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Wednesdays with Abraham: How Non-physical and physical work together

~ trust ~ by alicepopkorn

....Back to the heart of your question about Abraham and humor and Abraham and sadness as compared to the physical you: We are just steadier. We've acclimated to that higher vibration. We don't push against anything. The primary difference between the Nonphysical you and the physical you is that all of us, physical and Nonphysical, explore contrast, because without the exploration of contrast, we would not conclude new decisions or desires.

But the difference is, in the Nonphysical realm, we do not turn to what we have not chosen and push against it. We maintain a more even keel. We maintain, from your perspective, what you would call a consistent steady connection to this Stream. We are the embodiment, the Nonphysical embodiment, of the Stream. You are the physical embodiment of the Stream, although sometimes, in what you choose as your object of attention, you disallow the Stream.

And so, every now and again Esther will say, "Well, I think I'll just let Abraham come into my being, and they can just live out the rest of my life. They're always tuned in, tapped in, turned on. They're always looking for the best in things. They are always feeling wonderful." And we say, well that's a nice idea except that Abraham's exploration of the contrast would not net as much desire as your exploration of the contrast. And since desire is the name of this game, desire is what you exist for in order to continue to summon Life Force, you would be defeating some of your purpose.

Abraham-Hicks, Spokane, WA. June 27, 1998

....You've always been the creative genius out here on the leading edge carving the path for All-That-Is to follow. We're all in this together, and as we've said many times today, we seek to blur the line between what is physical and nonphysical. We would like to imbue you fully with the fullness that is us. We would like you to consciously love you as we consciously love you. But we cannot tweak your brain to make you think -- you get to think. That's free will. And that free will is so essential in the contrasting, comparative experience because if you did not have free will you could not conjure a new desire. And if you could not conjure a new desire we could not move forward, you see. And so we would just like you to love yourself more and allow yourself more of the benefit that you are providing for all of us.

You see, whether you allow it [for yourself] or not, the Universe expands and
benefits by your very presence here. And when we talk about Art of Allowing, we just want you in on the fun. Because whether you allow it or not the Universe expands and whether you know it or not you are of value. And whether you know it or not, we all benefit by your existence. When you know it, when you know your value, then you get that warm, fulfilling feeling, that oneness that we think is what you're really reaching for.

Abraham-Hicks, Fort Collins, CO, June 14, 2003

Now as we visit with this magnificent room full of physical human creators, we are talking about manifestations...

This is your creative workshop, this is where the contrast is. You are on the leading edge of thought. There is nothing more spiritual than this leading edge, physical materialization, manifestation stuff. In other words, this is the playground that you have come to play within....

And when you are inspired to a desire and that desire is flowing through you, you are the most alive and most connected to Source Energy than any Entity anywhere in the Universe could ever be.

Abraham-Hicks, Boulder, CO, June 2, 2001

How to be of service to Non-physical? Seek joy, which will lead you to eternal freedom and growth. Be happy. Seek experiences that make you feel good.

Choose a subject that feels good to you and get focused on it and stay focused long enough that you get passionate. And in your passion, that's when you are of the greatest value and pleasure for us.

But at the same time, you are also experiencing the greatest passion and pleasure for yourself, which means that you cannot separate your benefit from ours.

Abraham-Hicks, October 11, 1992, from the Abraham Calendar

Let what you're living right here and now in this environment be the process that evokes the desire that summons the Life Force that provides the creation of anything. Whatever you have the ability to conceive, this Universe has the ability to provide. Anything, without exception. So your work is on the conjuring of the idea, period. The Universe has the stuff to deliver the goods, and will.

Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ, April 4, 1998
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Annie said...

That was wonderful. I love coming here and getting my Abe fix :-).

Suzanne said...

I love you coming here and getting your Abe fix, too! You spread such happy energy around wherever you are.

Blissings, Annie.

Suzanne said...

I love you coming here and getting your Abe fix, too! You spread such happy energy around wherever you are.

Blissings, Annie.