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This blog is a place where I can express the purest positive energy I can access at the time. I like the process of creating, and yet, I haven't been writing about what I'm doing. I'd like to continue creating here and whether I write about anything personal or not, I always appreciate adding Abraham's beautiful energy anytime I can. So, I think I'll give it a try to post Abe quotes for awhile and see how that works out.

I do have a desire to enjoy the journey all along the way and, of course, the first Abe quote I opened talked about our journey. Thank you, Darling Abraham! @>----

If we were to say to those of you who have your hands in the air, "you have the power within you to bring yourself into alignment with your own desire," what would you say to that? So, if we were to say to you, "we are deliberately not calling you to the chair because we know that you know," what would you say to that? Do you believe that you know? Do you believe that you have access to all that you need? Do you believe that you need to know it all now? Do you believe that on your journey to where you are going that you need to know every place that you will ever be or is it enough to know the next place you are going? Do you believe that you have to get to the ultimate end of all things in order to be satisfied or is there satisfaction along the way?

These are important questions because you have come forth to enjoy the journey. Friends, you're eternal! Do you get what that means!!?! We so much want you to hear that. You act like you don't know that. You act like you think this is the only moment and this is the only desire I will ever have and so you've got to help me find a way to fulfill it.

We want to say to you that you are eternal beings. You have to get used to the idea of being incomplete. Incompletion has to be alright.

We don't want you to take your end-all vacation tomorrow. We want it to be out there for you to savor and look forward to. We don't want you to find all of the money that you are ever looking for immediately. We want it to flow to you incrementally in response to the desires that you have offered. In the same way that we do not want you to breath all of the air that you will want for the rest of your life, now, or eat all of the meals that you will enjoy, today, we don't want to have all of your desires fulfilled simultaneously. Then we would hold seminars on demanifestation.

We want you to relax into the rhythm of your life. And we want to work on feeling the perfection of where you stand. And we want you to make peace with where you are, this glorious vantage point that has been honed from what you've lived that helps you understand clearly where you are going. But we want you to make peace with the journey between where you are and where you are going because the satisfaction of life is on that path.

We would not transport you to the manifestation of what you are reaching for if we had the power to do it. We would not for a moment deprive you of this journey.

It is only when you have been beating the drum of lack that you feel that you cannot stand where you stay. In other words, if where you are standing feels unbearable it is only because you've too long been looking at where you are and you've not been looking enough into where you want to be.

Spend more time talking about what's coming and less time talking about what is except for the parts of what is that just give you thrill bumps when you mention them.

Spend more time thinking about what is becoming and less time about what is unless what is makes those who hear you speak about it smile and hug you in response.

Spend more time thinking what is coming and less time talking about what was unless what was is something you want to be contained in what is coming.

Do you your best to speak about the best feeling things that you can find. And even if they are not as good feeling as things you've felt before, still speak about them. Even if they are not as good as what you think others are speaking, still speak about them. Because as you keep reaching for the best feeling thought that you can find you're point of attraction shifts and the thoughts that are then accessible by you appear before you. It's like running down the stream determined to keep your feet dry, seeing only water before you, but with each leap into the air a stone surfaces for your next step forward.

The Universe is not magical, it is realistic and based on law. It is not whimsical. It will not trick you. It is not indefinable. It is understandable.

You have guidance within you to help you know where you are in relationship with all things. Let the way you feel matter more to you than life itself and reach for the relief of the best thought that you can find and watch how quickly manifestations of all manner take shape appearing before you like the rocks in the stream to surprise and delight you, but more importantly, to confirm the worthy, deserving nature of your Being.

The love we feel for you cannot be defined in words. We flow it to you intensely and steadily, but sometimes you cannot feel it because you are vibrationally too far apart from it. But it is always there and it will be ready for you when you are ready for it. And if the closest thing you can get to the feeling of love is anger, then go for it. If the closest thing you can find is pessimism, then beat the drum of it if it feels better than where you were.

But make a decision today that you are going to make steady improvement on the way you feel. And check in with us every year or so to announce to us the steady progress and the amazing things that are unfolding in your your glorious experience. We never take our eyes from you. We are aware of every desire you hold and it is thrilling to see what lays before you who are in this room. Universal forces are yahooing down the canyon even as we speak.

There is great love here for you. We are complete.

Abraham-Hicks Workshop, West Los Angeles, CA, 1/31/04B

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