Monday, August 10, 2009

Part I: This is the time of Awakening

White Rose NoID by van swearingen

This is one of the most remarkable times of physical man being physically focused and Non-physically intertwined. It's the reason we call it time of awakening. So let's begin by saying, you wouldn't have missed it for anything. Every Non-physical Energy of good report, praiseworthy and eager to be of value to the Universe and to the All-That-Is, is present in some form or other on this planet at this time. We don't know of any intense Energy that is not represented by one of you. In other words, we are here in all of our fanfare and all of our glory to experience the remarkable planet Earth experience.

Abraham-Hicks, February 12, 1994

I've had the desire to write posts about the time of awakening for many weeks. Now is the time. It feels to me like the flower has opened and the Energy is being expressed clearly in all aspects of our lives here on planet Earth.

I've always been interested in change in society. I was an earth mother, flower child in college in the late 60's and early 70's. What I wanted then was to create a world where we worked out our disagreements and war just wasn't considered an option.

I saw that it wasn't possible to change the whole world and explored many New Age and spiritual ideas. I found Jane Roberts and Seth when I lived in Virginia Beach in the 70's and 80's. This gave me an intellectual understanding that I created my own reality, but I couldn't get my hands on the wheel and make it work for me. Abraham gave me the information I needed when I found them in the fall of 2003. I dove in with all four feet. Thank you, Abraham!

I'm so drawn to the change that is happening in society now. I've observed the appearance of chaos and felt bad. And I've also observed how much communication is going on, how people are drawing conclusions about how they want to be and what they want in life and I've felt very good. I see so much that is good!

What I've been doing is working to understand how to be a part of the change and stay in balance and be clear about what I want. This is clear to me: a river of swift energy flows through me in response to this change and it's joyful to follow. So, I'm in!

I feel like I'm just catching up with myself where the energy in the outer is matching the inner -- that this is why I came here in this particular physical experience. And now with Abraham's information, I have deliberate creating tools and ways to come into emotional balance that I didn't have before.

One thing I understand now that I didn't in the 60's is that each one of us is a powerful creator. I don't have to change anyone else's mind for me to have what I want. We don't all have to agree. No one is "broken." I don't need to be fixed. No one needs to be fixed. The earth doesn't need to be fixed. And above all, it doesn't matter what anyone else does, we each create our own world.

So, why am I who I am, and why am I born to who I am born to, and why is it set up the way it is set up?" We say, "For the fun of it. For the joy of it. For the expansion of it. For the growth of it. For the difference in it. For the desire producing value in it."

Abraham-Hicks, Tarrytown, NY, October 17, 1998

All I need to do is follow the joy within me. I've been exploring that in my personal life, but I also find this time in the United States right now very exciting. It seems as chaotic, fluid and creative as when our country was founded. We have a president who cares and solicits our opinion, who wants us to say what we want, who wants us to take part in creating what we want and the Universal energy, the change in consciousness of the awakening, is here for us to access more easily than ever before in our history. We can use it to follow our personal bliss and by deliberately creating we can also use it a new way in co-creating the world we desire. That's powerful stuff!

We have seen all of the humans who have lived all of the lives and we have never seen anything with the potential of what you all stand on now. The potential for joy in this time/space reality is beyond anything that anyone has ever lived.

If we were standing in your physical shoes (i.e., big suggestion), we would be milking it, we would be using every excuse that we could possibly find to connect to the energy that is really you.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA, 2004

Abraham has advised us to realize the value of contrast because it is from this contrast that we launch our desires. The Energy that creates worlds flows through us to our desires and we came here to ride that current. Each generation has allowed more freedom and now we have a time when we can blend with our Inner Being --to be non-physical beings living a physical experience. We are free to create socially and in our personal lives like never before. This is a powerful time and I'm eager to be with others and extend Well-Being into this beautiful world.

There are those who believe that the world is getting more and more desperate. We are here to tell you that the world is getting better and better, and better, and that every experience you have causes you to launch rockets of desires, and Source comes in response to those rockets. And the best thing about your birth and death is that the resistant ones die and the allowing ones are born. And with this combination of contrast that keeps you launching new and new desires, it’s no wonder that the Universe is expanding in this marvelous way and that life is getting better, in every day­ and in this moment­ for everyone who insists on focusing there.

Abraham-Hicks, Portland, OR, July 12, 2003

It's a very good time.

More later!
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Annie said...

I love this post! I agree. I started out with Seth when I was
20 and I found Abe when you did :-).
Many wonderful teachers with bodies and without have taught me so much. We are so blessed, each and everyone if we could just see it. xoxo

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie,

Since I've had Abe's info I feel so much better, so much more grounded in feeling good than ever before. And the amazing thing is that there's even more good coming. Wow. I agree, we are so blessed. We live in Eden right here and now.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your good vibes, Annie.

dogmom said...

I also love this post and feel the positive energy enamating from my computer - thank you Suzanne. I look very much forward to reading your other Awakening posts.

Suzanne said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a positive comment. I love that you felt energy when you read it. I do think we feel the energy of words and to me if you felt the energy that means that you shine back and enhance the energy stream that is manifesting. All part of our joyful co-creating here in this physical experience. Thank you for shining here, dogmom!