Saturday, October 3, 2009

Awakening Part III: Love is All There Is

follow the heart ~ by alicepopkorn

I've had shifts in perspective almost daily since I wrote about blending with my Inner Being. It became clear to me today that something within me is in alignment and I'm ready for an adjustment in how I live in the world. Now I'm just feeling my way with this adjustment as I write -- following the energy.

I can look back on my life and see a path I've followed to learn about how I create in this world. Since August the path has been more and more about setting intentions (Abraham calls it segment intending). I found the intentions went before me during the day and I seemed to walk into the creating I desired.

Almost every day I set intentions and began posting some of them in my blog The Creation Box. The feelings and understanding I get when I write them is loving and complete, perhaps it's where I feel the blended state the most. My Inner Being has been calling me and the intentions were the way that I could feel the call the clearest.

This adjustment I can feel now has to do with letting go of what is not needed to live fully in this powerful now. This time it's not just decluttering by going through closets, it's letting go of a view that saw separation from love. It's an adjustment in the way I express energy in the world -- a new perspective on everything in the physical world and my relationship to it. Letting go of seeing me as my body, feeling free to allow myself the intimacy of the Love of the Universe meeting me in the physical world in everything I experience. To see myself as surrounded by love and being love myself. This might not be the right words to express this, but the feeling I have is when I truly love myself then I love the world. And I allow the world to love me. I allow Love to be All There Is. No separation. No them. No others. Now there is trust. Safety. Love. The Red Carpet to my desires. The Universe says Yes! And I say, whoohoo! That's what's blooming inside me right now like a rose.

Just relax and know that All Is Well. The transformation is happening more and more easily for those of you who understand and allow Love to flow in and through you. This is the easiest thing you can do in this life experience because it is who you truly are. @>----

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely post. I love your blogs.

Suzanne said...

Welcome! I love to meet fellow travelers in this grand adventure in co-creating. Thank you for for your kind words.

Wishing you joy on your path.


Annie said...

How beautiful this is :-). I am going through the same shifts. Have you found that there is sometimes a bit of uncomfortable stuff happening along with the shift, or is it just me hanging on to old stuff :-). love you dear one. xoxo

Melba said...


Suzanne said...

Hi Melba. I love your yes!! Yes! Yes! YES!!!

Hugs to you, Melba :)

Suzanne said...

Hello Annie.

I remember Abe saying that we have new energy and then come into balance with it, have new energy and come into balance...

My answer is yes, stuff comes up. Physical symptoms with their thoughts and beliefs attached that I worked on. Most of the symptoms just melted away. They are just shadows.

I used to think I'd done something wrong when that happened and that's not helpful. We just have to get up to speed with the new energy and the conditions are just the next platform to send off desires. As we gain understanding there will be a time when we understand clearly how this works and send off our desires knowing they are answered. Any "stuff" will be handled so quickly we won't even notice it.

But for now, seek comfort, peace and love.

Blessings, Annie.