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10 unexpected benefits of Abraham-Hicks' segment intending

We encourage you to be aware of the natural segments of your day. There are not two of you who experience the same segments, for each of your life experiences are different, but we will give you some examples here:

When you wake up in the morning, the time that you remain in bed after you awake is a segment.... When you get into your automobile, the time that you are in your automobile, moving from one place to another is a segment....

If you will recognize that you have begun a new segment, and at the beginning of each segment, if you will take a moment to clarify what your dominant intentions are -- what you most want to receive or give during that segment -- then you will be in deliberate control of your life experience.
Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning I, p. 24.

Although we may have dominant intentions which guide us, we often respond to a situation when it happens and create by default. Feel nervous about a meeting? Blind date? Family dinners? This is a great technique to create joyfully for specific situations.

But Abraham is talking about more than those high energy times that catch our attention. They are talking about being deliberate all through our day. When I first read it I was just learning to turn my thinking around and wasn't ready for it.

Now I'm comfortable with the idea that I create my own reality. I've been practicing deliberate creating and have had wonderful experiences.

I had the desire to be even more hands on and one answer I was given was segment intending. This technique satisfies many desires I have for more deliberate creating and better feeling thoughts. The time is right.

I've been practicing it about a month and have found 10 interesting and unexpected benefits:

1. I notice negative emotions when they are mild. It seems very natural to pay attention as I start a new activity and segment intending gives me a focus to use the deliberate creating skills I've learned. As I listen to my emotions, I'm becoming aware of background grumpy thoughts and feelings. Because I'm checking on them early, it's easier to change the negative thoughts before they attract more of the same -- before they build into something big enough to attract my attention.

2. My emotions are smoother. Changing my thinking in these slight tweaks many times smoothes the ride during the day. I have fewer trips on the emotional roller coaster.

3. It's great for dissolving habits of negative thinking. I'm currently working to change some patterns of thinking that I've had as long as I can remember. These are long practiced negative thoughts of what I was told or concluded from experiences -- thought patterns and habits from earliest childhood. Because I'm working in small segments, I become aware of how these thoughts which seemed so big and old are triggered now. I change my thinking around this small activity and these changes ripple through my thinking in bigger ways.

4. It keeps me in the eternal Now. Thoughts of the past and the future influence us each day. It doesn't matter if what happened to me or what I was told happened years ago or this morning. It doesn't matter if I trigger thoughts producing fear, worry, anxiety, and frustration about the future. The thoughts I'm thinking are right now. For example, paying a bill may trigger fears about paying bills in the future. I can intend to feel comfortable writing the check, intend appreciation for the money now, intend feeling confident, successful, or whatever feels good before I write the checks. Now is the point of power.

5. I feel more confident. We all have many, many segments during our day. I find that I feel more confident because I am exercising this deliberate creating muscle so often. I experience it working as I intend for the segment. Maybe I get an idea of doing something different that works better. Maybe I just get a better feeling. I definitely get an answer. I ask and it comes quickly -- and often.

6. I can feel the power of feeling good. Abraham says the only reason we want anything is because we think we will feel good in having it -- so why not feel good first. As I experience having more and more control over feeling good I can feel the power of it. I feel more satisfied and content.

7. I'm more aware of what I want. When I intend for a segment I also think about what I want. Again, because I'm doing it in easy, small segments of time I become more aware what is beneath my desires. And in every case what is beneath has turned out to be a feeling that I want. I've had enough experiences that I trust the Universe to bring the opportunities and things I have asked for in the best time. The feelings are what I really want and I can have them right then and there.

8. Statements of intent feel more direct and powerful than wanting. I experience my part in the co-creative process when I say "I intend...." I intend health. I intend success. I'm taking responsibility for what I want to create. The Universe answers, but I feel myself calling on the Universe to answer when I say "I intend...." It's more hands on and feels kind of thrilling and definitely fun.

9. It's excellent for training ourselves to think as deliberate creators. I created by default before I learned about Abraham. Learning to be a deliberate creator has just been a matter of changing how I think. With this technique it's becoming easier and easier because I practice a lot every day. It's pleasant, quick, and easy to do. As a matter of fact, it's worked so well that I find myself wanting to do it more and more.

10. Segment intending is very helpful when a strong negative feeling is activated quickly. Whether it's a family member that knows what button to push or something on the news, sometimes we have intense feelings that happen immediately. This technique gives me access to better feeling thoughts right then. I can start making decisions segment by segment and work my way out of it quickly.

I like the feeling of controlling my thinking, but I don't want to give the wrong impression. I'm not trying to control the river, I just want to enjoy the journey.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Abraham-Hicks: Feeling good

I used to have roller coaster emotions before I discovered Abraham's information. Negative thoughts that had been practiced for years could be activated quickly. As I began to choose deliberate thinking I didn't always know what I wanted, often I just knew what I didn't want.

Abraham said that everything we want was because we think we would feel good having it. "I want to feel good" became an early tool in my deliberate creating tool box. I could be very upset, but saying it stopped my negative thinking long enough that I could begin to work with my thoughts.

Now that I've been reading and practicing Abraham's information for about five years, I still say, "I want to feel good," especially when I detect even the slightest negative feeling -- it aligns me immediately with my higher intention. It's also become an affirmation that I say for the pleasure of that feeling of connection with my Inner Being -- just taking a moment to check in with an old friend during the day. As Abraham says, we are joy in expression so feeling good is natural to us.

You intended to come forth into physical experience to live, to love, to laugh, to play -- to look for reasons to feel good!

Abraham-Hicks, 6/7/91

Your Inner Being likes to skip and laugh and think about things; your Inner Being likes to offer compliments and feel appreciation and contemplate something that is not fully understood and then feel the understanding come forth. Your Inner Being is just like your frisky two-year old who is eager for life experience. To meet up with your Inner Being just be more like that now.

Abraham-Hicks, 3/15/03

It's not your job to create anybody else's reality. It's your job to create your own reality. And if you will choose things that feel good while you're thinking about it, you're going to have one whopping of a good reality.

Abraham-Hicks, 11/23/02

Thank you, Abraham, with all my heart, for your loving words of wisdom.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My name is Suzanne and I want to welcome you to walk with me awhile on my path as a deliberate creator.

I've been exploring the Abraham-Hicks information about deliberate reality creation for almost five years now. My blog, Finding My Way to Well-being, was about learning to understand and live these ideas. I was complete with the energy of that part of my path last fall and had been posting very irregularly. I've been in a transition phase where change was happening so rapidly I couldn't, and didn't even want to, stop and write about it.

I'm in this great place now...

...not where it's all done

...not where I know everything

...just a place where I am comfortable with these ideas and pretty darned happy to know that I create my own reality by choosing my thoughts. I'm beginning to get the feel of the joyful power of deliberately creating my life experiences.

I'm ready to play!

You are invited to join me at:

Deliberate Creating - My intention for this blog is to post insights and techniques I discover as I choose to create deliberately.

The Creation Box - I get this rush of energy when I think of this one and am really looking forward to it. My intention is to post appreciation and to be a part of the wonderful, magical manifestations in the world.

The Universe, reality and everything. Abraham talks of leading edge exploration. So, this will be my own leading edge where I think out loud about my own ideas of...well...anything to do with reality and being a non-physical being having a physical experience.

I'm having great fun with all of this and I can see much more in store.

Life really is an adventure.

With much love,