Monday, September 14, 2009

Awakening Part II: Blending with my Inner Being

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Since posting Awakening part I I've been exploring what the awakening means to me and what I can do with this new energy.

When we blend ingredients for a cake or a drink we have a new creation and while we may be able pick out and taste separate elements, it is having them together in this special way that makes them delicious. So it is with me and my Inner Being.

I've realized that the awakening for me means living in a blended state with my Inner Being. While I'm still aware of what I think of as "me" and non-physical, there is something intriguingly new. Others like Lester Levenson have attained blended spiritual states which they were able to stay in balance with the rest of their lives. They didn't follow one path to this state of being, but found it in ways that are as individual as the people themselves. The difference now is that the energy is here to support all of us in living in our version of blended bliss.

I have been exploring how I influence the "outside world" and have had a couple of fun experiences riding the energy to meet manifested desires which I'll talk about in other posts. I'll begin with setting intentions.

The blended experience is an interaction

I started working with intentions about the same time as I started this blog. I noticed I felt good when I wrote the intentions. As a matter of fact, they felt so good that I kept working with them in different ways to extend them more into my life.

One day I noticed that when I wrote out intentions I would walk into what I had intended later that day or the next. It was as if they went before me and were waiting for me. The emotions were there that I wanted and all that I needed to take action was provided. It was easy, intriguing, unexpected and kind of magical.

For a month or so I've noticed some changes. I get the intentions started with a few words and then instead of thinking it myself, the words form in my mind almost like channeling or like the authors who say the book wrote itself.

Blending has a vibration of harmony for me

The word harmony has been standing out for me. My intentions lately have included harmonizing with my Inner Being, with my Vibrational Family or with Well-Being. I've always liked the word and used it for years to affirm that I walk the path of harmony in jobs or relationships. Now I feel its vibration as a golden hum that seems to be what the word blending means to me. There's still me having this physical experience and my Inner Being having the broader experience, but we vibrate together most pleasantly.

Blending is a more intimate feeling of creating

It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It's just a matter of whether you're focused on a castle or a button.

Abraham-Hicks, Boca Raton, FL, January 12, 1997

When I have a desire it's getting to be second nature to say it as an intention. At first I sensed the words creating around me like a daydream that's coming to life. The words I'm saying feel real and I feel excited. It's as if I can tell the bricks are being added to the wall, windows put in and someone's laying the sod for this particular castle. And recently I've been seeing images which pop-up very clearly in my mind. I know those things are there for me.

With intentions I'm aware of my part in co-creating

Intentions have accelerated the harmonizing/blending process for me. When I first began saying them I could feel I was taking responsibility for what I was intending. I wasn't sending my desires winging off into the unknown or asking a greater power for it, I was the point of power in that moment and I had to claim it.

While Source Energy does the creating, my personal power is summoning the energy by sending out my desires with belief that they are good and that the Universe is loving.

Blending is the trust in letting my desires fly free and allowing the energy to flow through me as I go to meet them coming to life in the physical world.

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Melba said...

thank you suzanne!

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Melba, for your inspiration. You have chosen such a beautiful path in life -- so loving and creative. All that bliss is your blended Self loving this experience. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

Annie said...

Beautiful! I too am playing at blending and mixing :-). xoxo

Suzanne said...

You and Melba are both artists and loving people who choose to follow their bliss. You are an inspiration to me!!

dogmom said...

Dear Suzanne,
As a person fairly new to Blending and Deliberate Creation, I want to thank you so much for all your assistance. Every day I am becoming stronger in these new ways of thinking thanks to Beings like you and Esther and Jerry and Abraham. You help so much! When I feel a doubt or slip sideways, I go to your blogs and gain perspective and hope and energy. Thank you again, from my Heart,

Suzanne said...

Dear Liriq,

Many years ago I lived in Virginia Beach and was involved with the Association for Research and Enlightenment, based on the work of Edgar Cayce. They gave workshops during the summer and I could see how much beautiful energy the people who attended created and gave to the staff. The whole place just glowed.

I am so glad you find Well-Being here because that is my main intention in writing -- to offer it. But I also want you to know that your light, your energy... nourishes me in the same way you say you are nourished here.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful self. May you see Well-Being everywhere you go.