Friday, October 28, 2011

Big Cat Halloween

Turn up the sound and prepare to enjoy a treat. Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Intentions: The process of becoming and being

I've written many times about my favorite deliberate creating tool, intentions, and how powerful they are for me. I like to start my day by sitting down and just listening inside to what I would like to create each day. As I do this I write it down in a spiral notebook. When I'm doing this listening and writing I feel like I'm looking inside my body and summoning who I am into my conscious awareness. Vague desires about what I would like to be or have become much clearer to me.

When I first wrote intentions they were for things I wanted to get done during the day. I might have written that I wanted the energy and enthusiasm to clean the kitchen. I realized how powerful they were when I found that I walked into these creations during the day and all of a sudden I would find myself easily and energetically getting things done.

I became more interested in writing desires for states of being than for getting things done. As a matter of fact, I've been exploring the desire to merge with my extended self and live in a blended state of balance in this physical experience. I would ask myself what that would be like this moment, this day and listen for the answer. I was just looking through a notebook filled with daily intentions and realized my process for working with intentions has been the merging and blending I asked for. When I listen and pull forth the desires, they are my desires for "becoming." As I clarify, my extended self becomes my desire immediately. And during the day I have been walking into and "being" what it is I asked for. I've been feeling like I've been creating myself every day. It's like I've been writing a story of who I am and then living it. Very interesting!

I'm very excited about this new awareness and feel I can really begin to play with creating. I feel like anything is possible!
You have not come here to prove yourselves worthy. You've come here because you saw physical life experience as delicious and you wanted the experience. You wanted the environment, you wanted the data, you wanted the process, you wanted the sensualness, you wanted the physicalness of thought, you wanted the combination of that which you are from Inner Perspective and that which you are from physical perspective -- because the combination is so very, very good.

Abraham-Hicks, May 2, 1992
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