Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesdays with Abraham: Creating with your imagination

land of fairies
What makes your heart sing with joy?
...may your wishes come true...
by alicepopkorn-busy


How do you use your imagination?

Well, first of all, you put you in the picture and then you live as you would like to live from an inside feeling place. You feel how your body feels; that's a good place to start. Now this is your call, you are the architect, you are the creator, so you can be as vital and alive and youthful and flexible and good feeling and slender and eager and happy as you want to be. And so, stand in your body, and put yourself anywhere that pleases you, on the golf course, in a swimming pool, on an airplane, in your motor coach. Put yourself in any environment and feel how good your body feels.

Since it is a virtual reality, make the temperature exactly as you want it to be; make your clothing exactly appropriate to that and breath in the deliciousness of the air that it there. Make the sky blue, put clouds in it if you want, make it sunrise, make it sunset, make it the middle of the day. You get to do whatever you're wanting to do.

Be there by yourself, or bring your favorite person in. Take a look at your favorite person. Give that person the mood you would like that person to have. Make that person playful, make that person beautiful, make that person happy. Make that person in perfect vibrational harmony with you and together go someplace you know the two of you would adore being. Have a conversation with that person; say what you would say under those conditions: bask, applaud, praise, appreciate, approve, listen, receive compliments, blush with them, return them, adore, be adored, move your body, see delightful things, have stimulation relative to the conversation, relative to anything that you care about.

Get on a subject that is really important to you. Solve problems. Find solutions. Sit with your president. Talk to anyone on the planet that you would like to talk to. Bring them in, give them the mood, give them the attitude, give them ability to hear you, you get the sense of this.

Some say, "Too much work."

We say, "Its your life."

You are walking into the future of whatever you do with your mind. So where is your mind? Is it perusing the puzzles and problems of the past? Is it perusing the problems of the world? Is it looking for reasons to feel good? Is it looking for reasons to feel bad? In other words, you get to focus wherever you want to focus.

Abraham-Hicks, Orlando, FL, December 15, 2001

In other words, suppose you're standing in a place that's less than what you want. No problem, it's not done.

And better still, as you're standing in this place that you do not want to be, rockets of desire are being born -- which is the promise of the Universe.

And now that desire, has been offered by you. And Source Energy is answering it.

And the fairies of the Universe, all of the Inner Beings, your family of consciousness, all that is non-physical and AWARE OF YOU goes to work on visualizing your happy outcome.

And all you've got to do, is ride that Stream by aligning with that energy.

Abraham-Hicks, Atlanta, GA, May 4, 2002

Let the rockets soar! And let it not matter that there is a rocket born that I have not yet achieved because I cannot help but achieve it. If I can contemplate it, if I can imagine it, then the Universe surely can deliver it to me. I could not imagine something that could not be.

Let it be. Let me relax and let …it …be.

You summon with the clarity of desire. And, we say to you, just relax and trust. That if you can want it, the Universe has yielded it and now its time for you to just relax. Not watching for evidence but trusting that the evidence will show up everywhere you turn ... and it is our promise to you, that it will.

Abraham-Hicks, Boston, MA, October 5, 2002
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Balancing Life in Changing Times

Carol Look: Attracting Abundance

I received an email from Carol about an exciting opportunity for a 9-week free teleseminar on balancing life in changing times. Carol is one of the 18 presenters and others include familiar names such as Wayne Dwyer and Gregg Braden.

A few years ago I took one of Carol's teleseminars on abundance and signed on for personal coaching with her. Her insight into individual issues with all of us in the seminar and my personal issues in coaching was amazing. I admire her and can only say she's terrific!

Carol is a very loving, skilled therapist who works with abundance and health issues using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and deliberate creating information from Abraham-Hicks.

The free gifts look great. Here's Carol's complete newsletter. Click through on Carol's link for more information about this exciting program.


"Balancing Life in Changing Times with Lisa Garr & Friends"

What if you were able to hear the concentrated wisdom of 18 experts in the field of personal development -- authors, healers, scientists, life coaches, pioneers,
entrepreneurs, spiritual healers -- to help you balance your life?

Imagine being offered this opportunity at no cost...

Well, this fantastic opportunity is available to all of us, and I am honored to be one of the guest speakers in this new and exciting teleseminar series!

This opportunity is a unique and free intensive teleseminar series that I have been invited to participate in that you will thoroughly enjoy! Joining me will be an amazing line up of speakers who will each be focused on helping you manage and balance your life in spite of challenges going on in our world.

The series will be conducted over a 9 week period, with 2 expert interviews a week on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons with a 48 hour replay option for each interview. [The series started yesterday afternoon, July 22nd.]

The series is produced by renowned host of The Aware Show, Lisa Garr, who has been on Public Radio KPFK (90.7 FM) for over a decade. In that time Lisa has interviewed the most established leaders in the human potential movement. She is now bringing her connections, insights and remarkable interview skills to a new interactive forum where you can question and converse with the best of the best.

Lisa will be interviewing me and other leaders about "Balancing Life." We will be discussing what is on so many people's minds right now; how to balance life in these changing times. Together we will discuss new methods to use and cope with the life experiences that are showing up... Each interview will help you create the life you want.

All these speakers will be sharing their wisdom and perspective so you can learn and be able to immediately apply new techniques to manage your life to its fullest potential.

Here is a sampling of the amazing leaders who will be a part of this series...

Wayne Dyer
Wayne is an internationally renowned bestselling author and speaker with over 30 books, many audio programs, and videos. Wayne has also delivered his inspiring message on thousands of television and radio shows.

Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen
Mark & Robert are authors, motivational speakers and highly successful entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves to helping people in all walks of life to reshape their personal vision of what's possible for themselves.

Dr. John Gray
John is the best-selling relationship author of all time. He is the author of 16 best-selling books. His latest book, Why Mars & Venus Collide reveals how men and women can improve relationships by understanding how they cope differently with stress.

Olivia Newton-John & John Easterling
Olivia is an acclaimed singer and actress, a four-time Grammy award winner with five No. 1 and ten other Top Ten Hot 100 singles and two No. 1 Billboard 200 albums. She is appearing together with her husband "Amazon John" of the Amazon Herb Company to talk about managing your health.

Dr. Daniel Amen
Dr. Amen is a physician, child and adult psychiatrist, brain imaging specialist, bestselling author, and the CEO and medical director of Amen Clinics. He and his clinics are dedicated to improving lives through education, the latest advances in neuroimaging, and individualized treatment plans.

Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in indentifying and coalescing science and spirit and New York Times best selling author of The Biology of Belief.

Dannion & Kathryn Brinkley
Dannion Brinkley is a best-selling author and lecturer and is a leading authority in the grief and bereavement process. He is the founder of Compassion in Action, a group of hospice volunteers who serve dying veterans. He has had three near-death experiences which have focused him on leading a spiritual life and being in service to humanity.

Gregg Braden
Gregg is a New York Times best selling author of Fractal Time, The Divine Matrix and Spontaneous Healing of Belief.

The remaining speakers in this exciting line up are:

Dr. Norm Shealey
Michael Tamura
Carol Look
Jennifer McLean
Dr. Raymond Francis
Robert Allen
Loral Langemeier
Marcia Wieder
David Wolfe
Chris Howard
and... our host, Lisa Garr

There are 18 speakers in all (including me.) I can't wait to hear the insights from these interviews and know you will enjoy hearing the combined wisdom and help for balancing your life.

And of course this is all completely free!

To take advantage of this invitation to interact with these leaders in their fields, simply do the following:

Step #1...
Go register for your no-cost teleseminar seat:

Step #2...
Keep an eye out for Lisa's email with the details for listening in on the calls.

Step #3...
Make sure you go to the download site mentioned in your confirmation email after you register. You will also receive some bonus gifts that you can use immediately just for enrolling in this completely free series.

Step #4...
Watch for the opportunity to own your personal copy of this amazing intensive teleseminar series on CD! I'm sure you're going to enjoy this interactive life changing opportunity.

Take care,
Carol Look

P.S. Also, if you can't make the Wednesday and Thursday LIVE calls at 2:30 PM Pacific (Los Angeles, CA) time, they will be recorded and available after each show for a limited time so you won't miss a thing. We'll send you the web address of the recording as soon as it's posted on our website. So join us now, while the opportunity is here in front of you...

Carol Look: Attracting Abundance --I'm a subscriber of her free newsletter which includes coaching for using deliberate creating and EFT for abundance.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're rich!!!!

Melba McMullin, a friend who explores Abraham and creating, asked a great Abraham kind of question in her new blog, an eager soul's journal: Conscious Living:

How does money make you feel?

This was my answer this morning:

Hi Melba,

I really appreciate your thoughts and your question. I read this several days ago and have been letting it roam around in my thoughts.

You are asking how money makes me feel -- not how I think about it. So, for me, money is very playful and fun. A few days after I discovered Abraham I found a $100 bill on the sidewalk and had $100 bills come to me in other playful, unexpected ways. I've changed my thinking about how much money I need. I've realized that I spent money on things I didn't really need because I thought I would feel better having it or I might need it "some day."

I've changed the way I think of having "enough" money. I love to pay my bills and spend money on things I want to have or that are fun. It is fun for me and I feel rich if I have enough, even if I have one penny left or have just enough. I'm rich!!!

If there isn't the money there I give it to the Universe and usually think of another way to do it or discover I really don't want it after all, there was some other reason I wanted it -- like to feel free or feel relief. I've found some homesteading blogs that have good recipes and frugal living tips and am changing my habits.

I don't feel deprived, I feel like I'm just in a process of changing my relationship to stuff. Or more importantly changing my relationship to myself. It's all about trust for me, gaining an understanding that I am enough as I am. Letting go of family beliefs that worth was in dollars and prestige, letting go of guilt that I didn't want the high pressure job and brand name stuff that looks a certain way -- and understanding that my desires for freedom and time and health are good.

Abraham says that we are standing on the banks of a Niagara Falls of abundance for each of us and there is plenty for everyone. So, it's great if someone wants to spend millions on anything that they want. It's just for me, my process now is more about finding what is really important for me.

And I trust that the money flows as I come into alignment whether it's from finding some frugal way to do something or realizing I don't need it or winning gazillions in the lottery. But the most important thing is learning to love myself just as I am. Right now that wouldn't look prosperous to someone looking in from the outside, but I know people who have many, many more times money than I have who aren't as rich in their thinking.

I love moolah, cash, Benjamins, the green stuff, like having it, like spending it, like buying gifts and I enjoy the heck out of it!

Thank you for this wonderful post, Melba! May money dance up to you and throw itself in your arms, sneak into your purse and yell boo when you open it, and may you feel joy in every dazzling day.

Love you,


Money is a laugh riot. Money is fun! My experience is that the Universe loves to have fun. Look at this face. This is the Universe looking back at us.

so happy by katrinket

That is you and me. We looked like that. We felt like that. We still do. That's what we are all reaching for -- what we knew when we came here.

It is the nature of the Great Love to give and It knows there is more than enough -- knows that resources are infinite. Source Energy is Love and gives of Itself. Love is the creative force. Love wants you to have every good thing. Not only abundance, but fun and play and happiness and delicious experiences that send your soul soaring with joy.

About being in this human experience:

I am more than enough. You are more than enough. We are more than enough.

About money, moolah, cash, dosh, dough, greenbacks, Benjamins:

I'm rich!! You're rich!!! We're rich!!!!!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Affirmation: I am everything I need to be

so happy by katrinket

I am everything I need to be. Everything. I send off my desires into the wild blue yonder with trust and joy. I am enthusiastic and excited as I follow the vibration of Love calling me to fulfillment of this good thing..and another...and another...and another!! I play and learn and am creative. I have so much fun! I am healthy, fit and strong. My mind is filled with thoughts of Well-Being. Love shines through me and into the world in everything I do. My day flows beautifully from one moment to the next. Thank you, Beloved Presence, for this delicious day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesdays with Abraham: The Universe has infinite resources

Earth Day Embrace by jurvetson

Guest: So, there is really no such thing as greed?

Abraham: Most people would define greed as taking more than I need, or getting more than my fair share. And we would say to you, this is a Universe that has infinite resources. People quarrel with that, but it is our promise to you that if you have the ability to define it as a desire, this time/space reality, in which you are focused, has the ability to yield it to you, no exceptions.

Now, whether you’re talking about money or something else, here’s what’s at the basis of the shortage thinking: most people have this distorted view that there’s just one pile that’s being divvied out. And if I, this rich old bugger, go with my big dump trucks and I carry away a great big piece of the pile, then others who show up with their wheelbarrows or tea cups will be deprived of what they would have gotten, because the pile would, after all, be drastically diminished by the hoarding that I have done from my greedy perspective.

And the reason that we wanted to put it in that dramatic way is because all of that is such hogwash. When you ask it is always given! But, as you do not allow yourself to receive, nobody else gets it.

When you think about physical well-being do you ever say, “I've been healthy for so long, I think I'll be sick for a few years to let other people be well"? You understand the resources that you would call clarity are yours, or not, but you don't say, “Oh, I've been so confused today, there must be a really smart person running around here somewhere.”

The only thing that ever holds anyone apart from something that they want, is that they are choosing to focus upon the lack of what they want, and therefore they are a vibrational match to the lack of what they want ­and therefore that is their reality, or that is their creation.

Here you are, on the same planet that you've been on for more years than you have the ability to count. And just in the last 400 years, look at the difference in your economy. And it’s the same exact planet. Nobody has been trucking in or piping in any resources. There are not more resources present today. You are just vibrationally lining up with the utilization of them.

And, oh, this planet’s ability to yield to you: you have not even scratched the surface of it. It is a continually replenishing environment. And you would never be able to get your planet imbalanced by utilizing more of its resources than it could produce. It just cannot happen.

So we would go back to your earlier question and say to you, greed is a non-issue because it is an impossibility. It is not possible for someone to get more than their fair share.

Abraham-Hicks, Houston, TX, January 5, 2002

So now, is it starting to make sense when we say to you, "Seek joy"? Joy is the purpose, because in your joy, you connect to the Energy that makes things happen. Aren't you knocked over by this Earth? Isn't it awesome -- this massive space? This big chunk of matter? Don't you find it remarkable? Now try to find action in any of that. Who built it? Who scooped up that much dirt? Who used physical action to scoop it up and make it be? This is not the nature of Creation. Creation is not and has never been about action. It has always been about alignment of Energy. So when you focus upon alignment of Energy time becomes irrelevant. And when time is irrelevant, it will be so expansive that you will wonder where it always was.

Abraham-Hicks, Tarrytown, NY, October 18, 1998

This physical experience is the leading edge of creativity. This physicalness is the application of thought to matter -- it is the fine-tuning of creation and it is essential to growth -- even from Non-physical perspective....

Abraham-Hicks, February 8, 1991 and Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesdays with Abraham: Deliberately creating with emotions

There are as many paths of deliberate creating as there are creators. I love feeling good. I like to pay attention to my feelings and then adjust my thoughts to feel better. When I choose to feel better, it seems like manifestations happen like magic.

Here's a bit of Abe with a focus on our emotions, vibration, and how we pull our desires to us.

The vibration that you interpret as vision, the vibration that you interpret as sound, or the vibrations that you interpret as smell or taste or touch, these are all vibrations that you have learned to translate through your five physical senses. But there are other vibrations that you cannot decipher through those senses. And so, you must use another sense. Some call it your sixth sense; we are calling it your emotional center, that feeling that you get in your solar plexus. Those emotions that you feel are also interpreters of vibration.


You live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics. Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water, and in your bodies, is vibration in motion­ and all of it is managed by the powerful Law of Attraction.

Abraham-Hicks, Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness"

Whatever you are giving your attention to is vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, a reverberation between you and whatever you are focused upon takes place. You are like your wireless computer....

Abraham-Hicks, Boca Raton, FL, 12/13/03, July, August, September 2004 Newsletter

Most think in terms of thought affecting the world: You think about transmitting outward: "I'm going to affect the world from my outgoing signal." That isn't the way it works. You affect the world by achieving the vibration that brings the signals to you. You create a nucleus that Universe has to respond around. That is how you are the creator.

Abraham-Hicks, Albuquerque, NM, May 9, 1999

Your emotion, your indicator of vibration, is indicating the ratio between your currently focused desire and any other belief or thought that you hold about same. When you feel negative emotion, anger about something, or fear... the name of the emotion does not matter, it always means that there is a desire within you that, in this moment, you are contradicting with some other thought.

Your emotions are always about your relationship with your own desire, and nothing else.

Abraham-Hicks, El Paso, TX, February 17, 2001

There are many things that are absolutely true that you don't want active in your vibration because you don't want to live them. There are many things that other people say are right that you don't want live just because they say are right... and truth doesn't mean diddly squat, it just means it's that's somebody's indicator of how they held their thoughts...

And we would say, 'We would not give any of our attention to any of those things that are true unless they felt good when we thought about them.'


The Universe does not know whether the vibration that you're offering is because of something you're observing or something you're remembering or something that you are imagining. It just receives the vibration and answers it with things that match it.

Abraham-Hicks, Napa, CA, February 27, 1997

Never mind what-is. Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration is a match to your desire. When your vibration is a match to your desire, all things in your experience will gravitate to meet that match every time.

Abraham-Hicks, Boca Raton, FL, January 12, 1997

Just love everybody that interacts with you no matter how personally, or how peripherally, involved with you they are. The efficiency of the people who deal with you... everything is orchestrated by the manager called Law of Attraction. And your vibration is setting all of it into motion. Everything affecting you is a reflection of the vibration that you are emitting. Spend more time focused upon your dream than upon the reality. The reality gives birth to the dream -- but the dream is where you are wanting to put your attention.

Abraham-Hicks, Houston, TX, January 13, 2001

Love and appreciation are identical vibrations. Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who-you-are. Appreciation is the absence of everything that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good. When you focus upon what you want -when you tell the story of how you want your life to be - you will come closer and closer to the vicinity of appreciation, and when you reach it, it will pull you toward all things that you consider to be good in a very powerful way.

Abraham-Hicks, "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness

When you remember that everyone who asks is given, then how wonderful and appropriate it is for you to make the choices for YOU -- for the Universe operates much more efficiently without a middleman interceding on your behalf. No one else knows what is appropriate for you -- but you do. You always know, in the moment, what is best for you.

Abraham-Hicks, Perpetual Flip Calendar ~ May 19th

We would begin saying, “I'm not ever going to get it done. I'm an eternally expanding Being, and I'm doing great where I am, and I'm so eager about what’s coming.” That’s the essence of the vibration that keeps adventurous things coming, keeps you feeling always excited, stable and secure, keeps you feeling in love with life. All day, every day, count your blessings! All day, every day, make your lists of things you appreciate. And as you keep activating what is working in your life, then more pleasing things on all subjects will flow to you.

Abraham-Hicks, March 5, 2004A

All is well

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Having fun deliberately creating with delicious intentions

~free~ by alicepopkorn

I woke up this morning with a new gut-level understanding. For a moment I could see all my beliefs formed a very large structure. There were no walls, only naked girders linked together in an organized way. The vision came with a realization that everything I've taken on as a habit or belief, dysfunctional or not, was to feel good. From childhood on -- in interactions with parents, siblings, schools, friends, jobs and society -- I made choices of how to think: to fit in or not, to stand up for my truth or not, to believe what I was told or not -- and my intention was to feel good in some way.

Many of those same beliefs provide the conflict that I've been working through as I've explored deliberate creating. They have been the blocks to my new desires.

I don't remember the question I was thinking about when I was waking up, but that vision was an answer to it. There is compassion for me in that answer -- I did my best at the time.

I do have a different perspective now. I have felt a new energy being born in me since an experience I had sensing the life energy of my being -- gosh, only three weeks ago.

The pieces of the puzzle have been coming into place and this morning when I had that experience I also knew I didn't have to do anything with that structure. I don't have to figure out how my beliefs are connected. I don't have to detach them and mull over them and fine-tune them into better configurations. I let them go and the Universe will take care of them for me. All I have to do is listen to my feelings and make a choice to feel better in every moment. I like the feeling of freedom -- my awareness that I don't have to spend any time or effort sorting through the past.

The new perspective

I would say my new perspective is more of a hands-on, in-the-moment sensation of deliberately creating. It's less and less about things in the world and more and more about what I'm feeling. I'm beginning to connect what I'm deliberately choosing to think and feel and what I am receiving. I'm definitely having more fun with it.

It started when I noticed that intentions I wrote went before me during the day and seemed to create in a magical way. For example: on a day when I wrote about intentions to have fun I later wrote the post Money throws a celebration for me. The idea of the post came to me suddenly and it almost wrote itself -- the picture seemed to leap out of Flickr at me. I just look at that post and all that fun floods through me.

I set them for my day and am amazed at the way they manifest. And I'm beginning to do them as I go about my day or start a new task. I just listen inside and intend until I feel complete. I'll do that right now and show you what I mean:

I am at peace with myself and every area of my life. I am filled with loving Energy that flows through me and into everything I do. I am creative. I am happy. I am successful. I look at life with eyes of love and life smiles back at me. All is well.

I set intentions before I go to sleep and wake up feeling better and better every morning. I say something like: When I sleep I merge joyfully with my Inner Being. My Inner Being flows warm liquid love through my body and every level of my being. The cells of my body and the processes of my body are bathed in this love and their every desire is answered. When I wake I feel refreshed, relaxed and at peace with myself and my world.

When I write them my energy is uplifted whether I write a large paragraph or a few lines. Somehow they feel very personal -- like I can read the words of the energy of "me."

When I write them for the day I follow with at least 10 things I appreciate and I feel even better after that. Then I think about what I want to do that day and begin where I want to begin.

There is feedback happening. The more I set intentions the better I feel and the more interesting experiences I have from them. And then I feel more eager to say them and see what new things I will experience and so on. I feel like a kid with a new toy.

And it just gets better. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesdays with Abraham: Coming together in harmony to co-create

Apophysis-Garden Party (2) by HocusPocusClick

Although Abraham is responding to a question about sexuality, I really like this quote because it can be applied to any co-creating we do together on any topic. Although sexuality has a physical ecstasy, there can even be ecstatic states of being in creating with another person or with non-physical when we are in harmony. " is more of a psychic thing than it is a physical thing."

You see, you come together, as two, for the purpose of co-creating. In other words, any time that two minds come together, then there is a greater pool of thought. That is the reason it is so satisfying to come together as a group. And that is the reason that sexuality can be satisfying, or unsatisfying, just as coming together in thought can be satisfying or unsatisfying. You are seeking harmony. And a truly gratifying sexual experience is one where two come together for the purpose of that harmony, for the purpose of each being uplifted by the physical expression, you see. Anytime two come together for any experience, it is infinitely more satisfying than one, because as uplifters, it is wonderful to be happy, but is it not even more wonderful to be with others who are happy? Do you not find your joy even more magnified when you are having joy with another? And so, in that sense, sexuality is a way that two physical beings can come together and, in a physical way, experience more than one can experience singularly. And the reason that there is that climactic point, that point of ecstasy, is because one coming together with one in harmony, one plus one is many times more than is more of a psychic thing than it is a physical thing.

And so, when you have the pleasure of coming together in harmony with one with whom you are tuned with psychically, emotionally, as well as physically -- then you have ecstasy.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning II, pp. 246-247.

If you would like to join with other like-minded souls, here are a few of the many co-creating global communities:

Gaia Community - "Our reason for being is the same as yours: to discover and realize that which we're truly meant to become, and, in doing so, to encourage and inspire others to do the same."

Powerful Intentions - Co-creators who believe in the power of intentions and the Law of Attraction -- and who come together for joyful creating.

The 100 Day Reality Challenge - Participants declare their intentions for attracting for the next 100 days and support each other in manifesting. Groups formed for support include Abraham-Hicks, EFT, The Secret, Open Heart and many more.

Tut's Adventurers Club - "A philosophical club of like-minded thinkers who believe that life is the ultimate adventure... because thoughts become things, dreams come true, and all things remain forever possible!" ~ Mike Dooley.

World Dreams Peace Bridge - A group dreaming experience - consciously dreaming together and taking action for peace.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Turning downstream with Abraham-Hicks: All is well

and yes I said yes by It'sGreg

If I start feeling fussy about something I remind myself that I don't have to be perfect. In the past I've gotten what I wanted when I was in the midst of emotional storms.

The things that we would be asking ourselves is, "What proportion of my day am I in vibrational harmony with my desires, which means, how much of my day am I happy, glad, eager, fulfilled, satisfied, complimentary? And what percentage of my day am I ornery, irritated, frustrated, or blaming?" And you don't have to do 100%, you don't have to do 90%, you don't have to do 80%. If you could even get around 55% feeling better, than not feeling so good -- you'd have significant movement in what begins to happen in your experience.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA, August 11, 2001

When I feel lack I turn from thinking about what isn't here to thinking about what I desire. I remind myself that it's a sure thing:

The key to living happily ever after is in understanding and therefore trusting the process....

And we think that the reason so many of you stand in a place of discord between when you've launched a rocket and when it's manifested fully in your experience is not because you understand that it's coming. The discord is because you're really not sure that it's coming. You think it might not come and in your awareness of the absence of it you can hardly stand that!

So the work that we offer, what we're always wanting to assist you in understanding is: IT'S COMING! IT'S A SURE THING!.

Abraham-Hicks, October 13, 2001

I remind myself that each of us exist in our own Universe of unlimited abundance. In this moment, all any of us have to do is reach for a thought that feels a little bit better, savor the moment, and enjoy sending our desires out to this loving Universe that says, "Yes!"

All the resources you will ever want or need are at your fingertips. All you have to do is identify what you want to do with it, and then practice the feeling-place of what it will feel like when that happens. There is nothing you cannot be or do or have. You are blessed Beings; you have come forth into this physical environment to create. There is nothing holding you back, other than your own contradictory thought. And your emotion tells you you're doing that. Life is supposed to be fun -- it is supposed to feel good! You are powerful Creators and right on schedule. Savor more; fix less. Laugh more; cry less. Anticipate positively more; anticipate negatively less. Nothing is more important than that you feel good. Just practice that and watch what happens. There is great love here for you. We are complete.

Abraham-Hicks, March 22, 2003

And above all I remember what Esther and Jerry add after each loving quote of Abraham's:

All is well.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I realize my world really is a reflection of myself

Water Nymph by jurvetson

As a deliberate creator I accept intellectually that I create my world through my thoughts. Really understanding it is a different matter. I seem to always be experiencing changes to my perspective and realizing something new about deliberate creating and how I view reality.

I woke up this morning in the midst of a conversation with non-physical Guidance. During the conversation I really understood on a gut level that my world is a reflection of myself and if I see lack in the world in any way, it is only because I see a lack in myself.


It's not that there is a lack of money. It's that I see some lack in myself and it expresses as money. Or relationships. Or anything that I perceive as a lack.

I have to laugh because I've come to this realization so many times over the years: the best we can do is just to love and accept ourselves. It's a matter of detaching my old way of thinking which has been some version of job = money = pay bills and changing it to: love self and dream = alignment with Well-Being = delicious manifestation. And it happens day by day as my understanding grows.

As I was writing this I realized that if I see beauty in my world, it is beauty within me. How literally is the world a reflection of me? Am I a beautiful sunset? A hawk soaring in a cloudless sky?

The adventure is within. The path is to listen to my feelings and follow the good ones -- they are Love itself calling me. This physical life is mine to co-create by sending out my desires, to enjoy manifestations and to come to peace with who I am in this experience.

The process is like hard layers and patterns keep dissolving into more flowing, free forms of thinking. And when I think about it, it's as if my thinking is becoming more like my non-physical self than the physical world I see around me.

I see intriguing possibilities of more magic yet to come.
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