Monday, May 25, 2009

Part II: Sensing my being unfolding

Hibiscus by allegra

It's never too late to change our future -- we're the ones we've been waiting for. ~Unknown

I had a sudden and powerful experience of awareness of Life Energy which I wrote about in Part I: powerful, golden, positive, alive, aware, intelligent, creative Energy. The experience began unfolding into my life immediately.

I was exploring the Energy and thought of the doctor appointment I had the next morning. I realized that I wasn't going to see them tomorrow morning, I was going to see me! It's all a reflection of me.

I could feel how worthy I am because I am the only thing in my Universe. There was no need for old ways of thinking and reluctance about the doctor and nurses because there's no "them" that I might feel better about or less than about. It's ALL me! So, right then I realized that it would serve me to just love them all, because in doing so I am loving my self.

I wrote a letter to the doctor and nurses, family, and others that I felt any resentment or negative feelings about. I told them that I loved them and listed all my appreciation of them. If I couldn't feel it right then, I didn't put them in the letter -- that will come. I didn't mail this, but I sent it from my heart.

My desire for each doctor visit came true in really charming and specific ways last week. It feels very playful to me.

I have felt more relaxed and secure. I have trusted my feelings and desires more. I was working a job I felt done with over a year ago. It's short projects and this time I had a wonderful boss and work that is so easy for me to do. I'm very good at it by now. Next year it won't be necessary for me to go in, but for now it was money that I desired. The thing is that I was very done with it and Thursday I left the project. It felt right and I had an experience of myself coming into focus with the feeling of freedom and abundance I had about next year -- like someone adjusting a camera lens until they could see the scene clearly. The "sometime soon" is right here and now.

Deliberate creating is becoming much more fun for me now. Results are coming quicker and are very obviously answering my desires, like the doctor visits. This has helped me realize that the Universe really does answer our desires right now. Say I wanted to win the lottery because I wanted to feel free and secure. I can choose those thoughts of freedom and security right now. The Universe brings me coupons, and gifts, and sales, and job opportunities to provide for what I need right now. I feel more secure, I "need" less, and the future becomes a place for visualizing delightful things to do, be, and have. The "here and now" is where I practice, play and enjoy. It's where I send off desires and see how it all works.

I'm interested in doing what feels good right now and less interested in trying to stuff myself into any kind of pattern to get things accomplished. I set intentions. I listen to my feelings and work my way back to good feelings when there is grumpiness. Abraham says we never get it done, so there's no hurry or rush. I'm just taking it day by day.

This energy of Source is so immense and fast that I knew there was no way I could dance fast enough to take action and bring my desires into manifestation. I was wondering how I worked with It to create. I'm getting the idea that we are, in a way, magicians or alchemists -- we set our desires in motion and enjoy them when they arrive.

Source creates for me and this is working in an unexpected way for me. When I began setting intentions I noticed that creating seemed to go before me and I would catch up to it during the day. The thoughts would be there that supported my desires or I would suddenly feel enthusiasm for a chore I had intended and it was done easily, quickly, and joyfully.

This week it's happening even faster. Instead of happening sometime during the day, my own thoughts seemed to rearrange themselves almost instantaneously to support my new desire.

Just to give a very small example: I was meeting my friend Gina Saturday for lunch and was pushing myself to go to the bank first to get money. I didn't really want to go though, I just wanted to relax and meet her. Thoughts supporting relaxing came into my mind -- zip zip zip. I could actually feel my thoughts rearrange like puzzle pieces and with them were several ideas of places to find money around the house. I found plenty to pay for lunch, met Gina, and she later treated me to a delicious chocolate soda on a very hot, steamy day.

As I look back, what seems to be happening is that I am aligning with the free, unbound vibration of that Energy that I felt. I set intentions and my day flows before me. I have a desire and my thoughts rearrange themselves to fit it. Worry, reluctance or any fussing is too draggy and slow.

I do use my deliberate creating tools when I get in a muddle, but my life work now seems to be to look around me and decide what I want and to do those things that feel good. I have more forward thinking creativity to do rather than rearranging manifestation from the past.

It seems like the Universe is rolling out a red carpet before me. The more I accept it, the easier and more fun life becomes. I "do" less, but more gets done.

There is so much more that I could say, but this is enough for now. It's amazing to me to realize that there are as many paths as there are people. Some of you are already in this flowing mode and exploring it through blissful living. I've come at it from the deliberate thinking side and am finding that easy, joyful way to live.

It's amazing to me to think that life is eternally and joyfully unfolding for you and me. There will always be new discoveries and more good feelings. Abraham says there is even relief from joy. There is no end to the good feelings we can have and the delight we can experience.

Each person, critter, bird, crystal, and cloud seems eternally new. We are each wondrous and offer so much to the world just by being in it. We are magnificent in our anger which is better than the feeling of helplessness. Break a dish or two! Adorable with our irritation which feels better than anger. Toss it in the waste basket! Delightful with hope and joy. Delish! It's all part of allowing ourselves to be the flowing expression of Love that we are in truth.

All is well.

And so it is.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Part 1: Sensing the Life Energy of my being

Sioux enjoying a romp in the snow by pmarkham

Five days ago I had gone to bed. I had a doctor's appointment the next morning that I wasn't looking forward to and was just laying there feeling my way on thoughts of health and Well-Being. Suddenly I had an experience of "I" observing Life Energy. I quickly had quite a few realizations.

The truth of so many of the things Abraham has been telling us were suddenly clear. I often say All Is Well and think of Abraham telling us there is only Well-Being. Now I could feel it. That Life Energy I felt is unbound and free. It is intelligent. It looks forward with total positive golden living awareness. It is that joy of life that flows through all things.

I felt amazement -- it was clear to me that Source Energy really is in charge! This is immense loving energy and intelligence. I knew It has the responsibility to "do" and my responsibility is to make choices and "be." My power is to either let life energy flow through me or block it. I choose my state of being by making decisions and selecting my thoughts, always with the option to choose being at peace with myself and my world.

I felt eager to play with this new realization. I didn't know what to do then, but as I sensed and felt around in the experience it was clear that what I could perceive of my physical world wasn't nearly fun and joyful enough for that energy. Much more appreciation would be called for and more experiences that are fun. I am the flow-er of the energy and so it will be my work to find ways to allow that flow.

I knew it didn't have anything with the actual things I did, but with the way I approached life. It meant trusting that what I really want is good and coming into alignment with my own desires. When I am in alignment with myself is when I feel good! The money will flow. What I desire will be provided. It means trusting myself and Life itself.

This experience has unfolded with gifts each day. I really enjoy having my hands on the controls of deliberate creating. Spirit hears my desire and has provided understanding and awarenesses each day. I'll write more about that in part II.

This is what I think about now: That what you and I desire is not only good, but contributes to the Well-Being in the world. When you allow yourself to have fun, others feel permission to have fun. And in such an elegant way, this loving Universe orchestrates experiences so that you not only have your delights, but you become part of the joyful music of life that goes out and enriches the life of others.
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Live like what you want is here right now