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Abraham-Hicks, wellness, and realization I am an evolving being

You never intended to create your world through action, you intended to enjoy through action what you had created through thought.

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA, February 24, 2007

The point of this quote is that we create through our thinking, not through our action -- but when I read it I realized something else -- why resist anything? Everything I see in my life is what I created.

This doesn't seem like it would be an earthshaking realization for someone who is working with deliberately creating reality, but there are still old perspectives to shift -- for example, with my physical body.

Starting in late November I felt I was walking through heavy old energy and emotions. The shadow of this old energy was physical conditions happening one right after another for about three months -- including a few days in the hospital. Each condition was one that I've had more than once in the past.

I've had a desire for wellness since childhood. With any desire, if I don't have any resisting thought then the desire comes to me quickly.

If there are feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that block a desire -- whether from childhood or more recently -- they come up for me to experience and release. If I give those old thoughts power then I experience the results, don't let them go, and it's something I will work on again. If I work on them, the results get less and less intense each time. The illnesses weren't a bad thing at all -- they were "do overs" where I had the chance to let go of old thoughts and beliefs that were resisting my desire for wellness. Each condition was successfully released. I felt like I was taking a final exam for a deliberate creating course!

This time I became more aware that I am an evolving being. I don't have to be perfect -- even as a deliberate creator! I don't create from past thinking, but from present thinking so it will never be the same as it was. Whatever I do to feel better is perfect. I don't have to wrestle my mind and every thought into submission. I can let thoughts flow by in my stream of consciousness -- I don't have to sail them into my harbor and give them a home.

I'm getting more aware that I really am creating right here and now. Everything really is all right and, yes, I never get it done! This is what it is to be a deliberate creator.

There are no permanent, long-standing solutions to problems. There is only the constant reaching for vibrational balance.

Let’s say that you went to the guru of all gurus who zapped you with his magic wand and brought to a place of absolute, in-this-moment perfection, or let’s say you stood before Jesus or Buddha or one of these masters who was connected to source energy, who just blitzed your energy field and brought you to a place of pure, positive connection and in that moment you were well, and if any doctor examined you they would conclude this is a body in perfect wellness ­ we would say to you it is only there in your moment of allowing the energy to flow, and if you go home and talk about what happened before or remember how you were before, your energy shifts immediately and you are less well than you were.

Your wellness or illness, your allowing or resistance is something that’s happening in the moment.

Abraham-Hicks, Philadelphia, PA, 10/17/00
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