Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feel what it's like to have that desire

Hooboy, I have a shiny new deliberate creating tool. I've been writing about my journey to close the gap and feel good about long-term goals for several posts. In my last post, Abraham-Hicks on Winning the lottery pt 2, I was watching a video of an Abraham workshop where they asked how it would feel to win the lottery. I immediately felt it: Powerful! I could do anything!

Last night I was listening to an Abraham workshop tape and got in the Abe zone. I have a desire to walk easily and effortlessly and asked myself how it would feel.


I could go anywhere anytime I wanted to. I could walk for miles. I could walk in museums, walk along a beach, walk in a forest, climb hills, jump from stone to stone across a stream, dance, hop, skip, jump, run like the wind!!!

Free. Free. Free. Free. FREEEEEEEE!!!!!! Free. Free. Freeeeee. :)

Oh, boy. I like practicing THAT feeling! :)

When I had the realization last night that I would feel free I instantly flashed on how much I had practiced not feeling free in my life. Almost every day when I was working. Anytime I went somewhere or did something I didn't want to do. Anytime I told myself I should do something instead of what I felt like doing. I'm retired now and I still do it. My home is cluttered with things I am sorting to sell or give away -- things I "should" do something with. I haven't felt good at times and it's not clean. So what?!! It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what other people think. It doesn't matter if someone else thinks it should look a certain way. It just doesn't matter!!

Today, it just doesn't matter!! I do whatever I want whenever I want to. I'm free!

@>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>---- @>----

Want some more inspiration? Artist Annie Coe, the Blissful-Bohemian, was inspired by a dream to leap before she looks . She's been taking chances with her life and art and is inspired to new paintings and techniques she's shown us here and here. I told her this must have been what it was like for those who watched Paul Klee develop his work. She has set herself free and it's great fun for me to see what she comes up with next.


Annie said...

Suzanne, thank you for the shout out sweetie!
I love feeling free and will remember this post when I am not. That video was so fun!

Suzanne said...

Whoohoo Annie! Your paintings shine with the energy of freedom.

It's always so good to see you. Blissings, dear friend.