Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Abraham-Hicks: Feeling good

I used to have roller coaster emotions before I discovered Abraham's information. Negative thoughts that had been practiced for years could be activated quickly. As I began to choose deliberate thinking I didn't always know what I wanted, often I just knew what I didn't want.

Abraham said that everything we want was because we think we would feel good having it. "I want to feel good" became an early tool in my deliberate creating tool box. I could be very upset, but saying it stopped my negative thinking long enough that I could begin to work with my thoughts.

Now that I've been reading and practicing Abraham's information for about five years, I still say, "I want to feel good," especially when I detect even the slightest negative feeling -- it aligns me immediately with my higher intention. It's also become an affirmation that I say for the pleasure of that feeling of connection with my Inner Being -- just taking a moment to check in with an old friend during the day. As Abraham says, we are joy in expression so feeling good is natural to us.

You intended to come forth into physical experience to live, to love, to laugh, to play -- to look for reasons to feel good!

Abraham-Hicks, 6/7/91

Your Inner Being likes to skip and laugh and think about things; your Inner Being likes to offer compliments and feel appreciation and contemplate something that is not fully understood and then feel the understanding come forth. Your Inner Being is just like your frisky two-year old who is eager for life experience. To meet up with your Inner Being just be more like that now.

Abraham-Hicks, 3/15/03

It's not your job to create anybody else's reality. It's your job to create your own reality. And if you will choose things that feel good while you're thinking about it, you're going to have one whopping of a good reality.

Abraham-Hicks, 11/23/02

Thank you, Abraham, with all my heart, for your loving words of wisdom.

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