Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesdays with Abraham: All you have to do is feel good

Lapis dream by zenera

You have control over all things. Control isn't a word that we are really wanting to use because it really is in the releasing of your attempt to control conditions and circumstances that you really relax in the flow of Well-Being. When you give up trying to control conditions and you instead just go with the flow of what feels best to you, then the conditions take care of themselves.

Abraham-Hicks, Washington D.C., May 13, 2005

You set it up so well before you got here. You are an extension of something so wonderful and it is inevitable that things go well for you.

Your life extracts from you clarity, and the resources of Source assist you all day every day. This little bit of conscious awareness will serve you all the days of this physical life.

Be easy about it, don't make a big thing about it, don't seek healing, just seek relief.

Don't seek improvement, just seek relief.

Don't seek solutions, just seek relief.

Just hold in your mind the idea of the Stream that is flowing mightily towards all the things that you want and then just figure out how to
get yourself going with the Flow. If you'll focus upon that, and that alone, everything that you've dreamed for will manifest so quickly.

But it won't be the end of your dreams, you greedy little buggers! For each new thing that comes will bring with it a vantage point from which you will want again. And so it will always be. It always has been and always will be.

There is Great Love here for you. And for now we remain, incomplete.

Abraham-Hicks, Law of Attraction Directly from Source CD, Track 9
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Annie said...

Lovely and true! I relaxed when my computer died (after I got over the shock :-) and decided to use the time to do other things like paint :-). Going with the flow is so much better than resisting.

Suzanne said...

You were in the flow with that, Annie. It worked out quickly with your friend's help and you enjoyed painting. I love hearing about your blissful experiences!

Wishing you well.