Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trust your desires, they are good and they are who you really are

Abraham often uses the analogy of traveling from Phoenix to San Diego to explain the value of our feelings. Emotions are sign posts on whatever journey we are traveling in the same way the mile post signs point the way to San Diego. Our positive feelings on the subject tell us we are going in the direction of our desires. Source Energy and our Inner Being go immediately to our desires so our negative feelings give us the measure of the gap we think is there between us and our desires.

One journey I am on is turning around some thinking about my body that came from experiences when I was very young. The conflicting beliefs are those I heard or chose to think from my experiences.

I feel strongly about the direction I want to go, natural health and thinking my way to Well-Being. When we feel strongly about taking a certain path in spite of what others think or say, even doctors, it's important to see our desire as positive. It is ours. Our Inner Being IS our desires manifested in spirit. It is who we are.

And Source does lead us in the way we want to go. It’s a matter of listening to the emotional guideposts in that direction and following the impulses to take action. It may be supplements or eating a certain way. I have been guided to wonderful doctors and healers in my life.

I have been back around family for several years now and those old beliefs were activated. This area doesn't seem to be as rich in the open thinking and healing resources I had before. I felt conflict between what others (doctors and others) said and what I wanted to do. I realized that even here, the choice is to believe in my desires and all else will fall into place.

This post is meant to be an encouragement to you if you have a desire that doesn't seem to fit what you have been taught in the past or that others don't agree with now.
Faster than you can speak it, the Energy begins to flow and circumstances and events, in an orchestration that we cannot begin to describe, begin to take place in order to give you exactly what you want -- and if it were not for your resistance, it would come really fast, you see.

You don't have to keep telling the Universe what you want. You really only have to tell the Universe once. The advantage of continuing to talk about it is that you get clearer about it. In other words, usually you cannot speak everything that you want with your first statement, and so, the more you talk about it the more you fine-tune it.

But as you say, I want it, the Universe begins it, and then you say, I would like it to be this way, and the Universe modifies that, and then you say a little bit of this would be nice, and the Universe...you see what we're getting at? And once you are clear about what you want, once you have zeroed in on it and you know what you want -- it is on the way to you. It is done. The manifestation of it will probably follow later, because there is, most often, enough resistance so that you don't have it instantly.

The Universe will never fail you.

The Universe will always give you what you have asked for. The question is, how soon will you allow it?

Extracted from Abraham-Hicks newsletter Vol.6, Oct/Nov/Dec 1995
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Abraham-Hicks: What it means when we "read" another's vibration

In Abraham's Syracuse, NY workshop, October 1, 2003, the gentleman in the hot seat told Abraham that when he is interacting with others he's beginning to feel their vibration.

I'm paraphrasing Abraham here who answered that it’s like a reading about the person, but it's more about this man's relationship to where he wants to go. It gives him a reading about how that person's vibration is affecting him. As he focuses on another's vibration it becomes part of his vibration. In this way he can tell the people who are a good match for him.

Abraham was saying to be willing to read others, but don’t make it too important. You have already asked the Universe to match you. So if someone is before you who is not a good match, don’t delve too deeply into the reading because then you try to explain why you’re getting the reading. “I’m not making this up. I can really feel that they’re not going to do what I want them to do.” All that does is hold you in that vibration longer which makes that distance all the further apart. [end paraphrasing.]

I don't have the quote, but in another workshop Abraham said if we had a bad feeling it didn't mean something bad would happen, it was just a measure of the distance between our beliefs and where we were focusing our attention and where our extended self was focusing attention.

I have had intuitions since I was in high school and always thought of it as guidance from Spirit. I like this information. My feelings are not a prediction of something outside of myself that I have no control over, it's still a measure of the distance between my Inner Being and my focus and how I'm thinking -- that's something I have the power to change.

One thing I've always liked about Abraham's information is how empowering it is. We really do have control over our experience this way. We have control over how we feel and that's what it's all about.

Contrast helps you to identify desire. Desire is summoning. It's always flowing through you. You have the opportunity of opening to the harmony of the vibration of your desire or not. As the desires are being summoned through you, and you go with the flow, you thrive, but if you use things to be your excuse for not going with the flow, you are arguing for your limitations. We want to show you how to go with the flow. Which means nothing more than finding vibrational harmony with your own desire, and letting the Universal Energy that your desire is summoning to it flow to it through you. It is optimum creative experience.

Abraham-Hicks, 10/21/00
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Abraham-Hicks: Decluttering and manifestation

I really enjoy the process of decluttering and have been going through my stuff looking for things no longer needed or wanted. Things I don't need just seem like dead weight taking up space.

As I pick up each item I listen within and ask if I'm going to need it or not and ask what to do with it. Thoughts of people who might like it pop into my head. Any action I want to take has become clear. Years ago I held yard sales, but it doesn't appeal to me now. But it's so useful, I might get money for it! Well, the thing is that money comes to me easily in other ways that are fun. When I first found out about Abraham I found a $100 bill on the sidewalk -- not near a house or car -- just laying there smiling at me. Is this loving Universe playful or what!?

I have the opportunity to let go of old beliefs, too. This time I'm noticing that a lot of the things I've kept were "just in case they might come in handy some day." The pull to keep them is still there (but it's so useful!). I notice it's getting easier and easier to let go of that belief as I go along and it's becoming fun to choose thoughts that feel better. As a matter of fact I feel an impatience with it. I have a growing feeling of confidence that whatever I need is provided for me right now. What manifestation of a new desire will I have today? Every day is like Christmas!

I was listening to a 2004 workshop where Abraham said this:
You'll get so good at manifesting that ten years from now we'll be holding seminars on demanifestation. What to do with all this stuff that I thought I wanted that now I have to dust.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA, February 7, 2004
When I heard that I realized that decluttering is an experience of abundance. I wanted those things and they came to me! I think having more than enough, so that it seems like clutter, was just part of a lack consciousness I had at the time. But I allowed and received in abundance. It's really fun to feel free and let go realizing that I have different desires now and things will still come to me in an abundant steady stream.

Are you interested in decluttering and simplifying your life? I highly recommend Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, an optimistic man who has made life-changing transformations one step at a time. I am so attracted to his way of thinking, but it's so different from my old beliefs that I hadn't embraced it. I feel ready and eager now!

In his Simple Living Manifesto, Leo gives 72 easy to implement ideas to get us started. He begins by saying:
A simple life has a different meaning and a different value for every person. For me, it means eliminating all but the essential, eschewing chaos for peace, and spending your time doing what’s important to you.

It means getting rid of many of the things you do so you can spend time with people you love and do the things you love. It means getting rid of the clutter so you are left with only that which gives you value.

However, getting to simplicity isn’t always a simple process. It’s a journey, not a destination, and it can often be a journey of two steps forward, and one backward....

The Short List

For the cynics who say that the list below is too long, there are really only two steps to simplifying:

Identify what’s most important to you.
Eliminate everything else.
Above all, enjoy the memories, enjoy letting go or finding an old treasure that was forgotten. Keeping things because they are useful or beautiful, uplifting when you look at them. It doesn't matter if we keep it or let go, only that we find joy in the journey. @>----
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