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Abraham-Hicks: Some thoughts for this time of transformation

Transformation by Temari 09

The beasts that came before you, who banged around on this planet, denoted, at cellular, conscious and unconscious levels, their preferences. And that is how the atmosphere was prepared for you. They did not write one thing on their "things to do today" pads. They just be'd and perceived and concluded and asked vibrationally. And the Universe expanded as a result of their willingness to have exposure to the contrast. And you are not different from them. You have no greater responsibility than they did. The contrast produces the desire within you, and the Universe expands as a result of it. The only question is, the question that we want so much to answer is, are you letting it in? Are you letting yourself experience the benefit of your precious focus and your vast experience in the here and now? You'll never get it done. You cannot get it wrong. So don't you think it's time for you to lighten up and start having more fun with all of this, and accept that you are Eternal Beings?

Abraham-Hicks, October 7, 2000

This is the greatest message. This will free you from vibrational resistance, as you hear it, and internalize it, and then practice it: The thing that is most hindering: You look at what people are living and you gather your evidence or statistics, and then you claim it as true.

You say, “It must be true. They warned me about that, and sure enough, it happened.” And what we are wanting so much for you to hear, is: What anyone is living—your culture, your environment, your society, your city, your family, your person—what anybody is living, the truth, or the evidence that you are producing is only the truth that manifests in response to the habit of vibration that you offer.

So, when you look out into your society and you see something, wanted or unwanted, and you proclaim it as true—which is the reason that you give that others should think about it, write about it, talk about it, understand, and accept it as truth—do you feel how screwy that is? That’s like saying, “There’s something out there that I do not want, but because somebody else created it in their experience and it became their truth, now I must beat the drum of it, and make it my truth, too.” And we say, fortunately there are a variety of truths for you to pick from.

Fortunately, you are the creator of your own truth. No one can write a book; no one can start a movement; no one can organize a religion; no one can say, “These are the things that are important for you to do, and these are the things that you must not do,” because no one knows the mix of intentions and the mix of beliefs that you hold. You get to choose all of it.

Abraham-Hicks, San Rafael, CA, February 21, 2004

What you want is freedom. That freedom you are seeking is freedom from resistance. You will never find the freedom that you seek by controlling the behavior of others. You'll only find it when the behavior of others becomes a non-issue. Because you are able to focus your mind in ways that allow your connection, and give you that feeling of wellbeing.

We're not giving you this guidance so that you can tune up your vibration to get your relatives to do what you want them to do and get what you want. We're trying to get you to tune up your vibration so that you can understand that the serenity you seek on the mountain is not about having it in the family, it's about your vibrational alignment.

And there are hundreds of thousands of spots on this planet that would give you that feeling that you can go to any day and the Universe will orchestrate so you can go there when others are not there. In other words, you are zigging and zagging in this world. You'll get what you want whether you own the property or not, you see.

But the feeling of ownership, the feeling of guarding or protecting, the feeling of making others come into agreement before I can get what I want, that will render you powerless every single time because you will never get them to agree.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA, January 12, 2008

....First of all, all of you, without exception, knew that this was time of greater earth changes before you made the conscious decision to emerge into this physical time and place. Not because you wanted to be heroes or martyrs, but because you knew that in greater asking, there is always greater receiving. You simply saw physical planet Earth, that is already an arena of exaggerated contrast, as being a heightened arena of exaggerated contrast...

Now, what do we mean by that? Do we mean, these will be clever physical beings who can run from earthquakes and survive?

No, it's not about the earthquake at all. It's about a mass consciousness coming closer -- mass consciousness means, all thinkers -- and all of you will never come to the same conclusion about anything, nor would you want to.

But this realignment, or time of realignment, is about large numbers of thinkers, or vibrators, simultaneously accepting the Well-being of this Universe.

Abraham-Hicks, February 12, 1994

All is well.
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