Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bashar: Everything we desire is contained in following our excitement

I've loved the work of changing my thinking in a deliberate way, but now I'm looking for something quicker and even easier. I've asked this loving Universe for a more flowing way of co-creation and the answer came in several ways -- one important one was a YouTube video of Bashar, Finding your Highest Excitement.

Bashar is a wise and loving being from our future who has very high, positive energy and speaks with humor about how we manifest. I'm working to change my thinking to thoughts that are flowing with Well-Being in areas like job and health where I interact and co-create with others who have different beliefs. I was delighted to discover Bashar's "how to" guide to creating all that we desire in a very practical, easy way -- following our excitement.

There were several "aha's" for me:

  • What is exciting in the moment is connected to the bigger desires we have.
  • Following our excitement is the shortest path to manifest what we want.
  • Excitement contains everything we need. We don't need to worry about any other considerations.
  • Even if the same conditions manifest around us, we will know we have changed because we respond differently. [This is SO helpful because it provides that bridge for any lag time between the old pattern and manifestation of new beliefs. Abraham would call this a sign post on the journey that lets us know we are going in the right direction.]
This is my transcript of key ideas from Bashar's YouTube video, Finding your Highest Excitement. Bashar is answering a guest's question about what to do with all the things she needs to consider to make decisions.

Bashar: [You think you need to consider everything, but you don't.] You see, when you understand what excitement is, you'll realize why you don't have to always look at every single detail in order to know what to do. Now, let's talk about this on two levels primarily.

The most fundamental level is this: When we talk about the idea of acting on your joy to the best of your ability we mean in every given moment on anything. It doesn't have to be a career thing, but they're connected. So, in other words, if right now out of all the options you have when you leave this discussion with us. Out of all of the options you have available to you that you could choose to do. If you look at all the options and you realize that simply taking a walk or driving your car or calling a friend is the most exciting thing out of all the options -- that's the thing to do. Just because it's the most exciting. You don't need a reason why. It's the excitement that tells you that's the next thing you need to do.

And, here's the other level: It's the excitement in the simple things that tells you what simple things are actually connected to the bigger things that excite you. And will actually get you there in what may seem to be a round about manner, but by following the excitement is actually the shortest, fastest, straightest path.

So, every moment, if you simply choose the thing that excites you the most at that moment -- out of all the things that you have available to you that you have the best ability to actually take action on -- do it. Take action on that thing. When you can take action on that thing no further, look around for the next most exciting thing you have the greatest ability to take action on and do that. Whatever it is. Even if it doesn't seem connected to anything else, do it. Because the excitement tells you it is connected.

Now. Once you start doing that, once you get into that pattern, you will sensitize yourself to the idea of excitement. You'll become a better sensor for the concept of what does excite you and what doesn't. And you won't create so many things to consider before you will simply be willing to take action on your excitement.

Not only because of that, not only because you become a better sensor of it, but also because you begin to understand the principle that excitement is it's own self-contained kit and it's own driving engine. When you act on your excitement to the best of your ability every moment, you begin to experience synchronistically that the exciting thing you're doing actually contains all of the things you actually need to consider. And what it doesn't contain, you don't need to consider.

It's a self-contained kit that always perpetuates more of the same -- more excitement -- and brings with it the things that actually are important for you to look at in that process of continuing and expanding your excitement.

So, what doesn't come with it isn't part of that kit and has no business taking time in your life.

That's what you want. You want that passion. You want that vibration. You want to understand the excitement. What you translate as that feeling. That love, that passion IS the vibration of your true, natural self in the way you were actually created. That's why it's always the beacon to move toward. You're actually moving toward yourself, and more and more and more of yourself every time you are willing to take a step toward your excitement by acting on the situation that contains the most of it without cluttering it up with other things that actually are not a part of that excitement.

But, if those things come up, you don't deny them. You recognize they're there for a reason and the reason they're there are for you to understand what information they have for you, by processing them, that will tell you more about who you are so that in learning more of who you are you can continue to act more and more and more every day and every moment on more of your excitement.

I guarantee to all of you this is how life works and this is how it will become an ecstatic explosion of excitement and synchronicity the more that you trust it. The more that you live it. You will see that it is so. It will prove itself to you, but you have to take the first step. And remember: It is "believing is seeing." Not seeing is believing.

And the belief does not have to be foundationless. You will understand that what we are talking about here is simply pure physics. What you put out is what you get back. The more you demonstrate in your behavior to the Universe that you're willing to believe that what excites you the most IS what you're all about by your actions, the more the Universe will reflect more of that back to you.

But. Here's the polarized aspect of it. When you start acting on your joy, don't assume with expectation that you MUST see things outside of you change. They can and often will, and often very rapidly. When you change your vibration the outside will often change. However, if it doesn't immediately do so, don't assume you've done something wrong. Don't assume that you are not seeing a representation of your excitement.

Understand. Every single thing in physical reality, every single situation and circumstance serves double duty. They are all neutral props. They have no built in meaning.

So, you know that when you're following your joy you might still see the very same scenario all around you manifesting. The difference that let's you know there's a difference is that you respond differently to it than you did before. Not that IT looks different, it's that you ACT differently toward it than you did before.

That's what lets you know your reality has changed. No matter what it looks like, you're only going to get a positive effect out of it. No matter what anyone else's intention in that scenario may be toward you, the only effect you will get is the meaning you've given it. Even if it looks the same as it did a moment ago.

Bashar is a multi-dimensional being from our future channeled by Darryl Anka. Bashar is a wise and very loving being who talks about reality creation and related topics with energy and humor. Copyright Darryl Anka.


Unknown said...

This is an article well worth learning, there is much to learn from, each of us should write more articles to their own information available to everyone to know that we can learn from each other, with the progress.


Bruno said...

Thanks for putting that on text.
I've watched the video in which Bashar give us this information a couple of times but there's a different kind of pleasure on reading the message. I absorbed more of it.
Thank you again. ^^

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading your article. I found this as an informative and interesting post, so i think it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article.

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