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10 ways to turn downstream to Well-Being

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....there is a lot of real life that's wonderful and there's a lot of real life that sucks, and it's all your choice. Focus wherever you want, and take your path wherever you want it to be.

Abraham-Hicks, Ashland, OR, July 23, 2005

I'm a deliberate creator who happens to enjoy learning how it all works. One thing that has become clear to me is that it just doesn't matter what has gone before. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or thought -- even if it is a surgeon or any other authority. It doesn't matter what I did or what I thought -- even if that thought was one second ago. I have the ability to allow what I want and nothing else matters.

All I have to do is work right now to change my thinking. I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to know everything. All I have to do is keep turning in the direction I want to go and keep walking. Sometimes when there are strong negative feelings I use different techniques and turn and turn and turn and turn...and finally it becomes easier as I learn the new feeling that matches my desire. Abraham calls this turning downstream.

Here are ten ways I used last week to turn downstream:

1. Setting intentions. I intend health. I intend feeling peace of mind. I intend whatever. I've discovered that I feel responsible for what I desire when I say intentions. I say them and then I feel a gentle pulling sensation of movement and somehow magically it usually manifests fairly quickly. Relief giving thoughts for peace of mind come to me or I think of a way to do something that I want to accomplish and the energy is there.

2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is a way to move negative energy by tapping on accupressure points while making emotionally charge statements about the issue and then tapping in positive thoughts. EFT is used by millions of people around the world by laymen and professionals. It's one of many techniques for transforming energy, but it's quick, easy, and effective so it's one I prefer.

3. Listing appreciations. I write my intentions that I want to create for the day and then make a list of ten things I truly appreciate. I usually end up writing more because I get on a roll as my feelings lift by doing this.

4. Call Unity Prayer line: 1-800-669-7729. This is pure, positive prayer that is in alignment with Abraham and deliberate creating. For more information about Unity find the welcome page here.

5. Make a creation card. One time I had a little glossy card advertising a play I wanted to attend. I didn't have the funds to go, but every once in awhile I would touch the colorful card and smile. I went to a meeting a week later and a woman gave me two tickets to the play because she and her husband couldn't attend. What fun! Last week I got a plain note card and wrote the affirmation that was just what I wanted. I drew colorful stars and decorated it so that I felt good when I looked at it. I would touch it briefly or read it every once in awhile. On Friday I received exactly what I had asked for. It was a wonderful feeling! I'm definitely adding creation cards to my deliberate creating toolbox.

6. I ask myself what I want. This is the fastest way to turn downstream. Fears and worries seem to always be about something other than the present. So, right then maybe I want comfort, or I want a sign that all is well, or I want a better way to think about the condition, or I want guidance, or support...or I could think of any number of things I might want, but basically -- I want a feeling. There is a feeling of discomfort and I want to feel better. By asking what I want I focus downstream and the answer (and feeling) comes quickly.

7. I say "All is well" and I have a feeling of relief. All is well is my belief about the Universe and I'm reassuring myself that the fabric of everything I see is Love itself.

8. Enjoy nature. Spring is here, the air is fresh, and the birds are making their spring sounds. Just opening the window, taking a deep breath, and enjoying the view is turning downstream for me.

9. Watch comedies and read good books. My library has a great selection of DVDs and I started watching the Frasier series again. I love their second season -- every show was a gem.

10. Daydream. I think of a good daydream that I can pick up and continue whenever I want. I spin yarns where I am the heroine and have delightful adventures.

There are many, many ways to feel good -- swimming, walking, loving pets, friends, and family, a good meal, crafts, giving a hug. More ways than I could count. All we have to do is know what we want and enjoy the ride as the faeries of the Universe take us to our dreams.
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Annie said...

I think we maybe twins :-). I love this post and my list is a lot like yours, however I have never done the creation cards, they sound wonderful and I can't wait to make one :-). XOXO

Suzanne said...

It's so much fun to meet someone who is having fun deliberate creating -- I would love to be your bohemian twin, Annie!

Right now I want to focus on one card at a time, but my mind just keeps coming up with so many ways to be creative making them. I hope you have fun with them.

I'm so glad you stopped by and said hello. :)