Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update on manifesting long-held desires

Since I wrote the previous post about long-held desires I realized, in my thinking, there was a big gap between me and the desires. I knew they were possible to have. Other people had what I wanted. I believed that when I asked it was given and they are in my vortex, 99% created as Abraham has explained. But I could tell that I didn't think they were possible for me as I was then and that I thought I would have to be a different person to have them. I would have to be "more."

My previous post describes how I merge the physical and spiritual. When I described listening inside, I am listening to Source Energy in my vortex saying, "Come this way," as the next steps for my desires are given to me. By listening and taking action I become more confident. I open up to the "more" I thought I needed - more of who I truly am. I practice the vibration of who I am and it becomes familiar to me instead of looking around outside of me and becoming familiar with what is outside.
When you see something you want, and you give it your attention, and you say yes to it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your vibration. When you see something you do not want, and you shout no at it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your vibration.

Abraham-Hicks, Portland, OR, July 11, 1999
So, the trick is to look outside at the contrast to inspire our desires, and then turn to the solutions in our vortex.

I can see that this intentions, list-making technique works for me because it makes the next-step desires very short term -- just for that day or for a morning or an hour. I make the steps as small as I want them to be for me to be able to take action and feel good. If it doesn't feel good I don't do it. If it doesn't feel good to do the list anymore, I throw it away. If making a list doesn't feel like fun, then I don't make one, but I am aware that every day there is an interest inside me for action(s) of some type or another. When I take action on those feelings things get done easily and quickly and I feel good about it. Sometimes I step on my own toes in deciding what to do and when, but basically there is a dance between these impulses from within and new desires I have during the day.

I've been intrigued by my vortex and have spent time just listening inside and exploring. Abraham says my desires are answered instantly and I played with asking and then listening for the answer which did indeed come instantly.

If I ask for a feeling or clarity or a "thing" it is there in my vortex. Allowing becomes feeling that feeling I want or having the clarity or thoughts that I wanted. Those are manifestation just as much as things are.

My vortex contains the manifested desires, but most important to me is that this is my expanded self. It's the self that I want to be when I send out my desire.

I don't have to please anyone or fit into society or look a certain way to be who I am. Other people don't have to understand why I do what I do or believe as I do or understand me. I don't have to do the right thing or pay my dues to have what I want. The outer world is old manifestation and old energy. The action is the new, vibrant energy in my vortex and the only thing I have to do to live in that new exciting energy is relax and be myself.
Put all your attention on where you are going and all your angst about where you were or where you are just fades away.

Abraham-Hicks, West Los Angeles, CA, January 31, 2004A
I'm having exciting results with something physical in a few short days. But more importantly, I'm feeling more like myself. Whole. I am strong. I am healthy. My body is wonderful! I now know that what I want is possible and it's so exciting. I feel at peace about all of it and each day is an adventure. What new exciting impulses, thoughts, desires and manifestations will I have next?! I feel like anything I want is possible.
Your conclusion that there isn't enough of something ­whether it is enough land, or money, or clarity stems from you learning, without meaning to, a vibration that holds you apart from what you want. There is no limitation. If you identify a desire for it, Source recognizes your desire, and immediately begins to deliver it to you. And it will manifest in the variety, in the fullness, and in the way that you, and only you, learn to allow it.

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA, March 8, 2003
We love seeing you here in these physical bodies recognizing the guidance system that is within you. And we want to talk about that here today because we see so many of our friends who are physical humans, who are setting aside the guidance that comes forth from within and trying to replace it with someone else’s version of what they ought to be doing....

Nobody’s perspective matters more than yours because nobody can tend to your vibrational countenance. Nobody can adjust the vibration of you. Nobody else has their hand on the lever or on the valve that controls the degree to which you allow your alignment or not, and when you let someone else guide you, so that you’re not paying attention to your own alignment with Source, you can get mixed upside down and all around to the degree that you do not know what to think about anything, and then you’re just listening to the loudest voice....

And we’re wanting you to understand, it’s not the loudest voice, it’s the consistent voice. It’s the voice that does not waver. It’s the voice that never stops saying to you, “You are worthy, and you are love, and you are well-being, and you deserve to live well.” It’s the voice that never stops saying, “Well-being abounds, and Source Energy flows,” and if you will work to align with the vibration that feels like that, you must thrive. And no one can ever take your thriving away from you. No one can take your freedom away from you.

Abraham-Hicks, Tarrytown, NY, 10/9/04A
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to feel better about those long-held desires

I was listening to Abraham's introductory comments on a workshop tape and had an insight about my long-held desires. Abraham is talking about the newly hatched desires feeling good to us. For me they definitely do. I love when the ideas just come into my mind like fireworks on the 4th of July, one after another. I'm caught up in them, enjoying them for their own sake. I realize that all my life I've enjoyed the creativity of new ideas and planning them more than maintaining them once they are manifested. As a matter of fact my jobs have often included setting up some new process for a company or learning new software.
You are enjoying the evolution of your desire? You are feeling the freshness of a newly hatched desire? You are enjoying the continuation of not so newly hatched desires that have not yet manifested? (audience laughs) It's easier to feel good about the newly hatched desires isn't it?

~~Abraham-Hicks, October 11, 2003A, Tarrytown, NY
I do have some long-held desires and I would love to feel better about them. Abraham goes on to say if they become unpleasant:
So, you have two options. You can either let it go altogether and have a truly emotional break. Or you can change the way you feel about it.
Being a deliberate reality creator means choosing thoughts that feel good and they will feel good because they are in alignment with our desires. We can also use action to feel better for conditions like pain that we can't avoid. We can distract ourselves with any pleasurable activity that feels good and helps us relax -- like a funny movie or book, a craft we enjoy, being in nature, getting a massage, a hug or talking with friends. It softens the resistance to the pain and fear. The action we choose can walk hand-in-hand with better feeling thoughts.

When I was listening to Abraham I realized I could try something new using the deliberate creating tools I enjoy the most. I can transform those long-term desires into new ones. I like the idea that I can come at the desire from directions that already feel good to me and that I have used successfully to manifest before. I know they work for me.

One technique is setting intentions and the other is making lists. Each morning I sit down, listen inside to my desires and write the intentions of being in alignment. It feels very good and I can really get on a roll. Any time during the day when I start feeling down I write some intentions or think them and I feel better.

When I feel overwhelmed with many things to do, I write lists. Intentions focus energy and I create a list in the same way. I listen inside to hear my desires and create lists for everything I want to get done in a room, or what I want to do on my computer, or what I want to create right then or anything that pleases me. I break out the tasks into steps and do the tasks that feel good in the moment. I have the pleasure of crossing out finished tasks and getting things done. It's a way for me to focus. If I start feeling driven by the lists or if they feel unpleasant in any way I toss them and listen inside again. The pilot of a plane is rarely on course, he or she is constantly correcting their course, but they are amazingly accurate in reaching their destination. I listen and correct my course to Well-Being during the day. It helps me be aware of negative thoughts and feelings before they build up.

So, getting back to the topic of long-held desires. It's only resistance that is holding back the manifestation. When I was listening to Abraham today I had the realization that I could use these techniques to soften resistance. I know all things are possible, but what I want may seem unattainable to me. Instead of pushing for the full-fledged manifestation I can start where I am and write intentions to transform limiting beliefs on the fringes. I can listen and write lists of actions, breaking them down into the smallest units that begin to feel good.

I set intentions, work to choose better feeling thoughts and make lists anyway, but this is more deliberate and more focused on those desires that seemed complicated and just out of my reach. One desire I have had since I was a child! It feels possible to me now. I can start where I am and I will get there. I know it.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We step in and out of the vortex easily every day

Like all of you, I've had wondrous, loving peak experiences. I'm not talking about being in love with someone, although that may be when it happened. I'm talking about that magical feeling that nothing matters, everything is all right, no worries at all, comfort, peace, joy -- just the warmth of goodness and Well-Being inside and out. Insights, intuitions and ideas come easily. Things click into place. It's more than having a good day and something that you know when you experience it.

I thought peak experiences were the vortex and it was something I could and should be able to reach and sustain by my deliberate creating. Then I was watching a video of Abraham's recent Houston workshop and while the questioner was talking I could actually see when she was in the vortex and when she stepped out. Here's my transcript:
Q: My question is, my husband and I own a rental property on the beach that we share. Rent out. And we bought it under a mortgage that was not a good one with some friends and that did not go well for us. So we’re in the process of doing a loan modification. I really love this property and this space and the sun comes through the windows and how we love it and share it.

Abraham: That’s interesting because what you said just now put you in the vortex. Your other comments weren’t there, but when you focused on it you went right in. [to the audience] Did you see it? Did you see it on her face?

Q: My husband on the other hand…

Abraham: Now you just left. It’s so interesting because when you focus on what his – what you perceive his approach to be which you don’t agree with, you lose your connection with what you want. Isn’t it interesting? And wasn’t that vivid?

Abraham-Hicks, Houston, TX, April 30, 2011.
She was a lovely, happy looking woman, but when she spoke about her husband we could see some of her worry and when she talked about the house she just glowed with love. Everyone watching could see it happen.

My big realization from that was that I'm in the vortex much, MUCH more often than I realized. When I look out the window and lose myself in the sunset for a minute or anytime I lose myself in happiness or joy for even a moment, I am in the vortex. It's not some lofty place. It's very, very reachable. And she showed all of us how easy it is because she was out, went in and was out again in a few sentences!
Let’s talk about what it feels like to be in the vortex. Sometimes it feels like interest. Like, “ooh, I want to think more about that and talk more about that. Sometimes it feels like love. [Sighs] Just kind of turns you inside out [sighs] that feeling. Love. Sometimes it feels like passion.... So, the feeling of the vortex is, it’s a variance of feelings, but it’s always empowering. It’s always confident. It’s always well-being. It’s always a feeling of exhilaration – somewhere between exhilaration and comfort. It always feels good....

Abraham-Hicks, Houston, TX, April 30, 2011.
And how do we get there? Whatever feels good. I mentioned in the previous post that I like to write intentions. Appreciation is a great way to do it.

I'll tell a funny story about myself. I discovered Abraham about seven years ago and just a couple of weeks later I was having one of those days when one thing after another went wrong. Then the toilet jammed and started running over. It was the last straw!! I knew enough about this information to know that appreciation was a way to feel better so as I plunged the toilet I was angry and crying and saying my appreciations. I love nature and this apartment complex had a duck pond so I talked about how much I appreciated the ducks and plunged. I really do love them and can still remember that blossom of love in my heart as I talked about them. The toilet quickly unplugged and I soon realized I felt so much better. Abraham talks about working up the emotional ladder and that it's easier to do appreciations when you're emotions are closer to good feelings, but it worked for me then because I felt so much love for them. Even small experiences can be such powerful lessons.

The "should" I mentioned about peak experiences and how I should be able to sustain them and be in the vortex was resistance -- a little left over perfectionism that rolled off into the sunset. Bye bye!! I do believe that we can reach a place where we can easily be in the vortex or step out to gather data to shoot off our rockets of desire and then work our way in again easily and that's my path.

I'm fascinated by the vortex. So excited to be in it more and more. So interested in being in the vortex and deliberately creating there. You'll be hearing lots more about it here.


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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The journey continues....

And so my journey continues.... by enggul

Hello! I'm back after an extended break from blogging. And what have I been doing? Well, I have always been intrigued by this Abraham quote:

You don't live in one world. You share a dimension and are individually creating in as many separate worlds as there are beings.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning II, Jerry & Esther Hicks, P. 236

I wanted to sort out what it meant to create my personal reality and what it meant to create in the world that appeared to be outside of me. I examined it from all angles and worked with it during the last year and have a comfortable perspective. Now I'm learning more about my vortex and the value of contrast. I have to smile because I'm telling you that it's getting more fun all the time and yet I'm sure I've said that many times before.

For those of you visiting for the first time, I want to give you a little background. Like you, I had manifestations of my desires all my life. From the beginning of working with Abraham's information about creating deliberately, I had manifestations and the way they appeared was obviously because I sent off that rocket of desire Abraham talks about. But I didn't really connect the dots and really get the feeling of connection between the work I was doing and manifestation until I began working with intentions. I would write intentions in the morning and then notice that I seemed to walk into the manifestations during the day. I still write intentions and just love them. The posts below will give you an idea of what worked for me.

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