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Wednesdays with Abraham: The Universe has infinite resources

Earth Day Embrace by jurvetson

Guest: So, there is really no such thing as greed?

Abraham: Most people would define greed as taking more than I need, or getting more than my fair share. And we would say to you, this is a Universe that has infinite resources. People quarrel with that, but it is our promise to you that if you have the ability to define it as a desire, this time/space reality, in which you are focused, has the ability to yield it to you, no exceptions.

Now, whether you’re talking about money or something else, here’s what’s at the basis of the shortage thinking: most people have this distorted view that there’s just one pile that’s being divvied out. And if I, this rich old bugger, go with my big dump trucks and I carry away a great big piece of the pile, then others who show up with their wheelbarrows or tea cups will be deprived of what they would have gotten, because the pile would, after all, be drastically diminished by the hoarding that I have done from my greedy perspective.

And the reason that we wanted to put it in that dramatic way is because all of that is such hogwash. When you ask it is always given! But, as you do not allow yourself to receive, nobody else gets it.

When you think about physical well-being do you ever say, “I've been healthy for so long, I think I'll be sick for a few years to let other people be well"? You understand the resources that you would call clarity are yours, or not, but you don't say, “Oh, I've been so confused today, there must be a really smart person running around here somewhere.”

The only thing that ever holds anyone apart from something that they want, is that they are choosing to focus upon the lack of what they want, and therefore they are a vibrational match to the lack of what they want ­and therefore that is their reality, or that is their creation.

Here you are, on the same planet that you've been on for more years than you have the ability to count. And just in the last 400 years, look at the difference in your economy. And it’s the same exact planet. Nobody has been trucking in or piping in any resources. There are not more resources present today. You are just vibrationally lining up with the utilization of them.

And, oh, this planet’s ability to yield to you: you have not even scratched the surface of it. It is a continually replenishing environment. And you would never be able to get your planet imbalanced by utilizing more of its resources than it could produce. It just cannot happen.

So we would go back to your earlier question and say to you, greed is a non-issue because it is an impossibility. It is not possible for someone to get more than their fair share.

Abraham-Hicks, Houston, TX, January 5, 2002

So now, is it starting to make sense when we say to you, "Seek joy"? Joy is the purpose, because in your joy, you connect to the Energy that makes things happen. Aren't you knocked over by this Earth? Isn't it awesome -- this massive space? This big chunk of matter? Don't you find it remarkable? Now try to find action in any of that. Who built it? Who scooped up that much dirt? Who used physical action to scoop it up and make it be? This is not the nature of Creation. Creation is not and has never been about action. It has always been about alignment of Energy. So when you focus upon alignment of Energy time becomes irrelevant. And when time is irrelevant, it will be so expansive that you will wonder where it always was.

Abraham-Hicks, Tarrytown, NY, October 18, 1998

This physical experience is the leading edge of creativity. This physicalness is the application of thought to matter -- it is the fine-tuning of creation and it is essential to growth -- even from Non-physical perspective....

Abraham-Hicks, February 8, 1991 and Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar
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Annie said...

yes, I am knocked out everyday by how wonderful this world is and everything (yes, everything!)in it.
There is so much beauty and abundance of all good things. Love this Wednesday with Abraham, even if it is Friday when i finally get here :-).

Suzanne said...

I could feel your energy. When you appreciate how wonderful the world is then I feel joy lifting inside me. Thank you for sharing your good vibrations, Annie. :)

Wishing you a beauty of a day :)