Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're rich!!!!

Melba McMullin, a friend who explores Abraham and creating, asked a great Abraham kind of question in her new blog, an eager soul's journal: Conscious Living:

How does money make you feel?

This was my answer this morning:

Hi Melba,

I really appreciate your thoughts and your question. I read this several days ago and have been letting it roam around in my thoughts.

You are asking how money makes me feel -- not how I think about it. So, for me, money is very playful and fun. A few days after I discovered Abraham I found a $100 bill on the sidewalk and had $100 bills come to me in other playful, unexpected ways. I've changed my thinking about how much money I need. I've realized that I spent money on things I didn't really need because I thought I would feel better having it or I might need it "some day."

I've changed the way I think of having "enough" money. I love to pay my bills and spend money on things I want to have or that are fun. It is fun for me and I feel rich if I have enough, even if I have one penny left or have just enough. I'm rich!!!

If there isn't the money there I give it to the Universe and usually think of another way to do it or discover I really don't want it after all, there was some other reason I wanted it -- like to feel free or feel relief. I've found some homesteading blogs that have good recipes and frugal living tips and am changing my habits.

I don't feel deprived, I feel like I'm just in a process of changing my relationship to stuff. Or more importantly changing my relationship to myself. It's all about trust for me, gaining an understanding that I am enough as I am. Letting go of family beliefs that worth was in dollars and prestige, letting go of guilt that I didn't want the high pressure job and brand name stuff that looks a certain way -- and understanding that my desires for freedom and time and health are good.

Abraham says that we are standing on the banks of a Niagara Falls of abundance for each of us and there is plenty for everyone. So, it's great if someone wants to spend millions on anything that they want. It's just for me, my process now is more about finding what is really important for me.

And I trust that the money flows as I come into alignment whether it's from finding some frugal way to do something or realizing I don't need it or winning gazillions in the lottery. But the most important thing is learning to love myself just as I am. Right now that wouldn't look prosperous to someone looking in from the outside, but I know people who have many, many more times money than I have who aren't as rich in their thinking.

I love moolah, cash, Benjamins, the green stuff, like having it, like spending it, like buying gifts and I enjoy the heck out of it!

Thank you for this wonderful post, Melba! May money dance up to you and throw itself in your arms, sneak into your purse and yell boo when you open it, and may you feel joy in every dazzling day.

Love you,


Money is a laugh riot. Money is fun! My experience is that the Universe loves to have fun. Look at this face. This is the Universe looking back at us.

so happy by katrinket

That is you and me. We looked like that. We felt like that. We still do. That's what we are all reaching for -- what we knew when we came here.

It is the nature of the Great Love to give and It knows there is more than enough -- knows that resources are infinite. Source Energy is Love and gives of Itself. Love is the creative force. Love wants you to have every good thing. Not only abundance, but fun and play and happiness and delicious experiences that send your soul soaring with joy.

About being in this human experience:

I am more than enough. You are more than enough. We are more than enough.

About money, moolah, cash, dosh, dough, greenbacks, Benjamins:

I'm rich!! You're rich!!! We're rich!!!!!



Annie said...

YES!!!! :-).

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie! I can feel that YES!!!! Ripples of joy spreading out into the Universe into infinity.

Hugs, kiddo!

Gina said...

Isn't this one adorable!!!!

Suzanne said...

I thought he was, too. He makes me feel good just to look at him. I love the thought that we all looked that open and happy