Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Note from the Universe

I need your help with this one.

Please, just for a second, hold out the palm of your
hand and give it a quick glance. Now imagine a
miniaturized version of a loved one carefully and
comfortably resting in it. Feel waves of your love
blanketing this precious being. Imagine seeing the
life of this loved one playing out in your palm and
feeling their every joy and sadness. Imagine reading
his or her mind and wanting nothing for yourself
except to see their dreams come true.

Then you smile radiantly, filled with pride and joy,
knowing that they are always safe, always provided
for, never alone, and inescapably destined to learn of
these truths for themselves. You smile because you
know that the day of their awakening swiftly
approaches, as does their own sublime joy and the
manifestation of their boldest dreams.

Okay, that should do it.

Now, can you also imagine that "someone else"
right this very moment is smiling down at you as
you play out your life in the palm of their hand?

Yours truly,

The Universe

From the book Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley, opened randomly [wink, wink ~ The Universe] on page 108.

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Annie said...

Suzanne, I have been getting the notes for years and love them!