Sunday, January 18, 2009

Turning downstream - the best I can do is good enough

We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present.

Marianne Williamson in her book, A Return to Love

This quote really caught my attention. On a Google search I found two or three blogs that used this quote as a springboard to talk about love and they all focused on relationships and usually in the context of foregiveness.

Those are worthy thoughts to focus on, but when I read this I just read the word "love." As Abraham tells us, we are liquid love extending into this life experience. So the love that is ours to extend is who we are -- our passions and interests. That is our purpose in this physical experience -- to live our lives fully and joyfully.

I came to a place yesterday where I just felt tired of struggling with the manifestations of old beliefs. They just don't matter. All that matters to me is that I feel good.

This is as far as I want to go with the old and I surrender. I am at that place of ashes where the phoenix is rising. Ashes might not sound appealing so it might be surprising to say this is a very good feeling place. I feel the relief of letting go of trying to fix the past. I feel free.

And coming around to Marianne's quote, what I'm doing is listening to what I really want to do in this very moment -- letting go of shoulds or oughts or any thinking like that. I'm using the tools I've learned from Abraham and I feel like I am literally creating my life and my future experience in this moment. I am ready for it!

It's cold here and we had snow this morning -- big fluffy, soft flakes that filled the sky. Now the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the air is crisp and fresh. I love nature and weather and all of the critters that roam the earth. I love writing and thinking and being a deliberate creator. I love you, Abe! This is the love that flows through me in appreciation for the gift of this earth and sky, in appreciation for this wonderful body and imaginative mind, in appreciation for your joy-seeking self who is reading this looking for something interesting that feels good to read.

For me a return to love is being at peace with who I am right now and just making a choice to feel good in each moment. It is accepting that I do the best I can every moment of the day and my best is good enough. I don't have to be perfect to feel good and I don't even have to be perfect to manifest good things I desire.

All really is well.


Gina said...

It sounds simplistic to say I'm so happy for you, but I am.

Suzanne said...

That was a delicious alignment that led to more fun and happiness all through the day.

It's always good to hear from you and I appreciate your warm, loving thoughts and words. Thank you for stopping by and sharing, Gina.

The journey continues!