Saturday, June 27, 2009

Abraham-Hicks: Abundance

Niagra Falls by Silent Light

Once you are able to achieve and consistently maintain your personal alignment, a great deal of money will flow into your experience (if that is your desire). Do not let others set the standards about how much money you should have­ or about what you should do with it­ for you are the only one who could ever accurately define that. Come into alignment with who-you-really-are, and allow the things that life has helped you to know that you want to flow into your experience.

Abraham-Hicks, Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness"

If you were standing at Niagara Falls and someone explained to you that this is your source of abundance. Wellness flows in this amazing flow. Wellness, clarity, dollars, is all flowing to you in this Niagara Falls, and these falls are yours and yours alone to use in whatever way you are wanting in this lifetime.

Oh wait, there is one other... see way over there in the distant bank, and you look way over there and you see a tiny little figure of a thing there in the mist and you are told that other one person and you share all this abundance and energy and you say "Oh! There is more than enough than either of the two of us could ever use."

You would not find yourself worrying about what he did with it. You can barely see him anyway. You would not worry about what he would do with it or what he wouldn't do with it because the abundance is so enormous.

Instead you would get focused on how you would utilize it, and you would begin to understand that even if you gave it every waking moment in this physical experience, you could not even begin to make the slightest difference in this stream... so finally when you get it, that the stream is enormous and eternal and ever present and always flowing, finally once you get that, then you stop worrying about what anyone else is doing with it or about it and you just develop your relationship with the stream.

Abraham-Hicks, March 4, 1998

Abraham is responding to a questioner who wants to know thoughts that will be a bridge for him to abundance:

"I know that there is not one 'pot of gold' that everyone must dip into. But that we are the creators of abundance, and that the Universe will supply all that is wanted by all of us who will allow it.

And so, I see this never-ending waterfall of abundance and, while I have gone to the waterfall most of my life, with a very little container, I am recognizing now that it has only been that I have taken a very small container. There is enough for all of us. I am not depriving another if I take a larger container. It is not that it is not there, it is that I have not taken a large enough container to allow more. And so, now I am! I am opening a wider passageway for the receiving of more abundance.

And while there has not been enough in the past, there will be more than enough in the future, for that is my current desire and I am creator of my experience. There is more than enough. There is more than enough. THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH! THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!" ....

Do not take a truck or a barrel. Open your passageway. Open your passageway and allow it to flow in a never-ending and continuous stream. All that you are wanting!

From Abraham-Hicks A NEW BEGINNING I, Ninth printing, pp 205-207

Let what you're living right here and now in this environment be the process that evokes the desire that summons the Life Force that provides the creation of anything. Whatever you have the ability to conceive, this Universe has the ability to provide. Anything, without exception. So your work is on the conjuring of the idea, period. The Universe has the stuff to deliver the goods, and will.

Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ, April 4, 1998
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Annie said...

Oh, I loved this post so much. I am swimming in the stream and living this at the moment. xoxo

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie,

I can feel that you are swimming in the stream when I visit your blog. You help me feel the reality of all of the wonderful information Abraham is giving us.

Thank you for sharing your bliss!