Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abraham-Hicks: A rampage of Well-Being about a "difficult" relationship

I just ran across this Abraham quote about a "difficult" relationship. It's such a good one I had to share it. I was enchanted by Abraham's clear and brilliant example of the tennis player near the end of the quote. It's so helpful for me in turning around my perspective of people I considered difficult before and can now see give me the opportunity I wanted to become more of who I truly am. Thank you, Abe!

Here is Abraham with a great example of deliberating choosing good feeling thoughts and ramping up energy about relationships:

Abraham: You're less resistant now than you were before. You feel less trapped, you feel more in control.

And if now, some thoughts that move through your mind might be: Well Abraham you guided me, it's not so easy for me to do it. But that would be escalating something that you don't want.

So as you find a thought like that beginning to come, then you offer the other:
Well, with some practice I know I can get good at it.
And I know my life experience very clearly.
And I really know what I am looking for.
And there are so many aspects in my life that are going well.
And I have so many dynamic relationships that are working with so many people.
And it is a good indicator that this matters so much.
It must mean that there is something that I really want here.
In other words. otherwise I would just walk away from it all together.
There is SO much more in balance that is of value for me here than there is not.
And I am very good at directing my own thought.
And I am very clear and decisive in my life experiences as a whole.

And isn't it nice that somebody has activated something within me that has been present for a long time, and that as I really now want to move into a better feeling place, and as I work deliberately to do it, and as I achieve my connection with myself relative to this subject, isn't it wonderful that there will never be another relationship on the planet no matter where that it is, that I will not be in the utter control about.

And, am I not really grateful for the opportunity to interact with this person and find this desire within me? I've shot off a rocket that would not have been there if it would not have been for this relationship, and this is a desire that really goes to the very core of my being, as I reach for those things that feel better and I align with who I really am­ OH how its gonna serve me in every aspect of my life. Am I not grateful now for all of the grief that she has given me?!!

Asker: That was really good.

Abraham: You see, you attract these dynamic relationships because you want to evoke more clarity. It is like the tennis player does not go out onto the court and ask for someone who is new at it to play. In other words, the better you get at everything the more opportunity you want to sharpen who you really are. And you have a player here who is evoking dynamic things from you.

And now what you are wanting to say is: The best of me is being evoked here. And while I might for whatever reason tend sometimes to not be the best of me, I sure know when I am not, and that is worth a lot, isn't it? Yes.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA, February 15, 2004
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Annie said...

There is so much here, much to think about and ponder...

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie,

I agree, there is so much here! Just reading it has helped me with a relationship with a family member that I considered difficult, and I'm very grateful for that!

Wishing you a delightful day, Annie.