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On October 15th Blog Action Day focused on climate change. The stats are impressive: over 31,000 blogs in 155 countries reached 17.9 million people. As a deliberate creator I note that all the posts I read were very positive. I think of all of the desires that were sent out into the Universe and the loving answers that came immediately. What a beautiful stream of energy for our mother earth!

One of the next global events is happening today, October 24th. has organized an International Day of Climate Action with 5,200 events in 181 countries calling for strong leadership and inspired action to support this blue green planet.

Abraham talks about climate change, endings and calamities and is, as always, loving, positive, and inspiring. This is the Awakening and we came here at this time because we knew there would be strong contrasts resulting in greater desires and a powerful stream of Well-Being. We wanted to ride that stream of Well-Being. All the information from Abraham tells us how to be in the stream from the smallest desires in our life to our biggest desires for our world.

This is not a shrinking Universe, this is not a shrinking world. This is an expanding world. If you have any way of understanding and you do through the power of your emotion.

If you could feel what Source Energy is deriving as a result of the contrast that you are living and what you all of you are putting in your vibrational escrow. Do you understand that?

So Source Energy expresses a part of itself in you. You are like pioneers out here knowing what you don't want, knowing what you do want. And so, with every picture you watch about global warming, you ask for an improvement in your environment. With every thought about things not going well, you ask for improvement.

And as billions of you are doing that, can you imagine the vibrational escrow that's being amassed as a result of the experiences that you are living and have been living?

And do you understand that it's from that vibrational stance that new energies are coming forth? So you don't need to worry about all of these nay sayers. We want you to understand, you have this wonderful thing going for you here out on this leading edge of creation on planet earth and that is the dilution ratio.

And by that we mean, the old disconnected ones are croaking right and left (laughter and applause). And in doing so, they are re-emerging back into pure positive energy where they're getting a full view of things, where they're not pinched off anymore.

And new fresh ones are being born all day, every day who are being born from this vantage point of this furthermost, expanded, leading edge. Do you understand that it is vibrationally impossible for both kinds of predictions to be true.

They defy everything. This is no regression, there is only expansion. This planet is not coming to an ending, it is barely beginning, barely beginning. (applause)

...Don't let shortsighted others discourage you. Their discouragement is about their relationship with their vibrational stream. It's about the gap between who they really are and who they're letting themselves be. We promise you, it has nothing to do with the longevity of this planet.

Good, yes indeed.

Abraham-Hicks - About The Year 2012 - YouTube Listen to this fabulous video and be inspired and uplifted!

What is your work? Is your work to fix a broken world? The world isn't broken, friends. It is an extraordinary, rather well-balanced arena of creating which contains enough contrast to stimulate your awareness of what is wanted. So, as you realize that it isn't broken and you realize that your work is to find your connection to the pure Energy that created it to begin with, your work is to allow the Energy to flow through you as you hold objects of attention -- then you are the extension of that creator.

We want to give you a sort of picture to sort of bring this all together. You've been hearing us, and you reflected it back to us very accurately, when you hold this image of you, the flow-er, or you the perceiver holding an object of attention out there and therefore shooting a rocket of Energy toward that vortex. So you are the creator that launches a creation and then that creation that you have launched begins to pulse, in and of itself, and then, by Law of Attraction, it begins to attract unto itself -- so other things that are like it are drawn to it. And when it gets big enough it will reach back and summon you to action. That's the way it works.

In other words, you perceive of it, or conceive of it, you launch it, you give it birth, so to speak. Then it, in and of itself, begins to attract other things that are like it. Now you might continue to add to it and mold it and shape it, but it is pulsing and growing, in and of itself. Now as it gets large enough, it will reach back and inspire you to it. In other words, that's when you get this impulse or compulsion to take action....

We want you to know that all is well! Some of you are hoping that it is, some of you are wanting it to be, some of you are yearning that it is -- and we want you to know that all IS well. And, in your knowing of it, you begin allowing more of it in your day-to-day experience.


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Annie said...

Beautiful post! More and more I am
flowing with well being. I am trusting that whatever is happening is for a good reason and I need to ride downstream :-).xoxo

Suzanne said...

I'm in sync with you, Annie. I had another Awakening insight about 10 days ago and have been getting in harmony with it. I feel ready to write about it, but it's very good.

We live in wonderful times!!

Snake Charmer said...

so very true :) loved this

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Snake Charmer. I'm always glad to meet a fellow earth lover and believer in Well-Being. Welcome!