Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to feel better about those long-held desires

I was listening to Abraham's introductory comments on a workshop tape and had an insight about my long-held desires. Abraham is talking about the newly hatched desires feeling good to us. For me they definitely do. I love when the ideas just come into my mind like fireworks on the 4th of July, one after another. I'm caught up in them, enjoying them for their own sake. I realize that all my life I've enjoyed the creativity of new ideas and planning them more than maintaining them once they are manifested. As a matter of fact my jobs have often included setting up some new process for a company or learning new software.
You are enjoying the evolution of your desire? You are feeling the freshness of a newly hatched desire? You are enjoying the continuation of not so newly hatched desires that have not yet manifested? (audience laughs) It's easier to feel good about the newly hatched desires isn't it?

~~Abraham-Hicks, October 11, 2003A, Tarrytown, NY
I do have some long-held desires and I would love to feel better about them. Abraham goes on to say if they become unpleasant:
So, you have two options. You can either let it go altogether and have a truly emotional break. Or you can change the way you feel about it.
Being a deliberate reality creator means choosing thoughts that feel good and they will feel good because they are in alignment with our desires. We can also use action to feel better for conditions like pain that we can't avoid. We can distract ourselves with any pleasurable activity that feels good and helps us relax -- like a funny movie or book, a craft we enjoy, being in nature, getting a massage, a hug or talking with friends. It softens the resistance to the pain and fear. The action we choose can walk hand-in-hand with better feeling thoughts.

When I was listening to Abraham I realized I could try something new using the deliberate creating tools I enjoy the most. I can transform those long-term desires into new ones. I like the idea that I can come at the desire from directions that already feel good to me and that I have used successfully to manifest before. I know they work for me.

One technique is setting intentions and the other is making lists. Each morning I sit down, listen inside to my desires and write the intentions of being in alignment. It feels very good and I can really get on a roll. Any time during the day when I start feeling down I write some intentions or think them and I feel better.

When I feel overwhelmed with many things to do, I write lists. Intentions focus energy and I create a list in the same way. I listen inside to hear my desires and create lists for everything I want to get done in a room, or what I want to do on my computer, or what I want to create right then or anything that pleases me. I break out the tasks into steps and do the tasks that feel good in the moment. I have the pleasure of crossing out finished tasks and getting things done. It's a way for me to focus. If I start feeling driven by the lists or if they feel unpleasant in any way I toss them and listen inside again. The pilot of a plane is rarely on course, he or she is constantly correcting their course, but they are amazingly accurate in reaching their destination. I listen and correct my course to Well-Being during the day. It helps me be aware of negative thoughts and feelings before they build up.

So, getting back to the topic of long-held desires. It's only resistance that is holding back the manifestation. When I was listening to Abraham today I had the realization that I could use these techniques to soften resistance. I know all things are possible, but what I want may seem unattainable to me. Instead of pushing for the full-fledged manifestation I can start where I am and write intentions to transform limiting beliefs on the fringes. I can listen and write lists of actions, breaking them down into the smallest units that begin to feel good.

I set intentions, work to choose better feeling thoughts and make lists anyway, but this is more deliberate and more focused on those desires that seemed complicated and just out of my reach. One desire I have had since I was a child! It feels possible to me now. I can start where I am and I will get there. I know it.
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Annie said...

Oh, I needed this! My long held desire of making a living from my art has begun to feel impossible, this will help me turn that around. Thank you Suzanne!!! xoxo

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie! I just reread the post and realized the techniques help me be in the Now. Abraham says when we send off our desire, it is answered immediately and all of the cooperative components are assembled right then. So, I can see this helps me focus on the cooperative components in order, walking my own path of least resistance. Ideas are flying into my head! I'll have to write a post on this.

I'm so glad to see you here and that you are enjoying your visits. Your enthusiasm and energy stimulates new ideas for me, too. And it's just plain good to talk with you awhile!