Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trust your desires, they are good and they are who you really are

Abraham often uses the analogy of traveling from Phoenix to San Diego to explain the value of our feelings. Emotions are sign posts on whatever journey we are traveling in the same way the mile post signs point the way to San Diego. Our positive feelings on the subject tell us we are going in the direction of our desires. Source Energy and our Inner Being go immediately to our desires so our negative feelings give us the measure of the gap we think is there between us and our desires.

One journey I am on is turning around some thinking about my body that came from experiences when I was very young. The conflicting beliefs are those I heard or chose to think from my experiences.

I feel strongly about the direction I want to go, natural health and thinking my way to Well-Being. When we feel strongly about taking a certain path in spite of what others think or say, even doctors, it's important to see our desire as positive. It is ours. Our Inner Being IS our desires manifested in spirit. It is who we are.

And Source does lead us in the way we want to go. It’s a matter of listening to the emotional guideposts in that direction and following the impulses to take action. It may be supplements or eating a certain way. I have been guided to wonderful doctors and healers in my life.

I have been back around family for several years now and those old beliefs were activated. This area doesn't seem to be as rich in the open thinking and healing resources I had before. I felt conflict between what others (doctors and others) said and what I wanted to do. I realized that even here, the choice is to believe in my desires and all else will fall into place.

This post is meant to be an encouragement to you if you have a desire that doesn't seem to fit what you have been taught in the past or that others don't agree with now.
Faster than you can speak it, the Energy begins to flow and circumstances and events, in an orchestration that we cannot begin to describe, begin to take place in order to give you exactly what you want -- and if it were not for your resistance, it would come really fast, you see.

You don't have to keep telling the Universe what you want. You really only have to tell the Universe once. The advantage of continuing to talk about it is that you get clearer about it. In other words, usually you cannot speak everything that you want with your first statement, and so, the more you talk about it the more you fine-tune it.

But as you say, I want it, the Universe begins it, and then you say, I would like it to be this way, and the Universe modifies that, and then you say a little bit of this would be nice, and the Universe...you see what we're getting at? And once you are clear about what you want, once you have zeroed in on it and you know what you want -- it is on the way to you. It is done. The manifestation of it will probably follow later, because there is, most often, enough resistance so that you don't have it instantly.

The Universe will never fail you.

The Universe will always give you what you have asked for. The question is, how soon will you allow it?

Extracted from Abraham-Hicks newsletter Vol.6, Oct/Nov/Dec 1995
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