Sunday, August 28, 2011

Abraham-Hicks: You are doing extremely well.

I just listened to a workshop from Billings, MT in 2003 and there was so much good information there. Newer workshops are more focused on the vortex because more people are aware of it and able to move into it easily. The earlier workshops were more often about people learning deliberate creating techniques like pivoting or asking basic questions about how it all works. I always learn so much each time I listen to any of them. There were many things I heard that I thought would make good posts, but Abraham's closing statement is especially important and a good reminder to me. would all do just fine if you never heard a word of any of this from us. You are natural thrivers. And a little bit of appreciation is all that is needed to be added to the recipe of that which is you....

Nothing's broken here. We know this has been an environment of fine-tuning. And the most important thing that we are wanting to leave you with is: You are doing extremely well and it is only going to get better and better....

We know that over time you convince yourself that there are things that need to be brought back into alignment. But we are here to remind you that you are born aligned and that alignment is an easy thing for you. Your emotions will guide you incrementally into your alignment.

Just relax and be easier about it. Be more playful. Work less hard. Recognize things to appreciate and criticize less often.... Let relaxing and feeling good be more important to you than getting something done. Say to yourself on a very regular basis, "I'm going to savor more and fix less." And we really want that to be the mantra of these gatherings. These are workshops to enhance joy, not workshops to fix trouble.

There is great love here for you....
Abraham-Hicks, Billings, MT, June 21, 2003

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Note from the Universe

I need your help with this one.

Please, just for a second, hold out the palm of your
hand and give it a quick glance. Now imagine a
miniaturized version of a loved one carefully and
comfortably resting in it. Feel waves of your love
blanketing this precious being. Imagine seeing the
life of this loved one playing out in your palm and
feeling their every joy and sadness. Imagine reading
his or her mind and wanting nothing for yourself
except to see their dreams come true.

Then you smile radiantly, filled with pride and joy,
knowing that they are always safe, always provided
for, never alone, and inescapably destined to learn of
these truths for themselves. You smile because you
know that the day of their awakening swiftly
approaches, as does their own sublime joy and the
manifestation of their boldest dreams.

Okay, that should do it.

Now, can you also imagine that "someone else"
right this very moment is smiling down at you as
you play out your life in the palm of their hand?

Yours truly,

The Universe

From the book Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley, opened randomly [wink, wink ~ The Universe] on page 108.

Create a vision board and connect with other seekers in the TUT community or in tours to exotic places. Sign up for notes in your in box: What started in 1998 as an email sent out weekly to 38 addresses has since blossomed into today's daily Notes from the Universe, sent to over 350,000 subscribers in 189 countries! These Notes are brief passages written by "The Universe," personalized with your name (and occasionally your personal goals and dreams), designed to remind you that you have, indeed, been given dominion over all things. ~ Mike Dooley, TUTs Adventurers Club.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feel what it's like to have that desire

Hooboy, I have a shiny new deliberate creating tool. I've been writing about my journey to close the gap and feel good about long-term goals for several posts. In my last post, Abraham-Hicks on Winning the lottery pt 2, I was watching a video of an Abraham workshop where they asked how it would feel to win the lottery. I immediately felt it: Powerful! I could do anything!

Last night I was listening to an Abraham workshop tape and got in the Abe zone. I have a desire to walk easily and effortlessly and asked myself how it would feel.


I could go anywhere anytime I wanted to. I could walk for miles. I could walk in museums, walk along a beach, walk in a forest, climb hills, jump from stone to stone across a stream, dance, hop, skip, jump, run like the wind!!!

Free. Free. Free. Free. FREEEEEEEE!!!!!! Free. Free. Freeeeee. :)

Oh, boy. I like practicing THAT feeling! :)

When I had the realization last night that I would feel free I instantly flashed on how much I had practiced not feeling free in my life. Almost every day when I was working. Anytime I went somewhere or did something I didn't want to do. Anytime I told myself I should do something instead of what I felt like doing. I'm retired now and I still do it. My home is cluttered with things I am sorting to sell or give away -- things I "should" do something with. I haven't felt good at times and it's not clean. So what?!! It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what other people think. It doesn't matter if someone else thinks it should look a certain way. It just doesn't matter!!

Today, it just doesn't matter!! I do whatever I want whenever I want to. I'm free!

@>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>----

Want some more inspiration? Artist Annie Coe, the Blissful-Bohemian, was inspired by a dream to leap before she looks . She's been taking chances with her life and art and is inspired to new paintings and techniques she's shown us here and here. I told her this must have been what it was like for those who watched Paul Klee develop his work. She has set herself free and it's great fun for me to see what she comes up with next.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Abraham-Hicks on Winning the lottery pt 2

I talked about Part I of the Abraham video on winning the lottery in my August 2nd post, Abraham-Hicks: an example of bridging the gap in a long-held belief.

I just watched Part II and the pieces fell in place. Abraham is asking the same man what it feels like to win the lottery and my immediate response was POWERFUL!! I felt powerful when I said it. Filled up with that feeling. I wrote it down and then went on a rampage of what I would do with this river of money and how much fun it would be.

What does it feel like to win the lottery?

I feel powerful!

I feel free.
It’s fun! It’s playful!
I don’t have to worry about anyone or anything. There is an endless river of prosperity that is mine alone. Everyone has theirs too so they can all play, but this is MY play time!!! I get to choose what to do with my river of prosperity and I do. I can spend endless amounts of money doing things that are fun to me....I pull in money to do all of this easily and effortlessly. I am guided to the exact right, loving people to help me manage this money and manage these programs. We all work together in integrity and cooperation. It’s fun all along the way. It’s exciting all the way. I am in the vortex regarding my body. I attract all the right people for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want to do, be or have. I have SO MUCH FUN!!! I take trips to exciting places. I am a powerful influence of Well-Being....I make dreams come true because my dreams come true through them as well as theirs. I am a force of Love in this physical experience of mine. I walk easily. My body is strong and healthy. I am safe, snuggled in my vortex on every level of my being. I have so much fun playing in this abundant stream of prosperity and new things open up for me all the time. I am guided and protected and safe and comforted by Well-Being every step of the way. This is me creating in my universe and all is well here. All is well everywhere.

I really got it. Abraham is saying we have to be in the vortex and be the vibration of our desire to allow what we want to manifest. I get it! I love the thought of being my expanded self in this experience. I love feeling good. I am so excited to create as I intended when I came into this physical experience.

Everything we want to be, do and have really is ours. It's who we are. We can't miss. All we have to do is keep turning to our desires. Sometimes I can turn from the contrast to my vortex easily and then other times I might turn or pivot my thoughts 50 times in succession and then use other methods until I find something that works. Even when there is extreme contrast, the more I practice pivoting the easier it gets.

These are some of the ways I turn to well-being:

I listen to one of the Abraham meditations every day
I choose better feeling thoughts
Set intentions
Listen to what I'm feeling and ask myself what I want
Distract myself with a book, movie, take a drive, appreciate nature, do something intellectually interesting or creative
Listen to an Abraham tape or CD or a YouTube video
List appreciations
Sometimes chocolate's the thing!

We were comfortable with the vibration of what we were looking at before and now it's all about becoming comfortable with the vibration of the expanded self that we really are. We are asking for our desires because of who we want to be if we have them. Not for the things themselves, but for those delicious feelings.

I feel so much love. I thank the man that asked that question. He was absolutely perfect. So honest about where he was and so willing to allow. I could see in the second video where he accepted his desire.

I appreciate the contrast in my body, my life and those around me for being the springboard for me to send off my desires and seek and find clarity.

I love and appreciate President Obama and I feel so much appreciation for him and for the mix of contrast in our country and our world. It has been very, very powerful for me to look at the contrast around him, send off my desires, and to do the work every day to turn to the love and solutions in my vortex.

I think of all the desires shooting off from everyone and that huge vortex of Well-Being that has grown because of it. Abraham says it is bigger now than it has ever been. As we each allow, we bring that golden light of creativity, love, understanding and solutions into manifestation. As we join together, we open this physical experience more to loving manifestations.

I embrace and focus on the love that moves in all things and all people, knowing all that while that I am responsible for myself and my own alignment and balance no matter what. How gloriously freeing to know that.

I have been listening to a YouTube playlist of Secret Garden while I wrote this and the video below was just playing. Their beautiful music seems part of this post and I include Prayer by Secret Garden:

Sleep, angels will watch over you
And soon beautiful dreams will come true


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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Abraham-Hicks: an example of bridging the gap in a long-held belief

In this Abraham workshop video, the questioner has a long-held desire: he had a dream years ago that he would win the lottery. Today it is $93 million dollars and he wants to win it today.

Like the questioner you may believe that your desire is there for you in your vortex, but just not know how to get there from here. What I really like about this workshop is how Abraham is showing how to pivot from observing "what is" to our vortex and our desires.

Abraham says “....we know that it’s yours and we know you can find access to it. You don’t know that yet because you haven’t practiced it enough to know it. Because you’re still, human being that you are, you’re letting the evidence that manifests be the criteria that lets you believe. We’re letting what’s in the vortex be the criteria that makes us believe, you see.”
The questioner says he believes it is there and that there is a gap. Then Abraham goes on a rampage of bridging statements.
Abraham: “I believe there is a gap in my expectation. I believe I can close the gap in my expectation. I believe my emotions are the key to closing the gap in my expectation. I believe that hopeful is in the vicinity of the vortex. I believe that believing is inside the vortex. I believe that “knowing” is in the vortex in a chronic consistent way. I believe that I have access to these dollars. I believe that these dollars are there for me. I believe that there is a path to them that will be an easy path for me. I believe that the path is through the vortex. I believe that the path is through my emotions. I believe the path is through the alignment with Source Energy that is really the larger part of me. I believe my emotions tell me truly. I believe that when I’m frustrated I’m not there. I believe that when I’m hopeful I’m closer. I believe that when I’m happy I’m there. I believe that when I appreciate I’m there. I believe that when I make peace with what is I’m there. I believe that when I appreciate the processes of my life that caused me to put that solution there that I’m there. I love every struggle that I’ve lived because that’s been the fodder that put this there. I believe that the well-being that I’ve lived and the well-being that hasn’t felt so much like well-being has put it there for me. I know that I’m the creator of my own reality. I know that these things are true. I know that I get to live the manifestational version of all of that. I believe that I can live the manifestational version of that. I think there’s evidence all over this planet of people who stood right where I am standing in terms of finances and had a vortex just like I do that was all queued up for them and they just found the way in. And I don’t have to find the identical way in. I don’t have to run around and look for people and say, “how did you get your money? How did you get your money? How did you get your money?” because it’s different for every one of us. But one thing that is a common denominator who has succeeded in anything they’ve been reaching for is that they found a way to be a vibrational match to what they were asking for. And that’s all I’ve gotta do. That’s the piece I’m looking for.

[When we come back from break] ....we will show you that the abundance you have put in your vortex. Talk about a jackpot. Talk about a jackpot. If you could see the veritable fortune that you have gathered that is vibrationally queued up for you. That you have immediate access to. But it’s not through action. It’s through the emotional journey. And once you train yourself into emotional alignment with the energy of your vortex until it feels more normal to expect good things than to expect bad things. Until it feels more normal to feel prosperous than to feel shortage. Until it feels normal. You’ve got to practice the feeling of normalcy. And the tricky thing is how can I feel something that I don’t have evidence to support? And that will really be the subject of this afternoon’s discussion. How can I train my vibration apart from the reality that I’m observing to comply with the reality that I’ve created? That is deliberate creating at it’s best. Good time for segment of lunch.
I haven't watched Part II yet, but I'm looking forward to viewing it. I can work on my thoughts and I'm getting better and better at pivoting and turning to Well-Being.

These are my intentions for the next step: I have such a clear understanding of how this all works that it is easy and fun to observe the contrast and even appreciate it as I turn to my vortex and enjoy the good things there. I am absolutely at home with my true self in my vortex. My life is a delightful dance between observing contrast and turning to my vortex to enjoy the instant solutions there.

As I said, I haven't watched part II yet, but here's the link:

Thank you so much darling Abraham @>----

This video was recorded at the 5/15/10 Vortex of Attraction Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia.
This is not an official transcript, I transcribed it as I watched the video. Nevertheless:

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