Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Abraham-Hicks: Making choices

We are beings who make choices when we send off the rocket of our desire. We choose what we pay attention to moment by moment. We choose our thoughts, and therefore, our feelings. I was attracted to these quotes of Abraham explaining how this works:

Sometimes the perfect path to inspire you to something you want feels like the wrong path. Because all it did was stir you up and make you mad.

"What went wrong?" you say to us. "Abraham, this can't be right! I felt inspired to go and he turned out to be a real jerk."

And we say, "Yes. But the jerky person that he was inspired you to more clarity. The bad experience inspired you to more clarity."

The inspiration can only be deciphered by you in as pure a form as you are pure. And if you've got resistance going on within you, you can often feel a feeling of inspiration, but you can only decipher it through the clouded lens that you've got going on. Then it will manifest in proportion to the contradiction of vibration in energy you've got going on.

Ooooooooo, did that just clear up a whole lot for a lot of people?

And in any of that, is anything wrong with any of that? Isn't it wonderful!

That's why we say, you can't get it wrong and you never get it done. And the reason you can't get it wrong is that you never get it done. No matter where you stand, you are still giving birth to more poignant, more precise Vibrational Escrow. But you see the problem that most physical humans have is NOT that they have not created a wonderful Vibrational Escrow. You HAVE, we have seen it!!!

Your problem, if you deem that you have one, is that you've practiced vibrations that aren't up to speed with it. So you keep getting cluttered inspirations, so to speak, because you've got a bunch of stuff going on in your vibration.

The better you feel, the more in tune you are with who you REALLY are. It's just as simple as that.

But that's almost too Pollyanna for most of you to hear.

[You say] "We don't want to talk about hope, we want to talk about problems!"

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco 2/16/08

You can feel good about the flower you are looking at, or the ocean that you are looking across, or about the smile upon the face of the child…you can be focused upon something like that and be feeling utter Well-being. And in that moment of that basking, you are attracting the dollars that you want, you are attracting the abundance that you want, you are attracting the mate that you want ­you are attracting whatever it is that you want. It is about vibrating and allowing, you see?

Abraham-Hicks, G 2/1/92 Abraham Calendar
And here is Abraham talking about their state of being:

...We are free, joyous and growing beings -- putting emphasis upon our state of freedom -- for it is through our freedom to be, that we are able to choose joy and growth. We are not different from you, or any other being in the Universe, regarding freedom, for we are all absolutely free, but most do not understand their freedom, and therefore do not live it. Freedom is not something that is earned, or assigned, but something that is acknowledged.

....IT IS OUR KNOWING, THAT THERE IS NOT AN ENDING TO GROWTH, FOR WE ALL EXIST IN AN ETERNAL NOW. The joy or the pain, the growth or the stagnation, the freedom or the confinement, that each of us feel in this moment, is purely our individual decision, and we take great delight in that knowledge. And in that knowledge, as ABRAHAM, we continually choose freedom, growth, and joy.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning II, pp. 36-37
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Working through stalled energy with Abraham-Hicks

...For you to understand that your thoughts, the combination of your thoughts -- is what equals what you get, sometimes it empowers you and sometimes it frightens you, because sometimes you're surer than others about what you want. And in your uncertainty, what is happening?

...Let us remind you: There is a decision for you to make. And you haven't made it yet. You are still exploring options. You might even have narrowed it down to one or two things. Do you feel how enervated you feel? How tired, even depressed? How you wake up in the morning, and you really don't want to get out of bed? The reason for that is because your Energy is diffused. You don't know what you want, and so this powerful, or potentially powerful, Energy is coming into you -- but you are sending it off in so many directions, you feel tired. And do you remember how, whenever you made a decision about something, how good you felt?

Once you make a decision, no matter how minor the decision is, you are suddenly empowered again -- because suddenly you are saying "yes" to something. You're not saying "yes, no, yes, no, maybe." You're saying, "Yes," and so the Energy flows. That is "Divine Intervention." When you get all of your thoughts going in one direction, then we say "Let it go!" And "everyone" gets behind and offers to you, and that is why you feel this great power of momentum, you see. All of the "fairies of the Universe" get behind you when you're decided. And otherwise, it is sort of, nobody paying much attention to you.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning II, p. 216-217.

I have been using segment intending for some time now and got the energy stream moving pretty fast. I came to a place where I felt like a very big change in energy level was right here and now for me. I didn't know what to do with it and felt afraid. I didn't know what would be big enough to have that type of energy in my life and didn't allow it to happen. So, now I feel like I'm meandering in a little backwater, a small pond off of the main flow. I want to explore and have more fun, but still don't know where or when or what that would look like.

Luckily, I also know that this backwater is just a platform for me to shoot off a new desire. And I also know that I can work with my thinking and allow a higher level of energy in a way that pleases me. I can meander there. I can saunter there. I can leap off the leading edge and fly to where I want to go. Whatever works. There's no desire that's kept from me.

I went from that flowing, high energy feeling to one of being on hold and waiting. My intention is to feel good so I sent that out and LOA brought me the quote above in response -- one of those "open the book and it's there" experiences. It describes exactly what happened to me and what I've been feeling.

I can tell the stall I'm in has to do with my thinking. I feel conflict about every little choice of the many things to do during the day. And before there was such flow with everything falling into place. The quote above clued me in to a way to work with this feeling -- just rummage through all the conflicts, make a decision about doing something, set intentions, and go do it. I get a feeling of movement, but my intention is to be comfortable with the soaring energy I was feeling before.

I suspect that what is at the core of this backwater of energy is actually a decision to make about my state of being -- not about something to do or not do. When I had the thought "what would be big enough for this energy" my mind ran quickly through things to do -- Gandhi, Mother Teresa, save the whales -- what was important enough?

But as I've floated a bit restlessly in this backwater and thought about it -- as I write this now -- I think what is big enough for that energy is just feeling worthy of it. Feeling enough just as I am.

Abraham says appreciation is the closest to Source Energy that we feel. Glorying in a beautiful sunset. Expressing talents and abilities. Trusting that my desires are worthy and allowing myself to have them. Being creative. Enjoying life. Those qualities of being and doing seem big enough for that energy.

I am called, not only to be the apple blossom and new leaves of spring, but to be the harvest, the dormant roots of winter, and the fallow land whose only purpose is being what it is. To glory in the backwaters as well as times of flying. To just allow life to be this bright moment, full of promise, full of bugs and birds, and all manner of good things.

I used to call this type of insight the Velveteen Rabbit experience -- an experience of becoming real. These insights involve the death of an old way of thinking. I didn't realize it then, but that instinctive fear of death was the fear of the Energy that I mentioned earlier. In writing this post I've received clarity and understanding. It's a relief to let go of the old way of thinking. I feel a little "realer" right now. I don't need to be Gandhi or do something the world thinks is valuable to be filled with this wondrous Energy. I can if I want to, but I don't have to. This is just another of those delicious turning points. I feel more willing to allow myself to be aware of distant dreams that got lost in making my way in the physical world -- those fallow fields that now offer such promise of who I really am.

Do you understand how adored you are?

Do you understand how the creation of this planet, the creation of this universe, do you understand how it all fits together for the perfection of your experience? Do you understand how beloved you are, how blessed you are, how adored you are,what an integral part of this creative process you are?

....You think, Oh, I could get sick, I could get run over by a truck, I could die. And we say, yes, many wonderful things like that could happen to you. [Laughter from audience.) Once you give up your fear of death and you accept your immortality, and you understand that you will never cease to be and that there will always be a powerful Now and the consciousness that is you will never end. And that it cannot turn out anything but wonderful. Then maybe you will relax and say, "There is nothing very important going on here. There is only an entire universe that has been established to point me toward a moment in time where I might experience some joy."

Abraham-Hicks, Kansas City, MO, 9/17/03
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Not just one path: Abraham-Hicks, Lester Levenson, and Leslie Temple-Thurston

So, the truth is, there's not one path. The truth is, there's not only one right path. The truth is, all paths can be made to be the right path. The truth is, that every individual has a different path. And that different path that every individual is launching incrementally and amending constantly--that true path is known by Source and is guided by Source if you will pay attention to the way you feel.

Abraham-Hicks, 10/13/04

Abraham's information about choosing our reality by deliberately choosing our thoughts appeals to me. It is exactly what I was looking for and it works well for me. As Abraham says above, there are as many paths as there are individuals, and I wanted to mention two others that come readily to my mind.

Lester Levenson and Leslie Temple-Thurston both used processes of thinking themselves to a place of connection to spirit that I desire.

Leslie Temple-Thurston

Leslie had been a mystic since childhood and had a profound altered state experience in 1971. She had the insight that seemingly polarized points of view -- intuition vs. empirical evidence of the world -- are actually one and the same thing, unified.

During 1986-1988 Leslie entered a time of extensive reflection and inward turning discovering techniques for consciously finding unity in a world which seems to be about polarity.

I read Leslie's book, The Marriage of Spirit, several years ago and especially liked the use of squares where each corner of the square is an aspect of polarity that is out of balance. Leslie has an excerpt of the chapter on squares here and uses the example of fear and control where the four corners are 1) fear of being in control 2) fear of being out of control 3) desire to be in control 4) desire to be out of control. We are usually in one corner more than another, but often bounce to another corner or two. Her technique teaches a way of coming to a place of unity, getting us out of the box altogether.

She has a gentle, loving spirit that makes her book interesting and easy to read. She shares details about her life and how she came to understand the way to unity for her. The Marriage of Spirit offers a wealth of practical details illustrating different techniques for coming to a blessed place of loving self and coming to peace with the experience of being in this world. Workshops and support for these techniques are offered through CoreLight,the organization Leslie founded.

Lester Levenson

I read Lester's autobiography, No Attachments, No Aversions, after I had been studying Abraham. Lester was successful, but in 1952 when he was 42, he faced severe health problems from a heart attack and stress. A doctor told him his life would never be normal again and he might have a year or two to live. Lester went home and stayed in bed for several days even considering suicide. Instead he chose to look at his life and what was important to him.

He questioned everything in his life, sought answers in books, looked at his thinking and came to the understanding that he felt happiness when he was loving someone else. He reviewed his entire life and came to a place of peace and health that lasted until he left this earth experience in 1994 at the age of 84.

Lester shared his discovery by creating The Sedona Method. I did not feel drawn to The Sedona Method, but I loved reading his story. He describes himself as an ordinary man and I was inspired by how he brought himself into a connection with spirit that lasted the rest of his life.

Leslie and Lester made their discoveries during profound periods of deliberate focus on their thinking. We can create anything we want, including the time to be that deliberate. But it can also be done right now. This minute.

We know that few of you can just quit your jobs today and start dreaming your way into success because there is this buffer of time, and the creditors would be banging on your door very quickly. So we are not saying stop all action, and start dreaming. We are saying dream a little more and act a little less. We are saying that 10 or 15 minutes of focusing and visualizing until you find the feeling place of success is the equivalent of many thousands of action hours. When you hold a thought purely--which means that you just don't contradict it--for 17 seconds, another thought that is like it joins it, and there is a lot of power in that joining....

Abraham-Hicks, Boulder, CO, June 5 & 6, 1999

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Segment intending is a great way to ramp up energy and get things done

As I practice segment intending I feel like a newbie pilot who's taking their first solo flight. This is the first time I've had my hands on the controls of my thinking so much during the day. I'm having new experiences and it's definitely interesting.

One of my observations is that segment intending is a powerful way to increase energy and get things done. I wrote a post on August 10th with appreciation for how good this technique felt. The next day I was saying to myself, boy, I feel good. I would notice how efficient it was to go with the energy, appreciating how much I was getting done, and the more I noticed, the better I felt and the more I got done! I felt like a happy blur getting one thing done after another. I didn't sleep a lot and the next day and night were the same.

The guided energy was different for me. I would think about the things to do and then decide which ones I wanted to accomplish. I would say my intentions for feelings for the next segment. And then I felt pulled along by a surge of enthusiasm to accomplish those tasks one after another. I'm talking about "should do" tasks -- the ones I was dragging my feet on or did when I had to -- as well as those that I wanted to do. I found myself eager and wanting to do all of them and everything just clicked into place.

As I've worked with Abraham's concepts I've definitely learned that I create my inner world. I've learned that I'm the one that makes me feel bad or good. I'm the one that controls whether I have that delicious feeling of connection to my Inner Being.

I'm always learning, but these concepts of deliberate reality creation are working well. My inner life has been turned around. The new playground for me is focusing more on playing in the physical world and what I'm learning now is that setting the feelings is the most important thing I can do. If I feel off-balance, I take a moment and align inside to my Inner Being. It happens just by asking, just by intending to do it, and by taking the time to quiet my mind and allow that sweet feeling of relief in connection.

...what Deliberate Creating really is. It's caring how I feel so much that I am willing to choose the better feeling thought.


Rather than "What should I do?" we want you to follow the thought of your Source, and the thought of that Source within you is looking for things to appreciate. And we know that guidance always sounds like "should I go this way, or should I go this way?" when you understand that the guidance is about the direction of your thought, and you deliberately choose the better feeling thought, what begins to happen is that you get going with The Flow so well that questions about what to do answer themselves easily because it is so obvious what to do....the confusion goes away when the resistance goes away....when you say, "never mind what I'm going to do, how am I going to think about this? And you chose a better feeling thought about the subject, what happens is that The Stream is flowing so smoothly that all of the chaos and confusion from your life lifts from you and you have clarity about what to do.

Abraham-Hicks, Tarrytown, NY 9/30/06

You are extensions of [pure, positive] creative energy, and when you are not deliberately doing it [i.e., flowing the energy toward what you want], life is flat. Friends, this is not piddly little energy! This energy keeps your earth spinning in its orbit, in perfect proximity to other planets. We THINK it can help you be happy in your house!


Source Energy is intimately, infinitely, always responding to your requests, no matter how great or small they may be deemed by you or anyone else who is observing them. There is nothing so big that Source Energy can't get its thoughts around it-- and there is nothing so small that Source Energy isn't willing to get its thoughts around it.

Abraham-Hicks, Los Angeles, CA, 8/4/2001

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Abraham-Hicks and the power of being who you really are

The only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now. It doesn't matter how much money you've got; there are joyful people with no money, and there are unhappy people with lots of money. How you feel is about how you are allowing the Source that is You to flow. So when we talk about the Art of Allowing, we're talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We're talking about the art of being who you really are.

Abraham-Hicks, 7/20/02

A couple of days ago I was mulling over the thought that the most powerful thing we can do as deliberate creators is to be who we really are. Who am I? Who are you? We are loving beings of energy having this physical experience for the joy of it.

Right now I'm working on how to take joyful action. I'm letting go of things I felt I "should" do and looking at how to make choices that feel good each day with everything I do. I'm trusting feelings of excitement and interest to guide me to what is perfect and just right for me in the moment.

I've been practicing segment intending and other techniques and they work well. I look within myself, listen, think about what I would like to do, feel for the one that feels best, send out my intentions, and take the action that goes with it. It just takes a minute and I find myself creating a rhythm. Everything is easier including tasks I put off before.

So how does this work day-to-day? There's work, money, health, washing the dishes, relationships -- the whole range of choices big and small for a day. To use a small example of following energy, my sister has been wanting to create a genealogy of one side of the family, but doesn't know how to use a computer. In the last couple of days I offered to help and did some research, but kept telling her I had so many other projects I couldn't work on it for long. The thing is that I'm finding some really interesting information after just a few hours of work -- an 1863 Civil War journal of a great-great-grandfather that was online -- mysteries about marriages.

My thoughts about doing the genealogy remind me of Abraham's example of asking for and resisting the red car in the same sentence: I want the red car, but I don't have enough money for it. I kept saying I didn't have enough time to work on this, but I felt a lot of enthusiastic energy when I explored online. This morning I decided to place my bets on the good feeling energy and I'm going to take a genealogy course at the library next week.

I'm using this small example of many choices that happen every day. All Abraham says is that we make choices in the moment that feel good. I don't know at this moment how genealogy fits in with the manifestation of desires I've sent out -- all I know is that right now I really enjoy it. Maybe it's just something to distract me while the big ones I desire come to me. I'm trusting that the money is here. The health is here. That all the things I want to be, do, and have are here. I've asked Source Energy to let me know clearly when I need to take action regarding work, health, doing the dishes, etc. So my work is to just feel good in the eternal Now of this moment. I like that job description! And as a bonus I'm finding that everything is falling into place more and more easily.

I understand now that the Universe answers me. By being who I truly am I make this process easy. I don't have to work through any discordant thoughts about what I was told about who I am and what I deserve. I don't have to fit in to anyone else's idea of what I need to do to be prosperous or healthy. All I have to do is be present in this moment and send out my desires -- they are answered.

.. the Universe got it piece by piece by piece and you can't comprehend all of the preferences that you have honed all at once. None of you can do that. None of you could stand right here and know yourselves and express yourselves to us as clearly as we know you.

In other words, not one of you could put it into words. Source Energy KNOWS who you are. And is offering response to it at all times. You just have to find a way to let it in.

And working too hard doesn't do it. And fretting over it doesn't do it. And jumping through hoops doesn't do it. And feeling unworthy and trying to achieve worthiness doesn't do it.

What does it is anything and everything that makes you feel good when you do it.

Abraham-Hicks, Buffalo, NY, 5/21/02

I write this in appreciation for the love that is All That Is.
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