Sunday, April 12, 2009

Something sweet for you from Abraham-Hicks

Happy Easter! by Butterfly Sha

While I can't hand you a basket filled with jelly beans and chocolate Easter eggs to take home, I can offer you a sweet treat from darling Abraham:

Take the worthiness that is yours, and let the "Fairies of the Universe" assist you. Stop taking so much responsibility upon yourself, and live happily ever after. Shorten that crevasse between where you are and where you want to be, on every subject, to now, now, now, now, now. Ride the wave. Just pluck the fruit... You don't have to be the one who puts it in the ground any more. You can just skip across the top of things and pluck the fruit of all of the things you want. "Oh, fruit. Oh, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this." In other words, it's all right there for you....

Abraham-Hicks, Boston, MA, May 21, 2005

You are all connected to Source energy and well-being is what is natural to you. And as you come to expect that things will always turn out right, then things will always turn out right....

So look into the mirror, look into your eyes and say, "Inner Being, are you in there?" Your Inner Being is in there. And then say, "So what do you think about me? What do you think?" And your Inner Being will look back at you with love so deep and so sure that maybe you'll hear. Your Inner Being adores you. Your Inner Being knows your value. Your Inner Being is YOU.... What we're saying is, "Accept you and love you and accept that all is well with you and watch the benefits that will come to you from that."


All Is Well
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Annie said...

Oh, I needed that! Thank you, it has benn a very rough couple weeks.
Happy Easter to you too. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Suzanne: Ever since I came across your blog you have been such a source of encouragement and enlightenment to me! Your luminous postings always speak directly to that which my heart needs to hear.
Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Namaste!


Suzanne said...

Dear Annie and Mary,

I have so much appreciation for dear Abe and am so glad you stopped by to enjoy their loving words.

Abraham's information has changed my life and I am eager to share. It's so nice to hear from you as we walk together on this path!

Sending you wishes for some especially delicious morsels from the buffet of life today and always.

Annie said...

Suzanne-There is an award on my blog for you! xoxo