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Wednesdays with Abraham: Abe's perspective on fear and negative emotions. Just relax. All is Well.

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This first long quote has so much good information. I've been thinking about negative feelings the last few days. It's amazing to me that all they mean is that I have a strong desire and a strong opposing belief. In my old way of thinking they seemed powerful and I attached them to conditions in the physical world. It's wonderful to realize that they aren't real at all and all I have to do is change my thoughts and the feelings change. I worked on it today and it's magic when it happens!

I have to laugh because I think it was this morning or yesterday I was grumbling to myself about how I wished only my good thoughts manifested. The thing is that I do want to feel better and love that feeling of relief Abe talks about.

And I've also been exploring how I influence the world and how others influence me which Abe talks about here.

Abe says it better. Here are nuggets of gold from Abraham:

GUEST: What causes my fear?

ABRAHAM: Fear is the feeling sensation that is present within you when you have both a desire and a belief that contradicts it. Fear is a response to the state of your vibration. You are a vibrational being, and every moment offering a signal. Your vibration could be called thought, it could be called memory, it could be called fantasy, it could be called imagination, it could be called Energy. In other words, your vibration could be called, "As I stand in my now, and I think about the present, or I think about the future, or I think about the past -- all of that is thought. Whatever it is I'm perceiving is causing me to offer a vibration, and that vibration is being answered or matched by All-That-Is."

So when I feel fear, what it always means is, I am offering a thought that you might call desire and a thought that you might call belief that are contradictory. The presence of fear always means the presence of resistance. The presence of resistance always means not allowing the Energy of desire to flow through me--always, without exception. Same with confusion; same with vulnerability; same with anger; same with unworthiness; same with guilt. All negative emotions mean the same thing. You just call them different things because they play out differently in your experience -- but they all mean the same thing.

The vibration of fear is usually a very strong vibration, which usually means there is the presence of a very strong desire within you. Often, when you feel fear, it is because you have a belief that contradicts basic elements that are natural to you. Your natural instinct, from your broadest Nonphysical perspective, is to know your power. Fear is a vibration when you feel powerless. Your natural instinctual Nonphysical vibration is to know your worthiness, know your rightness, know your value. And the feeling of fear is always when you are contradicting that thought.

We would want you to say, "Quite a bit of the time I feel fearful or vulnerable or limited, and what that feeling means is: I'm in that moment holding a desire that contradicts my past thought, or my beliefs..." Remember that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, it's just a habit of thought. It's just sort of the way you've always thought it, and so it is the way you are now thinking it.

And so, as you are feeling fear, all it means is, "I've got a desire that my belief is not agreeing with. Now, what thought feels better about this? I've got hold of this stick, where my desire is here, my belief is here. What thought feels better?" And as you just softly talk to yourself about that subject, reaching for the thought that feels better, what happens is you shift the Energy.

It's like the teeter-totter on the fulcrum, and it's clearly down here, and you would like it to be up here. And so, you reach for the thought that feels better, and you reach for the thought that feels better, and you reach for the thought that feels better...and it doesn't look like anything's happening. And then, all of a sudden, one more time, you reach for the thought that feels better, and there it goes! The fear is gone without even knowing it, just by reaching for the thought that feels better. There is so much reward in just feeling better in your "now". Because, so often, you're wanting to reach for the thought that feels better because, "Whoop-de-doo, this is big time good fun!" In other words, "I want to get there! I would like every effort to take me there. I would like every thought that I think, and every time I go to a workshop, and every time I make a little bit of effort, I would like it to take me there!" And it's irritating that it doesn't take you there, to that manifestation.

We want you to not get so hung up on the manifestation, and start taking pleasure in the incremental relief. Pleasure in the fact that this feels a little better. Pleasure in the fact that you can actually, with your own will power and your own determination, choose a thought that feels better.

We offer an analogy, about the cork bobbing on the body of water. It's up here floating, floating, floating. And in our analogy this cork is bobbing in the place of Pure Positive Energy. When you take hold of the cork and hold it under the water, that's what negative emotion is. You're not allowing the natural quality of the cork, you're doing something that does not allow the cork to do what it usually would do. You're holding it in an unnatural place with your attention to this thought of something that you do not want.

But when you withdraw your attention from it, and you let go of the cork, it bobs right back up there. It is natural for you to be in this pure positive place. It is unnatural for you not to feel good. But what happens in your physical environment where you've been trained by other humans who didn't feel so good either is that you've come to accept the way you feel as being the natural way that you feel.

And now, through meditation, or through consciously reaching for the better feeling, you set higher standards. Until then it becomes consciously uncomfortable for you to dip into the lower Energies. You will never be at a place where you won't feel negative emotion. Nor would we ever want you to be at that place, because that would be like shooting Novocaine into your fingers so that you don't feel anything hot or sharp. You say, "Well, it sure is a lot better now that I can bang my hands on things. You know, I can shut my hands in car doors and it doesn't even bother me any more. I feel no pain." But it's not good for your fingers. Pretty soon you have flat, little flabby hands flapping around. You've destroyed your hands, even though it was painless.

And so, that's what that fear is. It's sort of an acquiescence. It's submission to a vibration that's not natural to who you really are. And you're awakening now to those higher standards.

Take mood checks and ask yourself, what is my mood? Well, I'm feeling fearful. And then ask yourself, well overall, do I have reason to fear? And as you reach for the more general statement, you recognize, you don't have anything to be fearful about.

We think what you're doing is sort of very specifically, channeling the worries of a larger mass consciousness. You are susceptible to Energy. And so, for example, if you were living in a retirement community where there were many people who were feeling vulnerable about their money, or feeling worried about what their future would provide, and you are sensitive to Energy, you could very well be picking up on the consensus of the group around you, even though it has nothing to do with who you are.

But you must have a little spattering of that within you, or you could not be finding harmony with that greater consensus. Every thought that has ever been thought exists. And then, by Law of Attraction, those thoughts coalesce, so that there are pockets of Thought Forms. And so, very often, just driving from city to city, if you are sensitive to vibration, you can feel different Energies in different cities. Well, what we are wanting you to do is get so good at setting your own Tone that it doesn't matter what the fluctuations of Energies are around you: you are always holding a steady course!

Abraham-Hicks, El Paso TX, February 12, 2000

There are those that say, if you do the uncomfortable thing long enough, it will become comfortable. But we are really not encouragers of that. We are encouragers of coming into alignment, and then taking the action. We are encouragers always of getting rid of the fear; we would never want you to keep doing things that you feel fearful about. And maybe the path of least resistance is just not get on the horse. Maybe the path of least resistance is to get on a different horse but we would never move forward in fear.

Abraham-Hicks, June 21, 2003

You are always molding yourselves into a better feeling place. And you will never get it done. It will never be completely finished. It will never be absolutely right. You will always have some dominant thoughts that are not a vibrational match to the newfound desire. But that is always what your work is.

And it's time for you to just begin relaxing about it, and not make it a personal issue of your own valor, or your own value, or your own integrity. In other words, it's just, how many times have I thought this thought?

Abraham-Hicks, San Rafael, CA, March 9, 2001

....And so, get clear and happy about whichever choice you make. Because it is your contradiction that causes the majority of the contradiction in vibration.

Abraham-Hicks, Los Angeles, CA, July 25, 1999

Your Inner Being, that from which you came, that Nonphysical Energy, that Source that is really you...that part of you vibrates at a very high, pure, fast frequency. And when you introduce a lower, slower vibration to that higher, faster one, the result of that resistance is a slowing of the vibration, and the way your sensors tell you that you have done that is through the way you feel. When you feel elation, when you feel joy, when you feel passion, when you feel love, when you feel appreciation...when you feel those emotions that you would call positive emotions, those emotions are your indicator, your "sixth sense", telling you that whatever it is that you are focused upon right now is, in this moment, vibrationally up to speed with your Source Energy.


You live in a state of grace. You forget that when you feel good, only good things can come to you. It's just a matter of relaxing, and things will come.

Abraham-Hicks, January 23, 1994

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Melba said...

I loved all these quotes. so good to have reminders! I have been remembering more to tell myself "this is just a step one moment" it does soothe me into a better feeling place.

Annie said...

I have been having fear and some negative thoughts lately and this is so good to read :-).
Thank you! xoxo

Suzanne said...

Hello Annie and Melba,

I'm really glad you got a Well-Being boost from the post -- we can never get too much Well-Being!

Sometimes the older quotes really hit the spot with me like they did last week. Thank you, Darling Abe!

Wishing you blissings, dear friends.