Monday, November 10, 2014

To change circumstances, tell a new story

Abraham tells us we create by our thoughts. A thought repeated over and over becomes a belief, or another way of looking at it, it becomes our story. If we want to manifest new circumstances then one way we can do that is tell a new story. This is from a section about physical health, but it applies to any circumstances.

You are the only one who creates in your experience -- no one else. Everything that comes to you comes by the power of your thought.

When you focus long enough that you feel passion, you harness more power and you achieve greater results. The other thoughts, while they are important and have creative potential, usually are only maintaining what you have already created. And so, many people continue to maintain unwanted physical experiences simply by offering consistent -- not powerful, and not accompanied by strong emotions -- thoughts. In other words, they merely continue telling the same stories about things that seem unfair, or unwanted things that they disagree with, and in doing so, they maintain unwanted conditions. The simple intention of telling better feeling stories about all subjects that you focus upon will have a great effect on your physical body. But since words do not teach, it is our suggestion that you try telling a different story for a while and observe for yourself what happens.

From Money and the Law of Attraction,, Esther and Jerry Hicks, p.102

I'll give you a tool that goes with telling a new story. This is a process from the book Busting Loose from the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. I read the book several years ago and just wrote down the process, not the page number. I may not even be quoting him exactly, but it will give you the idea. Some of his ideas felt right to me, some didn't. I took from it some very helpful processes though. I love this tool to reclaim reclaim our power, for that is what we are doing when we tell a new story. We may have given the old story power when we were too young or vulnerable to see that it didn't suit us. Now we can consciously choose the story of our life any way that pleases us. You may feel peace, relief, joy. You may or may not have an intense experience, but you are clearly telling a new story using this process. Change any words to those that feel right to you.

If you are having negative feelings, feel them to the peak of intensity and then say:

I am the Power and Presence of God creating this. It's not real. It's an illusion. It's completely made up. It's a creation of my consciousness.

I reclaim my power from this creation NOW! As I reclaim that power I feel it coming back to me. (Pause and feel the power, the relief of it returning). I feel it surging into me. (Pause and feel it surging, feel the joy and energy.)

As I feel the surge, I feel myself expanding more and more into who I really am, the Power and Presence of God. I feel myself expressing more and more of who I am in my human experience. I AM the Power and Presence of God. I am in infinite abundance (or health, well-being, etc) right here and now.

Now you know you created this and you reclaimed your power. Acknowledge your power and appreciate your creation from your old story.

How amazing I am to create this and convince myself it was real. How amazing the creation was and how well it served me.

I had a aunt that had a very large birthmark that covered the complete side of her face, but she was a beautiful, confident, attractive woman. She was talking about it one day and I said I didn't even see it, and I didn't. I just saw her. She told me that when she was a child my grandfather used to tell her every day that she was beautiful and a time came when she believed him.

It can be great fun and very freeing to tell a new story. It doesn't have to start from what you think is reality and go on from there. Start anywhere you want and have fun with it. I've told myself stories about time travel or going to other dimensions that were great fun. I let go of all of the "beliefs" of this world and created my own.

You are telling a story anyway, now tell yourself a story that pleases you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you:-))))))

Smile and your world will smile back to you. Since, you see, your world is a reflection of you, not the physical you, but the reflection of your thoughts and feelings.
Have you ever caught a glimpse of You in the mirror. You frown and the reflection frowns back, you smile and the reflection smiles back. You and the reflection are one, we are all one, there is one source and we are part of it. If you want to change the outside, change the inside.

Lola and the flower

“Sunshine”, Lola cried. “ Mom, mom, let’s go out and play”. “I have plenty of things to finish, it is fairly impossible to go now”, mom said. “It’s not fair, I wanted to have fun, let’s paint something!”, Lola protested. “I am busy, do it yourself”, mom was annoyed.
“What a boring day, I never get to do what I want to do”, Lola thought and caught a glimpse of a flower outside her window. The flower was brown, shriveled. “What an interesting thing”, suddenly Lola brightened up, “So exciting, I never saw a brown flower. I will love it and water it and it will blossom again, I already see it as a blossoming, bright flower.”
She ran outside, feeling amazed and blissful, what a miracle she said. When she came into the garden, she could not find It. There was a flower, but it was bright pink. “Hmmm, so disappointing”, Lola said, “I must have imagined it, this world is such a boring place”. All of a sudden, the flower turned brown again and it shriveled. “Do not die, you are a miracle”, Lola whispered, feeling awe and amazement. The flower blossomed and whispered, “I know, I am you, I come of you, you created me. I am a miracle, we all are. Your amazement and your disappointment change us, you could not see that, so I was created.”
“When you witness something that you do not desire, do not deny it, do not dislike it. Stand in awe, appreciate it, for it showed you what you do not want and with it came a desire of what you want. Lola, see the miracle in that, your desires are being born. Hold on to them, hold on to them long enough in your mind and heart’s eye, for they bring you joy, and joy will lead you to them.”
Lola was bewildered, but somehow she felt like that was something she had already known but forgot, she needed to re-remember.
She was overflowing with the feeling of joy and ease.
Mom was calling her, “Lola, honey, I finished everything, let’s go get some ice cream and play.”