Sunday, May 24, 2009

Part 1: Sensing the Life Energy of my being

Sioux enjoying a romp in the snow by pmarkham

Five days ago I had gone to bed. I had a doctor's appointment the next morning that I wasn't looking forward to and was just laying there feeling my way on thoughts of health and Well-Being. Suddenly I had an experience of "I" observing Life Energy. I quickly had quite a few realizations.

The truth of so many of the things Abraham has been telling us were suddenly clear. I often say All Is Well and think of Abraham telling us there is only Well-Being. Now I could feel it. That Life Energy I felt is unbound and free. It is intelligent. It looks forward with total positive golden living awareness. It is that joy of life that flows through all things.

I felt amazement -- it was clear to me that Source Energy really is in charge! This is immense loving energy and intelligence. I knew It has the responsibility to "do" and my responsibility is to make choices and "be." My power is to either let life energy flow through me or block it. I choose my state of being by making decisions and selecting my thoughts, always with the option to choose being at peace with myself and my world.

I felt eager to play with this new realization. I didn't know what to do then, but as I sensed and felt around in the experience it was clear that what I could perceive of my physical world wasn't nearly fun and joyful enough for that energy. Much more appreciation would be called for and more experiences that are fun. I am the flow-er of the energy and so it will be my work to find ways to allow that flow.

I knew it didn't have anything with the actual things I did, but with the way I approached life. It meant trusting that what I really want is good and coming into alignment with my own desires. When I am in alignment with myself is when I feel good! The money will flow. What I desire will be provided. It means trusting myself and Life itself.

This experience has unfolded with gifts each day. I really enjoy having my hands on the controls of deliberate creating. Spirit hears my desire and has provided understanding and awarenesses each day. I'll write more about that in part II.

This is what I think about now: That what you and I desire is not only good, but contributes to the Well-Being in the world. When you allow yourself to have fun, others feel permission to have fun. And in such an elegant way, this loving Universe orchestrates experiences so that you not only have your delights, but you become part of the joyful music of life that goes out and enriches the life of others.
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Live like what you want is here right now


Annie said...

I am living this also :-).Isn't it
wonderful?! This is a great post, off to read the next :-).xoxo

Suzanne said...

I've been following your adventure with trusting, Annie, and you are inspiring. It's been a very playful experience for me since I made the decision. Check out my $100 Bills post in The Creation Box.

Wishing you fabulous delights from the buffet of life, Annie.