Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Abraham-Hicks on desires and loving self leading to my reflections on decluttering

Letting go, rearranging, changing: it's happening with my thoughts, beliefs, and behavior as well as in my home and projects I work on using my computer. I must admit I love decluttering. I like getting rid of the old stale energy of things I no longer need and finding things I put away that I enjoy getting out and using. I love the feeling of freedom and relief of letting go of outmoded stifling beliefs most of all.

I have a folder full of Abe quotes I've saved and am working with a long term project putting them in separate folders like contrast, appreciation, Inner Being, etc., so they'll be easier to find. I read a few each day to transfer them to the right spot and it is such a perfect thing to do right now. I've been working with Abe's information for about five years and I'm deep in a state of transition where I'm feeling the intimacy of how I create relationships and everything in my life. I can feel how it is all me -- not them -- me! My old ways of being with others is on the way out and my new perspective is emerging -- in old family relationships and everywhere.

I feel all over the emotional map sometimes and I can see a reflection in the way people seem to be right now about the changes happening in our economy and world. When I read Abe I feel in balance and always find a message that speaks right to the heart of my desire to feel better.

I just ran across a quote that I enjoyed and wanted to share with you. It fits with the ones I picked to post yesterday. When I am in the midst of negative emotions the information is much more powerful to me than when I'm just reading it. I appreciate this reminder from Abe that I am summoning the energy of my desires every moment and all I have to do is enjoy it -- and the quickest way to enjoy it is to appreciate and love my self.

You know, I think this decluttering has to do with letting go of things that weren't loving to my self. It's clearly that way with letting go of limiting beliefs, but I think also with "things." For example, something I am keeping because "I might need it some day" instead of trusting that I am always provided for and I can source whatever I need at the time. The decluttering process is from the desire for freedom and another step in trusting that all is well.

I moved into a good place reading Abe this morning. May you float gently on the stream of Well-Being today:

What is a desire? A desire is a natural product of living in a diverse environment. Desires are born naturally within you. And when the desire is born, the desire is the promise of the future. The desire is the summoning of life.

Although many of you do not understand what you’re saying when you say it, you say “Ask, and it is given.” The asking occurs through the desire that is born within you. When contrast helps you conclude a new decision or desire, that desire is a vibrational summoning of Energy.

The desire is the asking. The Life Force that comes in response to the desire is the answering to that asking.

“What am I doing with my vibrational countenance in the moment of desire summoning through me? Am I allowing the Life Force to flow through me in a non-resisted way, or am I pinching it off?” You can tell by the way you feel: If you feel good, it means you’re allowing it. If you feel not so good, it means, to the degree that you do not feel good, you’re not allowing it. Severe depression means really not letting it flow. While passion means really letting it flow.

Whether you feel passion or strong rage, both of those emotions mean there is strong, strong, strong summoning of desire. If it feels good, you’re letting it flow, but if it feels bad, you are not.

There is another part of you, your non-physical inner being. And that other part of you, that God force within you, adores that which you are. And the sooner you get to that *self adoration*, the sooner that you will allow the Energy that is really you to flow.

Abraham-Hicks, Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec 2001
All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Visit the official Abraham site at: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

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