Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesdays with Abraham: Coming together in harmony to co-create

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Although Abraham is responding to a question about sexuality, I really like this quote because it can be applied to any co-creating we do together on any topic. Although sexuality has a physical ecstasy, there can even be ecstatic states of being in creating with another person or with non-physical when we are in harmony. " is more of a psychic thing than it is a physical thing."

You see, you come together, as two, for the purpose of co-creating. In other words, any time that two minds come together, then there is a greater pool of thought. That is the reason it is so satisfying to come together as a group. And that is the reason that sexuality can be satisfying, or unsatisfying, just as coming together in thought can be satisfying or unsatisfying. You are seeking harmony. And a truly gratifying sexual experience is one where two come together for the purpose of that harmony, for the purpose of each being uplifted by the physical expression, you see. Anytime two come together for any experience, it is infinitely more satisfying than one, because as uplifters, it is wonderful to be happy, but is it not even more wonderful to be with others who are happy? Do you not find your joy even more magnified when you are having joy with another? And so, in that sense, sexuality is a way that two physical beings can come together and, in a physical way, experience more than one can experience singularly. And the reason that there is that climactic point, that point of ecstasy, is because one coming together with one in harmony, one plus one is many times more than is more of a psychic thing than it is a physical thing.

And so, when you have the pleasure of coming together in harmony with one with whom you are tuned with psychically, emotionally, as well as physically -- then you have ecstasy.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning II, pp. 246-247.

If you would like to join with other like-minded souls, here are a few of the many co-creating global communities:

Gaia Community - "Our reason for being is the same as yours: to discover and realize that which we're truly meant to become, and, in doing so, to encourage and inspire others to do the same."

Powerful Intentions - Co-creators who believe in the power of intentions and the Law of Attraction -- and who come together for joyful creating.

The 100 Day Reality Challenge - Participants declare their intentions for attracting for the next 100 days and support each other in manifesting. Groups formed for support include Abraham-Hicks, EFT, The Secret, Open Heart and many more.

Tut's Adventurers Club - "A philosophical club of like-minded thinkers who believe that life is the ultimate adventure... because thoughts become things, dreams come true, and all things remain forever possible!" ~ Mike Dooley.

World Dreams Peace Bridge - A group dreaming experience - consciously dreaming together and taking action for peace.
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Annie said...

I love the TUT site, I will have to check thses others out when I get some down time. xoxo

Suzanne said...

Hey Annie,

Mike Dooley really gets this information, doesn't he? Just have fun with it all. Sounds like a plan to me!

Wishing you so much fun you go to sleep smiling. :)