Saturday, August 8, 2009

Abraham-Hicks: Let the vortex have its way with you

Sunny Side Up by code poet

Abraham uses a slightly different wording about following our bliss which gives me a new perspective:

You are not a do-er. You are a be-er. You are an offerer of vibration, you see.

That doesn't mean that we want you to stop having activity. Activity is delicious. We just want your emphasis to be upon your vibrational countenance. And if your emphasis on your vibrational countenance, now Law of attraction is arranging action and activities that are blissful and delightful in nature, you see.

Most action that you offer outside the vortex is hard work, it's struggle. It takes a lot of effort because you are bucking your own current. It takes all you can do just to maintain your status quo, you see. But when you let go of that struggle and you let the vortex have its way with you...


Abraham-Hicks, Albuquerque, NM, April 7, 2009

All is well.

These are the words: " let the vortex have it's way with you...." This is Love Itself they are talking about. When we follow our bliss we let go and let Love have it's way with us. To lead us to our desires. To delight us with gifts that are more than we imagined. More fun. More loving. More magical in their manifestation. More!!!

And we let the vortex have it's way with us when we surrender to love. By loving ourselves. By loving what we see. By having fun. Source Energy calls to us with good feelings that get better and better and better as we follow them to harmony with who we really are.

There is only a stream of Well-Being so love is everywhere. Beauty. Abundance. Last night there was the most amazing sunset and I've been remembering it with pleasure this morning: golden rimmed rose beneath lavender clouds.

For me, deliberate creating has been a process of trust. Of learning that I don't have to be watchful. I can trust this Loving Universe and when I do, not only are the results magical, but I experience the most wonderful feeling of freedom and love.
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Annie said...

Thank you Suzanne, I needed this today :-).

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie,

I'm so glad to send some of Abe's Well-Being your way. You send so much to me. :)

Hugs, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

What a delicious post =)

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad it was a tasty treat for you, dear one. I just got the alert of your comment and I needed this reminder right now.

I really appreciate you visiting and sending your loving energy my way.