Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abraham-Hicks: A rampage of Well-Being about a "difficult" relationship

I just ran across this Abraham quote about a "difficult" relationship. It's such a good one I had to share it. I was enchanted by Abraham's clear and brilliant example of the tennis player near the end of the quote. It's so helpful for me in turning around my perspective of people I considered difficult before and can now see give me the opportunity I wanted to become more of who I truly am. Thank you, Abe!

Here is Abraham with a great example of deliberating choosing good feeling thoughts and ramping up energy about relationships:

Abraham: You're less resistant now than you were before. You feel less trapped, you feel more in control.

And if now, some thoughts that move through your mind might be: Well Abraham you guided me, it's not so easy for me to do it. But that would be escalating something that you don't want.

So as you find a thought like that beginning to come, then you offer the other:
Well, with some practice I know I can get good at it.
And I know my life experience very clearly.
And I really know what I am looking for.
And there are so many aspects in my life that are going well.
And I have so many dynamic relationships that are working with so many people.
And it is a good indicator that this matters so much.
It must mean that there is something that I really want here.
In other words. otherwise I would just walk away from it all together.
There is SO much more in balance that is of value for me here than there is not.
And I am very good at directing my own thought.
And I am very clear and decisive in my life experiences as a whole.

And isn't it nice that somebody has activated something within me that has been present for a long time, and that as I really now want to move into a better feeling place, and as I work deliberately to do it, and as I achieve my connection with myself relative to this subject, isn't it wonderful that there will never be another relationship on the planet no matter where that it is, that I will not be in the utter control about.

And, am I not really grateful for the opportunity to interact with this person and find this desire within me? I've shot off a rocket that would not have been there if it would not have been for this relationship, and this is a desire that really goes to the very core of my being, as I reach for those things that feel better and I align with who I really am­ OH how its gonna serve me in every aspect of my life. Am I not grateful now for all of the grief that she has given me?!!

Asker: That was really good.

Abraham: You see, you attract these dynamic relationships because you want to evoke more clarity. It is like the tennis player does not go out onto the court and ask for someone who is new at it to play. In other words, the better you get at everything the more opportunity you want to sharpen who you really are. And you have a player here who is evoking dynamic things from you.

And now what you are wanting to say is: The best of me is being evoked here. And while I might for whatever reason tend sometimes to not be the best of me, I sure know when I am not, and that is worth a lot, isn't it? Yes.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA, February 15, 2004
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Monday, March 23, 2009

10 ways to turn downstream to Well-Being

A new path by jervetson

....there is a lot of real life that's wonderful and there's a lot of real life that sucks, and it's all your choice. Focus wherever you want, and take your path wherever you want it to be.

Abraham-Hicks, Ashland, OR, July 23, 2005

I'm a deliberate creator who happens to enjoy learning how it all works. One thing that has become clear to me is that it just doesn't matter what has gone before. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or thought -- even if it is a surgeon or any other authority. It doesn't matter what I did or what I thought -- even if that thought was one second ago. I have the ability to allow what I want and nothing else matters.

All I have to do is work right now to change my thinking. I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to know everything. All I have to do is keep turning in the direction I want to go and keep walking. Sometimes when there are strong negative feelings I use different techniques and turn and turn and turn and turn...and finally it becomes easier as I learn the new feeling that matches my desire. Abraham calls this turning downstream.

Here are ten ways I used last week to turn downstream:

1. Setting intentions. I intend health. I intend feeling peace of mind. I intend whatever. I've discovered that I feel responsible for what I desire when I say intentions. I say them and then I feel a gentle pulling sensation of movement and somehow magically it usually manifests fairly quickly. Relief giving thoughts for peace of mind come to me or I think of a way to do something that I want to accomplish and the energy is there.

2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is a way to move negative energy by tapping on accupressure points while making emotionally charge statements about the issue and then tapping in positive thoughts. EFT is used by millions of people around the world by laymen and professionals. It's one of many techniques for transforming energy, but it's quick, easy, and effective so it's one I prefer.

3. Listing appreciations. I write my intentions that I want to create for the day and then make a list of ten things I truly appreciate. I usually end up writing more because I get on a roll as my feelings lift by doing this.

4. Call Unity Prayer line: 1-800-669-7729. This is pure, positive prayer that is in alignment with Abraham and deliberate creating. For more information about Unity find the welcome page here.

5. Make a creation card. One time I had a little glossy card advertising a play I wanted to attend. I didn't have the funds to go, but every once in awhile I would touch the colorful card and smile. I went to a meeting a week later and a woman gave me two tickets to the play because she and her husband couldn't attend. What fun! Last week I got a plain note card and wrote the affirmation that was just what I wanted. I drew colorful stars and decorated it so that I felt good when I looked at it. I would touch it briefly or read it every once in awhile. On Friday I received exactly what I had asked for. It was a wonderful feeling! I'm definitely adding creation cards to my deliberate creating toolbox.

6. I ask myself what I want. This is the fastest way to turn downstream. Fears and worries seem to always be about something other than the present. So, right then maybe I want comfort, or I want a sign that all is well, or I want a better way to think about the condition, or I want guidance, or support...or I could think of any number of things I might want, but basically -- I want a feeling. There is a feeling of discomfort and I want to feel better. By asking what I want I focus downstream and the answer (and feeling) comes quickly.

7. I say "All is well" and I have a feeling of relief. All is well is my belief about the Universe and I'm reassuring myself that the fabric of everything I see is Love itself.

8. Enjoy nature. Spring is here, the air is fresh, and the birds are making their spring sounds. Just opening the window, taking a deep breath, and enjoying the view is turning downstream for me.

9. Watch comedies and read good books. My library has a great selection of DVDs and I started watching the Frasier series again. I love their second season -- every show was a gem.

10. Daydream. I think of a good daydream that I can pick up and continue whenever I want. I spin yarns where I am the heroine and have delightful adventures.

There are many, many ways to feel good -- swimming, walking, loving pets, friends, and family, a good meal, crafts, giving a hug. More ways than I could count. All we have to do is know what we want and enjoy the ride as the faeries of the Universe take us to our dreams.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chief Joseph: Appreciation and creating miracles in these changing times

I was drawn to this message from John Cali and Chief Joseph last night and it was, as usual, perfect for me. In the past I've written an uplifting set of intentions and a list of 10 things I appreciate each day, but haven't been doing it for awhile. I was thinking of it yesterday, but kept putting it off until this message reminded me of it's power.

This is John Cali and Chief Joseph on the topic of Thanksgiving last November, but the message itself and the information about changes occurring is more timely than ever:

Here’s Chief Joseph.

Even though your cultures celebrate the giving of thanks, many of you individually do not. It’s a powerful process, this thanks-giving, one you could practice daily to your great benefit.

Your world, and all of you individually, are going through major changes and energy shifts. You do not need us to tell you it can be pretty scary. Your planet is in the midst of a financial "meltdown." You’re still waging various wars on many fronts.

The recent presidential election in the USA has been heralded as a new era, an era of dramatic change. Indeed it is that.

But the change you yearn for, to be fully effective, has to happen not only on a national or global scale, but also in the hearts and minds of each of you individually.

When you can raise your own personal vibrations, miracles will happen. At least what you call miracles.

If every person on the planet could create a vibration of peace in his/her own personal life, you would create peace on earth instantaneously.

It doesn't even take every person. It takes only a few powerfully focused and loving beings among you.

You can contribute to this transformation, to this global movement back into the light, simply by giving thanks for, and appreciating, all the good you have in your lives. You all have much.

Focus on the good. Be grateful for it. Give thanks for it. Appreciate it. Love it.

Then you will be a powerful force in creating the change and growth you seek for yourselves and your planet.

1. I love to write and appreciate how easy it is to create blogs and share ideas.
2. I appreciate the wonderful birding and nature blogs like Kayak Paddle Tales, Saskatchewan Birds, Nature, and Scenery, and Country Captures -- all the creative people who share their love of nature and critters.
3. I love trees in all their glory: in winter bare branches dark against the snow, spring green and flowers so full of life, the full richness of summer, and wearing their blazing colors of autumn finery.
4. I do love birds and animals. I especially appreciate geese and ducks -- wild beings who share our world. I love to hear the geese honking as they fly over to their evening ponds.
5. I appreciate my good friends, especially my metaphysical friend Gina, who explores the information of Abraham and Seth.
6. I love that feeling when I start coming into a new balance on an old or challenging condition using deliberate creating. It's that place where the condition might still be present in the physical, but I've been doing my work and I can tell my thoughts and feelings have changed. It's on it's way out of here!
7. I love having money to pay my bills, get delicious food, and shop for some things I'd like to have. Whether it's $100 or $5, I've discovered the Universe has lovely things just waiting for me.
8. I adore asking Abraham and my Inner Being for help and having the loving thoughts come into my mind or being guided like I was to Chief Joseph's message. I like the comfort of feeling that loving connection.
9. I have so much appreciation for President Obama and his desire for unity and to create a better world for all of us. I appreciate the powerful stream of Well-Being he is summoning that will benefit all of us and that all we need to do is focus on Well-Being to ride the stream in our own lives. I love his green iniatives and care for the environment.
10. I appreciate you and the opportunity to share our journey.

May you be blessed with unexpected moments of delight and delicious thoughts today and always.
Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a non-physical entity called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now the state of Oregon in the northwestern USA. These messages are a blend of information from Joseph, other spirits in the "Joseph group," and John.

Visit John's web site for more articles, information about readings, or to sign up for his newsletter, Sentinels of the Sky at

Article quoted from the Chief Joseph Newsletter, Conversations with Chief Joseph & John Cali, reprinted with permission of John Cali. Copyright © 2008 by John Cali. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Abraham-Hicks: Desires are 99.99% completed vibrationally before we see it physically

... and when you’re beating the drum of something that feels good, you’re marching marching marching marching marching towards something that when it manifests, and it will, you will like it.

99 and then some, 99.99% of every creation is complete vibrationally before you see physical evidence of it. That’s what we mean when we say, your life experience has caused you to ask and Source has become it.


You'd just start pointing yourself in the direction of it and keep going till you got there. And if you knew that, you'd go steadily and you'd get there fast.

As Jerry and Esther travel from Phoenix to San Diego, it’s easy, 400 miles point west, keep going, not long. Quantifiable. They never ever get half way, Yuma, and freak out because they’re not in San Diego, and then get all disoriented and turn around and go back to Phoenix.

It never happens, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, how far did they say it was? We've got 25,000 miles on the car and we’re not there yet.

They never get half way out there and then announce that San Diego is an impossible dream, or that it is incurable, or that it is only there for others and not for them, or that they weren't born under the right star or to the right parents, they never ever ever ever feel that way about that quantifiable journey and we want you to understand, that in exactly the same way there is no place that you cannot get to from where you are.

Abraham-Hicks, North Los Angeles, CA, February 18, 2006, Side A

I just pulled this one out of my Abe sorting folder and it's one of my favorites. I just love this quote! I'm fascinated to know that our desires are completed so thoroughly in non-physical and it just takes that little extra joyful expectation on our part to bring it home.

And I just love the Phoenix-Yuma-San Diego analogy because road signs are so clear: 30 miles to exit for Yuma...100 miles to San Diego...50 miles to San Diego. We know what those signs mean so what are the clear road signs for our desires?

The first road sign has to be how we feel. If we feel good we are on the road and we are building to a vibrational match to our desires. If we were already a match we would have had it, but now we are coming into alignment, allowing ourselves to feel better about ourselves and seeing Well-Being everywhere we look.

The second road sign is having fun looking for things to appreciate about our desire in the here and now. Say, if we want a certain car and we see one we like -- all of a sudden we are seeing that car on TV and on the street and parked next to us in a lot. We want clarity and open an Abe book or listen to a workshop tape and the answer is right there. We're not feeling good and want a better feeling and see a bumper sticker expressing it or hear an actor say it on TV or in a movie. It's like they're speaking to you and me and they are -- our Inner Being is answering. The more we appreciate these signs the more they flood into our experience. They are the same vibration as our desire -- they are the road signs telling us our dream is right here, right now.

The third road sign is things that are like our desire, but not quite. It's a vibrational match to our fuzziness about our desire and gives us a platform for clarity about what we want as well as the chance to clean up limiting beliefs. Ok, that guy was good looking and we got along, but I'd like something more. I'd like to share my love of outdoors with my man, for us to have the intimacy of friends as well as passion. I'm ready for this now. Please take care of that for me, Abe. :) Either that fellow will start getting interested in hiking or he will fade out of the relationship letting a joyful hiker join us on our path.

There might be other road signs, but those come readily to mind. The main thing is to enjoy the Energy we have summoned. Abe says this is why we came into this experience -- to see contrast, send off a desire, and then ride the stream of Well-Being we have generated.

May you enjoy the delicious Energy of your desires today and always.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Abraham-Hicks on desires and loving self leading to my reflections on decluttering

Letting go, rearranging, changing: it's happening with my thoughts, beliefs, and behavior as well as in my home and projects I work on using my computer. I must admit I love decluttering. I like getting rid of the old stale energy of things I no longer need and finding things I put away that I enjoy getting out and using. I love the feeling of freedom and relief of letting go of outmoded stifling beliefs most of all.

I have a folder full of Abe quotes I've saved and am working with a long term project putting them in separate folders like contrast, appreciation, Inner Being, etc., so they'll be easier to find. I read a few each day to transfer them to the right spot and it is such a perfect thing to do right now. I've been working with Abe's information for about five years and I'm deep in a state of transition where I'm feeling the intimacy of how I create relationships and everything in my life. I can feel how it is all me -- not them -- me! My old ways of being with others is on the way out and my new perspective is emerging -- in old family relationships and everywhere.

I feel all over the emotional map sometimes and I can see a reflection in the way people seem to be right now about the changes happening in our economy and world. When I read Abe I feel in balance and always find a message that speaks right to the heart of my desire to feel better.

I just ran across a quote that I enjoyed and wanted to share with you. It fits with the ones I picked to post yesterday. When I am in the midst of negative emotions the information is much more powerful to me than when I'm just reading it. I appreciate this reminder from Abe that I am summoning the energy of my desires every moment and all I have to do is enjoy it -- and the quickest way to enjoy it is to appreciate and love my self.

You know, I think this decluttering has to do with letting go of things that weren't loving to my self. It's clearly that way with letting go of limiting beliefs, but I think also with "things." For example, something I am keeping because "I might need it some day" instead of trusting that I am always provided for and I can source whatever I need at the time. The decluttering process is from the desire for freedom and another step in trusting that all is well.

I moved into a good place reading Abe this morning. May you float gently on the stream of Well-Being today:

What is a desire? A desire is a natural product of living in a diverse environment. Desires are born naturally within you. And when the desire is born, the desire is the promise of the future. The desire is the summoning of life.

Although many of you do not understand what you’re saying when you say it, you say “Ask, and it is given.” The asking occurs through the desire that is born within you. When contrast helps you conclude a new decision or desire, that desire is a vibrational summoning of Energy.

The desire is the asking. The Life Force that comes in response to the desire is the answering to that asking.

“What am I doing with my vibrational countenance in the moment of desire summoning through me? Am I allowing the Life Force to flow through me in a non-resisted way, or am I pinching it off?” You can tell by the way you feel: If you feel good, it means you’re allowing it. If you feel not so good, it means, to the degree that you do not feel good, you’re not allowing it. Severe depression means really not letting it flow. While passion means really letting it flow.

Whether you feel passion or strong rage, both of those emotions mean there is strong, strong, strong summoning of desire. If it feels good, you’re letting it flow, but if it feels bad, you are not.

There is another part of you, your non-physical inner being. And that other part of you, that God force within you, adores that which you are. And the sooner you get to that *self adoration*, the sooner that you will allow the Energy that is really you to flow.

Abraham-Hicks, Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec 2001
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Abraham-Hicks: The only thing holding you back is the lack you feel when you don't appreciate yourself

Almost all of you, right from the beginning, relative to self, were taught that you are inappropriate beings, here to prove worthiness to something that moves around so much you can't even really figure out what the rules are -- because everybody has a different interpretation of what's right and what's wrong. So, we could put it very simply: The only thing that has been getting in your way, the only thing that has been holding you up, the only thing that has been troubling any of you, is one thing: you have not been appreciating you. You've been looking at you, seeing lack and vibrationally closing down the Energy that allows you to get what you want. That has been it.

Can a person who doesn't appreciate self suddenly start appreciating self? We don't think so. We see, every time you try, you fall back into these same old ruts. Every time you try to get outside of yourself to look at yourself, what you see is the same thing you've sort of trained yourself to see. That's why you've said and you have heard others say, "I can't see myself as others see me."

Well, you do see yourself as some others see you. In other words, everybody sees you a little differently depending on where they're vibrating. A connected one thinks you're magnificent. A not connected one doesn't think you're so magnificent -- but it doesn't have anything to do with you. It has to do with where they're vibrating as they are perceiving you.

So here is a process. Some say it is a trick that works. It's not a trick. It's a utilization of the Laws of the Universe. Remember that your goal is to find an object of attention that makes you feel good while you find it. Well, some objects are easier than others, aren't they? Esther looks at her little cat, and she cannot feel other than appreciation for this pure positive Energy beast. You look at someone misbehaving, and it's less easy to find appreciation. So what you are wanting to do is look for objects of attention to which you can flow an Energy of appreciation. Now, here's the reason that this is sneaky. By choosing an object of attention that causes pure positive Energy to flow through you, guess what happens to the vessel through which the pure positive Energy is flowing? You thrive. When you try to look back at yourself most of you shut down, because you already have negative thoughts about self that are hard for you to overcome. So what we would encourage you to do, for about 30 days, is get your eye off of you and get yourself on a blitz of appreciation. Make a decision that you are going to do as much appreciating in any day as you have physical time and Energy to do.

Abraham-Hicks Workshop

So the big question is, "Well, do I just dump all those unwanted things and try to start fresh?" And we say, no. You just set the Tone, where you are, by looking for things to appreciate. And by setting your Tone in a very clear deliberate way, anything that doesn't match it gravitates out of your experience, and anything that does match it gravitates into your experience. It is so much simpler than most of you are allowing yourself to believe.

Abraham-Hicks, Boston, MA, October 4, 1997

The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork raise.

Abraham-Hicks, Virginia Beach, VA, April 12, 1997

Are you understanding that appreciation and self-love is the most important tool that you could ever nurture, that the appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source energy of anything that we have ever witnessed? When you are appreciating or when you are loving or when you are acknowledging the value of something, you are in that moment a vibrational match to the Source that is truly you.

Do not worry about where you are at any point in time. Don't take score and beat up on yourself. Just make a decision that from right here where I stand I'm going to reach for the thought that feels the very best of anything I have access to, and understand that your Inner Being is adoring you, always….

Abraham-Hicks, Spokane, WA, 5/30/00
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