Thursday, July 7, 2011

We step in and out of the vortex easily every day

Like all of you, I've had wondrous, loving peak experiences. I'm not talking about being in love with someone, although that may be when it happened. I'm talking about that magical feeling that nothing matters, everything is all right, no worries at all, comfort, peace, joy -- just the warmth of goodness and Well-Being inside and out. Insights, intuitions and ideas come easily. Things click into place. It's more than having a good day and something that you know when you experience it.

I thought peak experiences were the vortex and it was something I could and should be able to reach and sustain by my deliberate creating. Then I was watching a video of Abraham's recent Houston workshop and while the questioner was talking I could actually see when she was in the vortex and when she stepped out. Here's my transcript:
Q: My question is, my husband and I own a rental property on the beach that we share. Rent out. And we bought it under a mortgage that was not a good one with some friends and that did not go well for us. So we’re in the process of doing a loan modification. I really love this property and this space and the sun comes through the windows and how we love it and share it.

Abraham: That’s interesting because what you said just now put you in the vortex. Your other comments weren’t there, but when you focused on it you went right in. [to the audience] Did you see it? Did you see it on her face?

Q: My husband on the other hand…

Abraham: Now you just left. It’s so interesting because when you focus on what his – what you perceive his approach to be which you don’t agree with, you lose your connection with what you want. Isn’t it interesting? And wasn’t that vivid?

Abraham-Hicks, Houston, TX, April 30, 2011.
She was a lovely, happy looking woman, but when she spoke about her husband we could see some of her worry and when she talked about the house she just glowed with love. Everyone watching could see it happen.

My big realization from that was that I'm in the vortex much, MUCH more often than I realized. When I look out the window and lose myself in the sunset for a minute or anytime I lose myself in happiness or joy for even a moment, I am in the vortex. It's not some lofty place. It's very, very reachable. And she showed all of us how easy it is because she was out, went in and was out again in a few sentences!
Let’s talk about what it feels like to be in the vortex. Sometimes it feels like interest. Like, “ooh, I want to think more about that and talk more about that. Sometimes it feels like love. [Sighs] Just kind of turns you inside out [sighs] that feeling. Love. Sometimes it feels like passion.... So, the feeling of the vortex is, it’s a variance of feelings, but it’s always empowering. It’s always confident. It’s always well-being. It’s always a feeling of exhilaration – somewhere between exhilaration and comfort. It always feels good....

Abraham-Hicks, Houston, TX, April 30, 2011.
And how do we get there? Whatever feels good. I mentioned in the previous post that I like to write intentions. Appreciation is a great way to do it.

I'll tell a funny story about myself. I discovered Abraham about seven years ago and just a couple of weeks later I was having one of those days when one thing after another went wrong. Then the toilet jammed and started running over. It was the last straw!! I knew enough about this information to know that appreciation was a way to feel better so as I plunged the toilet I was angry and crying and saying my appreciations. I love nature and this apartment complex had a duck pond so I talked about how much I appreciated the ducks and plunged. I really do love them and can still remember that blossom of love in my heart as I talked about them. The toilet quickly unplugged and I soon realized I felt so much better. Abraham talks about working up the emotional ladder and that it's easier to do appreciations when you're emotions are closer to good feelings, but it worked for me then because I felt so much love for them. Even small experiences can be such powerful lessons.

The "should" I mentioned about peak experiences and how I should be able to sustain them and be in the vortex was resistance -- a little left over perfectionism that rolled off into the sunset. Bye bye!! I do believe that we can reach a place where we can easily be in the vortex or step out to gather data to shoot off our rockets of desire and then work our way in again easily and that's my path.

I'm fascinated by the vortex. So excited to be in it more and more. So interested in being in the vortex and deliberately creating there. You'll be hearing lots more about it here.


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Annie said...

Wonderful post!!! Really helpful and it put me right in the vortex :-). Gratitude works! Hugs. xoxo