Friday, August 5, 2011

Abraham-Hicks on Winning the lottery pt 2

I talked about Part I of the Abraham video on winning the lottery in my August 2nd post, Abraham-Hicks: an example of bridging the gap in a long-held belief.

I just watched Part II and the pieces fell in place. Abraham is asking the same man what it feels like to win the lottery and my immediate response was POWERFUL!! I felt powerful when I said it. Filled up with that feeling. I wrote it down and then went on a rampage of what I would do with this river of money and how much fun it would be.

What does it feel like to win the lottery?

I feel powerful!

I feel free.
It’s fun! It’s playful!
I don’t have to worry about anyone or anything. There is an endless river of prosperity that is mine alone. Everyone has theirs too so they can all play, but this is MY play time!!! I get to choose what to do with my river of prosperity and I do. I can spend endless amounts of money doing things that are fun to me....I pull in money to do all of this easily and effortlessly. I am guided to the exact right, loving people to help me manage this money and manage these programs. We all work together in integrity and cooperation. It’s fun all along the way. It’s exciting all the way. I am in the vortex regarding my body. I attract all the right people for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want to do, be or have. I have SO MUCH FUN!!! I take trips to exciting places. I am a powerful influence of Well-Being....I make dreams come true because my dreams come true through them as well as theirs. I am a force of Love in this physical experience of mine. I walk easily. My body is strong and healthy. I am safe, snuggled in my vortex on every level of my being. I have so much fun playing in this abundant stream of prosperity and new things open up for me all the time. I am guided and protected and safe and comforted by Well-Being every step of the way. This is me creating in my universe and all is well here. All is well everywhere.

I really got it. Abraham is saying we have to be in the vortex and be the vibration of our desire to allow what we want to manifest. I get it! I love the thought of being my expanded self in this experience. I love feeling good. I am so excited to create as I intended when I came into this physical experience.

Everything we want to be, do and have really is ours. It's who we are. We can't miss. All we have to do is keep turning to our desires. Sometimes I can turn from the contrast to my vortex easily and then other times I might turn or pivot my thoughts 50 times in succession and then use other methods until I find something that works. Even when there is extreme contrast, the more I practice pivoting the easier it gets.

These are some of the ways I turn to well-being:

I listen to one of the Abraham meditations every day
I choose better feeling thoughts
Set intentions
Listen to what I'm feeling and ask myself what I want
Distract myself with a book, movie, take a drive, appreciate nature, do something intellectually interesting or creative
Listen to an Abraham tape or CD or a YouTube video
List appreciations
Sometimes chocolate's the thing!

We were comfortable with the vibration of what we were looking at before and now it's all about becoming comfortable with the vibration of the expanded self that we really are. We are asking for our desires because of who we want to be if we have them. Not for the things themselves, but for those delicious feelings.

I feel so much love. I thank the man that asked that question. He was absolutely perfect. So honest about where he was and so willing to allow. I could see in the second video where he accepted his desire.

I appreciate the contrast in my body, my life and those around me for being the springboard for me to send off my desires and seek and find clarity.

I love and appreciate President Obama and I feel so much appreciation for him and for the mix of contrast in our country and our world. It has been very, very powerful for me to look at the contrast around him, send off my desires, and to do the work every day to turn to the love and solutions in my vortex.

I think of all the desires shooting off from everyone and that huge vortex of Well-Being that has grown because of it. Abraham says it is bigger now than it has ever been. As we each allow, we bring that golden light of creativity, love, understanding and solutions into manifestation. As we join together, we open this physical experience more to loving manifestations.

I embrace and focus on the love that moves in all things and all people, knowing all that while that I am responsible for myself and my own alignment and balance no matter what. How gloriously freeing to know that.

I have been listening to a YouTube playlist of Secret Garden while I wrote this and the video below was just playing. Their beautiful music seems part of this post and I include Prayer by Secret Garden:

Sleep, angels will watch over you
And soon beautiful dreams will come true


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Annie said...

Suzanne, what a wonderful way to start my Sunday! Terrific post (two thumbs up! :-) and wonderful videos. I appreciate you. xoxo

Suzanne said...

Well, hi Annie! I have been appreciating you this morning, too. :) Wishing you a blissful day ~ much love to you, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

I stay to cry to win a jackpot at Saturday Lotto results. So what it feels like to win the lottery for me??? I can't answer this question right now!

Austin Steven said...

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