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Blog Action Day: Deliberately creating the climate of our dreams

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Abraham-Hicks' information about deliberately creating our personal reality is more than attracting the car or mate of our dreams -- it's about creating our world.

There are as many different worlds as there are perceivers or Beings or individuals. You are not here to create one world where everyone is the same, wanting and getting the same. You are here to be that which you want to be, while you allow all others to be that which they want to be.

Abraham-Hicks, Excerpted from a workshop in “The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham," July 1, 2006

We are Non-physical beings focused in this physical experience. We came into this life to bring the love and joy that we are into physical expression.

If you are to be the joyful beings that you intended to be as you emerged into these bodies, it is necessary for you to understand that what you seek, is harmony with you. And once you find harmony with you, then everything in your world will fall into place.

Abraham-Hicks, June 7, 1991

We summon life by looking around us at the buffet life offers and making the choice of what we desire.

You intended to come forth into the physical realm of contrast to define what is wanted. To connect with the energy that creates worlds, and to flow it toward your objects of attention. Not because the objects of attention are important, but because the act of flowing is essential to life.

Abraham-Hicks, Lincroft, NJ, October 15, 1996

You are extensions of Non-physical Energy, taking thought beyond which it has been before, and through contrast, you will come to conclusions or decision. And once you align with your desire, the Energy that creates worlds will flow through you...which means enthusiasm and passion and triumph. That is your destiny.

Abraham-Hicks, Silver Spring, MD, April 19, 1997

The Universe answers EVERY desire:

Get so fixated on what you want, that you drown out any vibration or reverberation that has anything to do with what you do not want. When you ask it is given, every single time, no exceptions. You are beloved, blessed beings who deserve good things, but it takes a self-convincing before you will allow good things.


What if some people don't care about the climate, but I do?

"But, what if what I want and what you want are in conflict? If I want rain, and you've just cut your does that work?" If you will focus upon the essence of what you want (which is a magnificent new crop) and the other will focus upon the essence of what they want (which is a successful alfalfa harvest, or whatever)...and if either one of you doesn't get too involved in the details of how you think you want your desire to play out, then both of you can be satisfied. The Universe has the facility to orchestrate circumstances and events to accommodate everyone.

Abraham-Hicks, September 1, 2004

How do you create the climate or anything else you desire? You have sent off the desire so that's done. The Universe has answered so that's done. All you need to do is allow. And you do that by being the loving Self you truly are. Find ways to feel good. Follow up on your inner prompting. Focus on solutions.

The path to walk is to listen to your feelings. The Universe is calling you to your desires and you will feel good when you follow -- like turning your face to the sun and feeling the warmth. Deliberate creating is choosing the thoughts that feel good, but all you have to do is feel good. I worked with a very positive man who told me he was very lucky -- everything always turned out well for him. He was very unorthodox and coworkers regularly had dire predictions about him, but everything always turned out well for him in magical ways that they didn't expect.

Step one, is knowing what you don't want. That part's not hard, is it? Easy to know what you don't want.

Step two, is knowing what you do want. That part's easy too. It's a product of step one because when you know what you don't want you always, in that moment, know much more clearly what you do want.

Step three - that's the step most of you miss, and that's the most important one. Once you know what you want, you have to feel it.


You have to feel what it will be like when you have what you want. When you do, you are a vibrational match to what you want and you allow it to manifest.

When you know that you want something, and you give your attention to that which you are wanting, and you vibrate with it -- it always comes to you. When you know that you want something and you notice that it isn't coming, by your attention to the lack of it, you hold it away from you -- it is really that simple.

Abraham-Hicks, August 31, 1993

Working with Abraham's information has changed my life. It's been about five years now since I discovered them and I'm just now starting to see the value of the things I don't want: We came into this experience because the contrast or buffet that life offers causes us to shoot off our desires. And in following our desires we flow with all of the good feelings of Oneness in the Stream of Well-Being.

What I've learned is to trust that when I send out my desire, the Universe answers. I've come to the place where I don't just trust it in small ways, but with my whole life. Now I'm beginning to explore how to be a deliberate creator politically and with this mother earth that I love so dearly.

You and I see what is happening with the climate and environment and we have strong desires of what we want. Now we need to trust that we have been answered and do whatever we need to connect and harmonize with the Well-Being that answered. As we do this, we may be inspired to action, but it isn't necessary that we take action. The Universe does the work and our work is to be the joyful beings that we are in truth. We are to go through life, making our choices, seeing if they are what we want or we want something better, but to always turn our face to that goodness that is in us and around us.

Sometimes physical beings will say, "Well, I'm afraid that I've missed my opportunity. I wanted it, but my window [of opportunity] opened but I wasn't there for it and so my window closed." And we say that window is always open. You may close it for a moment, but it opens right up again. In other words, the Universe never stops hearing you and never stops answering you. You are deserving beyond our ability to find words to explain. And it is your job to find yourself in that place of letting it in.

Abraham-Hicks, North Los Angeles, CA, 8/13/01
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Annie said...

Another great post. I am in the act of allowing right now and it is so much better that resistance :-).
Thank you for the links.

Suzanne said...

I agree, allowing feels much better. I have more and more appreciation for this information from Abraham.

I keep finding more links and adding them in. I am so impressed by the work Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and President Obama are doing. There are many, many wonderful groups, but I am so glad that our leaders have such passion about the earth and the people on it, too.

Wishing you joy, Annie.